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Issuing an arrest warrant against one of the PUK officials in Kirkuk

Kurdiu - 2019-09-17 20:13

Malmö City Council in solidarity with HDP

ANF - 2019-09-17 15:47
In Sweden, protests against the AKP-MHP fascist alliance attacks against the Kurdish municipalities and against the arrest of HDP elected representatives are increasing. ...

HPG calls out to families of Turkish soldiers under their arrest

ANF - 2019-09-17 14:06
HPG Commander Mahir Deniz stated that the AKP-MHP government did nothing to reunite the Turkish soldiers under HPG custody with their families. Deniz said the government furthermore ignored this issue and avoided discussing it. ...

Iranian Kurdish activists released on bail

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-09-16 02:00
Two Kurdish activists have been released on bail on the afternoon of10 September while another two activists from Kamyaran were transferred to Kamyaran Prison following a change of their arrest warrants to… The post Iranian Kurdish activists released on ...

Syrians Adopt Precautions From Home to Evade Arrest in Turkey - WSJ

WSJ - 2019-09-15 10:05

Turkey Issues 1,100 Arrest Warrants in Opposition Crackdown | Democracy Now!

Democracynow - 2019-09-15 08:42

Malaysia queen denounces arrest of online critics

BBC - 2019-09-15 01:13
The Raja Permaisuri Agong briefly returned to Twitter to urge police not to detain anyone else. ...

Our forces arrest an ISIS cell member in Deira Zour countryside

SDF Press - 2019-09-09 21:20
Deira Zour – The Syrian Democratic Forces arrested on Monday at dawn one member of ISIS terrorist organization during a raid in Tal Ja’abi village in the eastern countryside of Deira Zour after making an earlier investigation. The forces seized light and ...

Italian boy aged eight 'trained to deal in drugs by crime boss'

BBC - 2019-09-05 02:03
Italian police arrest a man suspected of using his young son to take part in drug trafficking. ...

Syria's Kurdish Forces Arrest The Most Important Foreign ISIS Recruit | Al Bawaba

Albawaba - 2019-09-03 17:15

Four Kurdish Civilians Arrested in Paveh, Marivan, and Oshnavieh

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-09-03 02:00
During the past week, four Kurdish civilians have been detained by security forces in the cities of Paveh, Marivan and Oshnavieh (Shno in Kurdish) without an arrest warrant. Kurdistan Human Rights Network… The post Four Kurdish Civilians Arrested in Pave ...

Erbil police confiscate 4 kg of narcotics, arrest two on possession charges

Kurdistan24 - 2019-09-02 20:58

Erbil security arrest ISIS member in refugee camp

Gulan Media - 2019-09-02 20:23

Kurdish security forces arrest alleged ISIS member for ‘beheading’ a man in camp |

Rûdaw - 2019-09-02 13:27

Tevgera Azadi member jailed in Hewlêr on hunger strike

ANF - 2019-09-02 12:20
Tevgera Azadi member, Idris Selim Mihemed, was imprisoned by the KDP public security forces 118 days ago. Mihemed has been on hunger strike for 32 days against this unlawful arrest. ...

Fate of Three Female Activists in Iran’s Sanandaj Remains Unknown

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-09-02 02:01
Fate of three detained female Kurdish activists has remained unknown months after their arrest in the city of Sanandaj, the provincial capital of Iran’s Kordestan (Kurdistan) Province. Zahra (Zara) Mohammadi and Iran… The post Fate of Three Female Activi ...

Arrest warrant for a senior official in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

Kurdiu - 2019-08-29 21:54

Police to arrest Tehran celebrities using ambulances to beat traffic

Rûdaw - 2019-08-26 20:32
Elites are using bus lanes without permission, police say ...

Arrest of a Kurdish social activisms in Sanandaj

Kurdpa - 2019-08-25 18:52

Labour Party leader Corbyn: Turkey should respect human rights

ANF - 2019-08-24 08:19
Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said "arrest of [HDP] political leaders and activists is unacceptable." ...

ISIS used radio communication equipment brought from Turkey

ANF - 2019-08-23 10:56
Ilyas Aydin, a former ISIS executive and currently under arrest in the hands of the SDF, stated that ISIS has purchased a large amount of radio from Istanbul. ...

Arrest of three Kurdish citizens in Damavand

Kurdpa - 2019-08-21 21:36
Kurdpa Agency: Three Kurdish citizens from Sanandaj were arrested in Damavand, Tehran. ...

Arrest warrant against artist Ferhat Tunc

ANF - 2019-08-21 13:01
An arrest warrant was issued against artist Ferhat Tunc before the investigation on him was completed. ...

VIDEO : Turkish police arrest hundreds over suspected links to Kurdish militant group | Euronews

Euronews - 2019-08-20 08:25

No accurate information is available on the fate of a Kurdish worker

Kurdpa - 2019-08-19 21:05
Kurdpa Agency: The fate of a Kurdish worker from Divandarreh is unknown after his arrest. ...

WATCH | Turkish police arrest hundreds over suspected links to Kurdish militant group | News24

News24 - 2019-08-19 20:19

WMA condemns arrest of Turkish health professionals | Mirage News

Miragenews - 2019-08-19 17:18

Turkish police arrest hundreds over suspected links to Kurdish militant group | Euronews

Euronews - 2019-08-19 13:44

Arrest of five Kurdish citizens in Piranshahr

Kurdpa - 2019-08-18 16:06
Kurdpa Agency: Five Kurdish citizens from Piranshahr were arrested by intelligence forces and no information are available on their fate. ...

Week 751 of vigil by Saturday Mothers

ANF - 2019-08-17 18:15
Today's Saturday Mothers' rally in Istanbul was dedicated to Mehmet Ertak. The 32-year-old worker disappeared in 1992 following his arrest in Şırnak province. ...

Erbil police arrest two locals who kidnapped tourists from Baghdad

Kurdistan24 - 2019-08-17 17:02

Basra police raids home, seeks arrest of Iraqi reporter Hassan Sabah - Committee to Protect Journalists

CPJ - 2019-08-16 19:36

No information about the Fate of Three Kurdish Detainees in Orumiyeh

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-08-16 02:00
Although one month have passed since the arrest of three Kurdish civilians including “Saber Kamani”, “Kamran Kamani” and Keyvan Mokaremi” residing at “Anbeh village” of Taregor Region of Orumiyeh, there is still… The post No information about the Fate of ...

Zuid-Koerdistan: Journalist Bradosti nog steeds onder arrest – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2019-08-15 18:18

British-Iranian academic arrested in Iran amid tanker tensions

Rûdaw - 2019-08-15 08:40
The reason for his arrest was not specified ...

Arrest of a Kurdish researcher in Tehran

Kurdpa - 2019-08-14 10:43
Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish researcher was arrested in his own home in Tehran. ...

Iraqi security arrest three ISIS members who transferred explosives, money to Kirkuk

Kurdistan24 - 2019-08-13 17:27

Arrest of a Kurdish citizen in Ilam

Kurdpa - 2019-08-13 16:56
Kurdpa Agency: Intelligence forces arrested a Kurdish citizen in Ilam. ...

Iraqi forces kill, arrest 16 ISIS members in Eid al-Adha operations

Kurdistan24 - 2019-08-12 20:39

VIDEO: Police arrest Iraqi man trying to burn himself in Vatican

Kurdistan24 - 2019-08-11 22:14

Turkish police arrest four men missing for months amid terror investigation | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2019-08-11 03:15

Arrest of another three citizens in Kamyaran

Kurdpa - 2019-08-08 02:33
Kurdpa Agency: Another three Kurdish citizens were arrested by intelligence forces in Kamyaran. ...

Iraqi forces arrest senior ISIS member responsible for spoils-of-war

Kurdistan24 - 2019-08-07 15:32

Iraqi forces arrest five ISIS fighters in Mosul

Kurdistan24 - 2019-08-06 15:48

Moscow police use force to end election protest, arrest 600

Gulan Media - 2019-08-04 06:33

Arrest of two young Kurds in Marivan and transfer to Sanandaj\'s Ettelaat

Kurdpa - 2019-08-04 03:37

Arrest of a Kurdish activism in Marivan

Kurdpa - 2019-08-03 01:20
Kurdpa Agency: Intelligence forces raided the personal home of a Kurdish activism in Marivan and arrested her. ...

Arrest of two young Kurds in Marivan and transfer to Sanandaj's Ettelaat

Kurdpa - 2019-08-03 01:20
Kurdpa Agency: Two young Kurds from Marivan were transferred to Sanandaj Intelligence Bureau after being detained. ...

30 terrorists in the grip of the anti-terrorist units during simultaneous raids in the countryside of Deira Zour

SDF Press - 2019-07-30 23:58
Deira Zour – In coordination with the international coalition forces against ISIS, the anti-terrorist units of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Deira Zour region managed to arrest 30 members of the sleeper cells associated with the ISIS terrorist organizat ...

Sulaymaniyah Court issues arrest warrant for Shaswar Abdul Wahid

Kurdiu - 2019-07-29 21:00

Arrest warrant issued for New Generation leader Shaswar Abdulwahid in fraud case

E-Kurd - 2019-07-29 14:56
SULAIMANI, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— A court in Sulaimani city in Iraqi Kurdistan issued an arrest order for New Generation President and businessman Shaswar Abdulwahid late on Sunday in connection with a fraud lawsuit. Multiple shareholders of Chavi Lan ...

Terrorists arrested with explosives in Raqqa

SDF Press - 2019-07-29 14:54
Raqqa – The anti-terrorist units of the Syrian Democratic Forces, with the support of the international coalition forces conducted a joint operation on Tuesday, July 16,2019 and managed to arrest a terrorist cell in the eastern countryside of Raqqa, the c ...

New Generation leader served with fresh arrest warrant

Rûdaw - 2019-07-29 13:00
Warrant issued due to “acquisition of property through fraud ...

Kurdish court issues arrest warrant against New Generation leader over claims of ‘deception‘

Kurdistan24 - 2019-07-29 09:35

Mario Cerciello Rega: US teen held over officer’s killing ‘illegally blindfolded’

BBC - 2019-07-29 01:51
The photo of a blindfolded suspect was taken after his arrest over a police officer’s killing in Rome. ...

'I'm going to faint'; Family, friends react to arrest of Bay Area men charged with murder of Italian police officer [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-07-28 20:02

Cyprus police arrest Briton in rape claim, to free Israelis -sources

Yahoo - 2019-07-28 11:19

The arrest of 20 terrorists in the countryside of Deir al-Zour

SDF Press - 2019-07-28 06:11
Deira Zour – The Syrian Democratic Forces arrested On Saturday, July 27, 2019, a terrorist cell affiliated with ISIS terrorist organization in the village of Abu Hamam in the suburbs of Deira Zour during a search and sweep operations carried out inside th ...

Mario Cerciello Rega: Huge manhunt for killers of Italian policeman

BBC - 2019-07-27 00:26
He is stabbed trying to arrest two men over an alleged extortion attempt in the centre of Rome. ...

Kurdish Activist on Hunger Strike after Being Detained for the Past 7 Months

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-07-26 02:01
Hossein Kamangar, a Kurdish activist who has been temporarily detained for the past seven months, has gone on hunger strike in protest to his continued arrest and uncertain condition as well as… The post Kurdish Activist on Hunger Strike after Being Deta ...

Ex-PM Olmert canceled trip to Zurich over possible war crimes arrest -- report | The Times of Israel

Timesofisrael - 2019-07-26 01:40

Iraq issued arrest warrants for 11 ministers, officials suspected of corruption: PM

Kurdistan24 - 2019-07-26 01:21

Canada tourist killings: Teenagers on the run charged with third murder

BBC - 2019-07-26 01:06
Arrest warrants have been issued for the pair and police have launched a nationwide manhunt. ...

The arrest of a terrorist belonging to ISIS organization in Hasakah

SDF Press - 2019-07-25 21:16
Hasakah – The anti-terrorist units of the Syrian Democratic Forces arrested On Thursday morning, 25 July 2019, in southern Hasaka an ISIS member called Ammar Hanu Al-Maturi. Who worked with the intelligence of ISIS terrorist organization from 2014 to 2017 ...

Iraq issues arrest warrants for 11 senior officials suspected of corruption

E-Kurd - 2019-07-24 10:42
BAGHDAD,— Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Tuesday that arrest warrants were issued for 11 ministers and ministerial-level officials suspected of corruption. A total of 1,367 cases of corruption have been referred to the integrity courts, wi ...

Erbil police arrest more than 50 accused

Kurdiu - 2019-07-23 22:47

SDF arrest one for firing rocket injuring 5 at border home in Turkey

Gulan Media - 2019-07-23 21:53

Arrest of the head of Education of Ravensar

Kurdpa - 2019-07-23 21:20
Kurdpa Agency: The intelligence forces arrested the head of Education of Ravansar and another cultural official in this city. ...

SDF arrest one for firing rocket injuring 5 at border home in Turkey

Rûdaw - 2019-07-23 19:37
The suspect was unnamed ...

Erbil police arrest 53 for various crimes, seven suspected of murder

Kurdistan24 - 2019-07-23 10:01

Poland LGBT march: Police arrest 25 after attacks on activists

BBC - 2019-07-23 01:07
Police clashed with anti-LGBT protesters after violence marred a Polish city's first equality march. ...

The arrest of two ISIS terrorists

SDF Press - 2019-07-22 19:37
Manbaj- Anti-terrorist units of the Syrian Democratic Forces launched a raid today in the village of Jib Al-Ashra in Manbaj city and arrested Mohammed Shaker Al-Hawash and his brother Ahmed Al-Hawash. Mohammed Al-Hawash was formerly a member of the active ...

Iraq Kurds arrest two suspects in killing of Turkish vice consul

Yahoo - 2019-07-22 15:13

Iraqi Kurdish security arrest man behind shooting Turkish diplomat -statement | National Post

Nationalpost - 2019-07-22 09:47

Iraqi Kurds arrest suspects in killing of Turkish vice consul | Arab News

Arabnews - 2019-07-22 06:29

Iraqi Kurdish Officials Arrest Turkish Lawmaker's Brother in Diplomat's Slaying | Voice of America - English

Voanews - 2019-07-22 06:29

Iranian forces arrest 11 shepherds inside the Kurdistan region

Kurdiu - 2019-07-21 23:47

Iraqi Kurds arrest two over diplomat’s murder - Taipei Times

Taipeitimes - 2019-07-21 18:41

The ‘most dangerous Swiss terrorist’ in YPG custody in Rojava

ANF - 2019-07-21 13:13
Daniel D. is described as the "most dangerous terrorist in Switzerland". In mid-June, he was captured by the SDF during an operation in eastern Syria and is under arrest. ...

Iraqi Kurdish security arrest man behind shooting Turkish diplomat - statement

Jerusalem Post - 2019-07-21 08:26

Kurdistan security arrest suspects in Turkish diplomat killing in Erbil

Kurdistan24 - 2019-07-20 22:50

Iraqi Kurdish authorities arrest suspect behind Erbil shooting | Turkey News | Al Jazeera

Aljazeera - 2019-07-20 19:44

Kurdish Forces Arrest Suspects for Assassination of Turkish Diplomat in Erbil | Asharq AL-awsat

Aawsat - 2019-07-20 19:15

Iraqi Kurdish security arrest man behind shooting Turkish diplomat -statement

Yahoo - 2019-07-20 16:51

Iraqi Kurdish security arrest man behind shooting Turkish diplomat: statement - Reuters

Reuters - 2019-07-20 16:18

Iraqi Kurdish security arrest man behind Turkish diplomat shooting in Erbil | Arab News

Arabnews - 2019-07-20 15:55

Arrest of a Kurdish student at the Mahabad Payam-Noor University

Kurdpa - 2019-07-20 14:20
Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish student at the Mahabad Payam-Noor University has been transferred to an unknown location after being arrested. ...

The arrest of three Kurdish citizens in Shahin Dezh and Takab and Transfer of detainees of Marivan to Sanandaj

Kurdpa - 2019-07-19 01:53
Kurdpa Agency: detention of Kurdish citizens are continued by intelligence forces in Kurdistan cities. ...

Israeli forces arrest 'travel agents' accused of operating Hamas money laundering ring

Gulan Media - 2019-07-18 18:38

Journalist Evren to remain in custody

ANF - 2019-07-18 13:24
The hearing for imprisoned journalist Kibriye Evren was held in the Diyarbakir Heavy Penal Court No.5. The court ruled for the continuation of arrest. ...

Police in Netherlands announce arrest of suspect in deadly tram shootings | Watch News Videos Online

Globalnews - 2019-07-18 12:27

Arrest of French Academic in Iran Complicates Efforts to Save Nuclear Deal

Yahoo - 2019-07-17 19:21

Erbil police arrest 14 people running a gambling and betting site

Kurdiu - 2019-07-16 17:12

Arrest of four Kurdish citizens in Marivan

Kurdpa - 2019-07-16 13:25
Kurdpa Agency: Four members of the Marivan Chya the Green Organization were arrested by intelligence forces. ...

Arrest of two Sanandaji citizens on July 13th

Kurdpa - 2019-07-16 13:25
Kurdpa Agency: The intelligence forces arrested two Kurdish citizens from Sanandaj on July 13th in charge of "wearing Kurdish costumes." ...

Norway arrests Kurdish Islamic extremist cleric Krekar after Italian terror trial

E-Kurd - 2019-07-16 13:08
COPENHAGEN, Denmark,— The Norwegian domestic security agency says a Kurdish Muslim extremist cleric found guilty in Italy for planning terror has been detained on an Italian arrest warrant. The PST security agency says Iraqi Kurdistan-born Mullah Krekar ...

Arrest warrant issued for ‘Baathist’ Kirkuk protester: police

Rûdaw - 2019-07-15 18:02

Turkey orders arrest of 176 military personnel over suspected Gulen links

Yahoo - 2019-07-15 15:06

Arrest of a Kurdish citizen in Oshnovieh

Kurdpa - 2019-07-15 14:33
Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish citizen from Oshnavieh was taken to an unknown location after being arrested. ...

Arrest warrant issued for ‘Baathist’ Kirkuk protester: police

Gulan Media - 2019-07-15 13:51

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