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Three Kurdish civil rights activists arrested in Sanandaj

Kurdpa - 2019-05-25 10:10
Kurdpa Agency: Three Kurdish civil rights activists from Sanandaj and a member of the Nozhin Socio-cultural Union were arrested by intelligence. ...

Enfield 'murder': Man arrested after woman dies on street in north London | The Independent

Independent - 2019-05-25 01:37

4 arrested for kidnapping and drug abuse in Sulaymaniyah

Kurdiu - 2019-05-24 13:01

Ex-Kirkuk governor Najmaldin Karim arrested in Lebanon: sources

E-Kurd - 2019-05-22 15:49
BEIRUT,— The former Governor of Kirkuk province Najmaldin Karim was detained at Beirut International Airport upon landing in Lebanon’s capital an informed sources said. The source claimed that the move had come on the basis of legal complaints lodged by ...

Two Men Arrested for Stealing a Mosque’s Doors

BAS News - 2019-05-22 12:21
ERBIL — Police on Wednesday announced the arrest of two men in Kurdistan Region’s Hajiawa district over a robbery at a mosque. The men reportedly broke into a mosque and stole several doors, windows and other metal equipments. The suspects are both under ...

Rumors on Arrest of Najmadin Karim Refuted

BAS News - 2019-05-22 01:10
ERBIL - The office of the legitimate governor of Kirkuk, Najmadin Karim, has refuted rumors claiming that the governor was arrested during a visit in Lebanon. The statement pointed out that "the news is far from truth," criticizing media outlets for publ ...

Three Kurdish women arrested for civil activism - NCRI Women Committee

Ncr Iran - 2019-05-21 01:10

Ettelaat arrested a Marivani citizen

Kurdpa - 2019-05-21 00:24
Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish citizen from the city of Marivan was arrested by intelligence forces. ...

Man arrested in bias attack on New Jersey bus after allegedly spouting racial slurs [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-05-20 17:07

Police attacked and injured the mothers of prisoners in Gebze

ANF - 2019-05-20 16:18
The 42nd vigil outside the women's prison in the western Turkish town of Gebze has also been violently attacked by the police. Several mothers of prisoners were injured and arrested. ...

Arrest of a Kurdish student in Marivan

Kurdpa - 2019-05-19 19:48
Kurdpa Agency: A student at Marivan Payam-Noor university was arrested by intelligence agents. ...

US: Ex-NSA analyst pleads not guilty to leaking secrets

Waar Media - 2019-05-19 15:03
WAAR_DUHOK A former U.S. intelligence analyst working for the National Security Agency (NSA) pleaded not guilty to charges of leaking classified information to a reporter. Daniel Everette Hale, 31, was arrested earlier this month in Nashville under the E ...

FARC Santrich release and re-arrest a new blow to peace

ANF - 2019-05-19 11:30
People's Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC) executive and former guerrilla commander Jesus Santrich (Seuxis Paucias Hernandez Solarte) has been re-arrested by Colombia's ESMAD forces two minutes after being released from the La Picota prison in Bogot ...

2 Maltese soldiers arrested in drive-by slaying of migrant

Yahoo - 2019-05-19 08:21

Seven Activists Arrested in a Protest to End Violence Against Women in Marivan

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-19 02:01
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): A group of civil activists were arrested in Marivan by law enforcement forces following a peaceful protest to end violence against women on May 16, 2019. “The violence against women has been intensified recently, the ...

Egyptian activist Masoum Marzouk arrested after call for president recall referendum

Qantara - 2019-05-17 15:28

Heavy Bail Issued for a Kurdish Labourer

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-17 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): A Labourer, ‘Isaac Rouhi” was returned to the Sanandaj Central Prison quarantine due to his inability to secure his 500 million Tomans bail. “On May 1, 2019, Isaac Rouhi was arrested by security forces when he intend ...

Turkish Academic From French University Arrested For Terrorist Propaganda | Independent Newspapers Nigeria

Independent - 2019-05-16 21:45

Indian soap star arrested in suspected link to grenade blast

Yahoo - 2019-05-16 18:52

New Generation Movement’s Leader Arrested

BAS News - 2019-05-16 15:36
ERBIL — The leader of New Generation Movement, Shaswar Abdulwahid, has been arrested in Sulaymaniyah. The arrest came a day after Sulaymaniyah court issued an arrest warrant for Abdulwahid over his involvement in threatening and defamatory online message ...

Erbil Security Forces Arrest Perpetrator of Mosul Bombing

BAS News - 2019-05-16 15:36
ERBIL — Kurdish security forces announced that they have arrested a young man in Erbil who is responsible for a recent bombing in Mosul. The man, identified as “Ahmed Mohammed Mahdi”, has admitted to have carried out the bombing earlier on 4th May in cen ...

4 killed in Sadrist anti-corruption protest in Najaf

Rûdaw - 2019-05-16 11:35
Five security guards have been arrested after firing on the crowd ...

Member of the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party Rearrested

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-16 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), Pouria Ahmadi, the head of the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party and a member of the Central Council of Sanandaj, was arrested when presenting himself at the Sanandaj Intelligence Office following a summon ...

20 ISIS terrorists arrested in Deir ez-Zor

ANF - 2019-05-15 18:34
20 ISIS jihadists were arrested by the SDF in Deir ez-Zor region. ...

Two Hashd al-Shaabi Militiamen Arrested over Taxing People in Tuz Khurmatu

BAS News - 2019-05-15 00:17
ERBIL - A couple of Hashd al-Shaabi militiamen were arrested on Tuesday over taxing people in the disputed town of Tuz Khurmatu. According to the information BasNews has learned, Haji Shakir Abudi, a leader of the Asaib Ahl al-Haq, an Iranian-sponsored S ...

Our forces arrest a dangerous terrorist in Silok Town

SDF Press - 2019-05-14 19:28
On May 13, 2019, the Syrian democratic forces, together with Coalition forces, carried out a successful raid in Silok area which is located north Syria. They arrested Talal Shaneir, known as Abu Hammam, the terrorist who is responsible for murder and exto ...

3 terrorists were arrested with their weapons

SDF Press - 2019-05-14 19:28
Deir Zour- One of the Internal Security Forces’ checkpoint in the countryside of Hajin region in Deir Zour city was attacked by a terrorist cell, as a result of the clashes two members of the Internal Security Forces lost their lives while the members of ...

Kurdish Environmental Activist Released on Bail

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-14 02:00
Kurdish Human Rights Network (KHRN): Hadi Kamangar, an environmental activist and member of the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party who was arrested by security forces on January 01, was released on a bail of one billion and seven hundred million ...

No News about the Fate of Kurdish Teacher and Religious Activist

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-14 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): There is still no news about the fate of Yaser Amini Azar, the mathematics teacher and religious activists, who was arrested four days ago despite the repeated enquiries of his family about his whereabouts. This teac ...

Kurdish Civilian Transferred to Sanandaj Central Prison to Endure his Sentence

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-14 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): Fardin Eyvazi, a Kurdish civilian and resident of Tengisar village in Sanandaj, was transferred to Sanandaj Central Prison to endure his five-year imprisonment sentence. Fardin Eyvazi was arrested on March 3, 2018 by ...

Anbar: Two IS Jihadists Captured

BAS News - 2019-05-13 21:43
ERBIL - A couple of Islamic State (IS) insurgents were captured on Monday in the Iraqi province of Anbar. The two militants were arrested in the district of al-Rutba in Anbar by the Iraqi security forces, the Military Intelligence Directorate explained i ...

43 prisoners released in Deir ez-Zor

ANF - 2019-05-13 16:21
43 people arrested for aiding and abetting ISIS were released today on the appeal of opinion leaders and clan sheiks in Deir ez-Zor. ...

A tradesman arrested in Oshnavieh

Kurdpa - 2019-05-12 20:16
Kurdpa Agency: Revolutionary Guard forces arrested a tradesman from the city of Oshnavieh. ...

Iraqi Court Sentences Man to Prison for “Insulting” Shi’ite Imam

BAS News - 2019-05-12 16:05
ERBIL — An Iraq court on Sunday sentenced a man to three years in prison for allegedly “insulting” a Shi’ite Muslim Imam. Ali Srour Razaq was arrested earlier by the police in Najaf and faced a trial on Sunday, local media reported. He allegedly “insulte ...

Police Arrests Arms Dealer in Erbil

BAS News - 2019-05-12 11:50
ERBIL — Police forces in Kurdistan Region’s capital city arrested a man in possession of a large quantity of arms. Police chief Abdulkhaliq Talaat told BasNews that the man was arrested during a special operation at his place, where they initially found ...

Kirkuk: Iraqi Forces Arrest Men Wearing Shorts in Public

BAS News - 2019-05-11 15:42
ERBIL — Iraqi forces have decided to arrest the men who wear shorts in public. Photographs have gone viral on social media showing a group of men packed in a police pickup vehicle in Kirkuk. They were reportedly arrested for wearing shorts and walking on ...

Four activists arrested in Van

ANF - 2019-05-09 09:41
In the early hours of the morning police raided the building in Van where activists are on solidarity hunger strike and detained four people. ...

Man Killed By His Wife and Son in Erbil: Police

BAS News - 2019-05-08 16:13
ERBIL — A man has been found dead outside Erbil, police said on Wednesday, revealing that he was killed by his own wife and son. Erbil Police Chief Abdulkhaliq Talaat told BasNews that they have arrested the suspects and investigations are underway. The ...

Mosul: IS Insurgent Captured Among IDPs

BAS News - 2019-05-07 19:23
ERBIL - The Iraqi security forces captured on Tuesday an insurgent of the Islamic State (IS) in an IDP camp in Mosul city. According to a report by Alghad Press, the jihadist was arrested by the Military Intelligence Directorate troops based on "intellig ...

2 arrested after clash in Sri Lanka town hit by Easter blast

Yahoo - 2019-05-06 09:41

Security Forces Arrest Six Members of New Generation Movement

BAS News - 2019-05-05 18:33
ERBIL - The security forces affiliated with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) raided on Sunday the headquarters of the New Generation Movement in Sulaimaniya province and arrested six members of the party. In late April, one of the New Generation Mo ...

A citizen from Karamah city west of Iran (Kurdistan region) is sentenced to prison

Kurdistan Human Rights Association - 2019-05-05 14:28
KMMK: Danial Darab Khani, a resident of Kermanshah, was sentenced to a year in prison by a division of the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of the Islamic Republic of Iran on charges of acting against national security. This citizen was arrested by Islamic ...

Bokan's Ettelaat arrested a Kurd citizen

Kurdpa - 2019-05-02 17:19
Kordpai Agency: The intelligence forces arrested a Kurdish citizen from Bokan. ...

A Kurdish Civilian Sentenced to One Year in Prison

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-02 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): A Kurdish civilian, “Danial Darab Khani” who was arrested in Kermanshah in March 2017 following a nationwide protest in December, has been sentenced to one year in prison for “acting against national security.” KHRN ...

Kurdish leader arrested in Afrin released, in good health: party

Rûdaw - 2019-05-02 00:15

Security forces raid New Generation’s offices in Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan

E-Kurd - 2019-05-01 20:31
SULAIMANI, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— The security forces arrested a number of people at the headquarters of the New Generation (Newey Nwê) Movement in Sulaimani in Iraqi Kurdistan, the security (Asayish) announced on Wednesday. Kurdistan Asayish Director ...

Asayish in Sulaymaniyah arrested the killer of a young man

Kurdiu - 2019-05-01 19:25

Turkish Forces Arrest Man over Suspected PKK Link

BAS News - 2019-05-01 15:13
ERBIL — Turkish security forces announced on Wednesday that they had arrested a man in Istanbul over suspected links with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Citing an unnamed security source, state-run Anadolu Agency said the man, identified as Mehmet H ...

A Kurdish Civilian Arrested in Paweh

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-01 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): A Kurdish civilian, “Sarah Zahmatkesh”, was arrested by Security forces in Paveh. “Sara Zahmatkesh, 24, and a resident of Tin village of Paveh was arrested by a team of security forces on Apr 22, 2019, at her shop in ...

Members of a Family Arrested in Orumiyeh

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-01 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): Members of a family from Orumiyeh have been detained on charges of cooperation with The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran since March. Ebrahim Sediq Hamedani and his two children, Salar and Maryam Sediq Hamedan ...

Soran: Police Announces the Arrest of Group of Thieves

BAS News - 2019-04-30 21:53
ERBIL - Security forces in Soran district of Erbil province announced on Tuesday the arrest of a group of thieves in the area. Talking to BasNews, Sa'adun Hawdiyani, a spokesperson for the local police directorate, said that they arrested a group of six ...

Seven IS Militants Captured in Nineveh

BAS News - 2019-04-30 20:26
ERBIL - At least seven insurgents of the Islamic State (IS) were captured in the Iraqi province of Nineveh on Tuesday. The seven were arrested by the intelligence forces during an operation in the district of al-Baaj, Nineveh province, Fadel Abu Reghif, ...

Iraqi Forces Arrest Off-Duty Peshmerga in Kirkuk

BAS News - 2019-04-30 16:23
ERBIL — Iraqi security forces have reportedly arrested a Kurdish Peshmerga fighter while off duty in the disputed province of Kirkuk. Unofficial sources claimed that Rebaz Rasoul, 27, was arrested by Iraqi security forces earlier on Saturday. Secretary G ...

Mother sentenced to 7 years in prison for speech at son’s funeral

ANF - 2019-04-30 14:16
Besra Erol, mother of Evrim Deniz Erol who had been killed in the Suruc Massacre, was arrested for a speech she gave in the funeral ceremony for her son. ...

A Prisoner Hanged on Murder Charges at Sanandaj Central Prison

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-04-30 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): A Kurdish prisoner, Ahmad Irani (known as Aha Chateh), was executed on murder charges at Sanandaj Central Prison on April 28. The prisoner was arrested in 2011 on the charge of murdering two people in a conflict over ...

US veteran arrested over terror plot

BBC - 2019-04-30 00:01
Mark Steven Domingo allegedly planned to commit mass murder in "revenge for Christchurch attack". ...

Our forces arrested a terrorist cell

SDF Press - 2019-04-29 23:25
After doing the necessary investigation by our special anti-terrorist units, our units managed to arrest a terrorist cell in a special operation in Al-Jadidat village, east of Raqqa city, on Sunday (April 28, 2019). The cell consisted of two persons, The ...

Turkey Arrests 22 People, Including Iraqis, Suspected of IS Links

BAS News - 2019-04-29 16:14
ERBIL — Turkish police arrested 22 suspected Islamic State (IS) members on Monday in Ankara, according to TRT Haber. The suspects are 17 Iraqis and five others from Syria. The report said the suspects were preparing to recruit people and connect them to ...

Three IS Militants Captured in Kirkuk

BAS News - 2019-04-28 15:44
ERBIL — Iraqi security forces have arrested three people who belong to the Islamic State (IS) in Kirkuk, north of the country. An official statement said the suspects were captured during a special operation by elite counter-terror service on Sunday. The ...

US synagogue shooting: One person dead in Poway, California

BBC - 2019-04-28 00:43
A man has been arrested after an attack at the synagogue near San Diego, California. ...

Florida man arrested after disabled, bedridden woman in his care was discovered living among trash and feces [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-04-27 17:22

Semi driver arrested, multiple dead, more injured in fiery crash on I-70 in Denver, officials say [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-04-27 15:07

Man Suspected of Rigging IDs for IS Members Arrested in Iraq

BAS News - 2019-04-27 14:41
ERBIL — Iraqi security forces announced on Friday that they had arrested a man who is suspected of forging documents and ID cards for members of the Islamic State (IS). Iraq’s Interior Ministry said the man had provided fake IDs and citizenship declarati ...

A Labour Activist Transferred to Sanandaj Prison

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-04-27 02:15
Kurdistan Human Rights Network(KHRN): The Labour activist “Towfiq Mohammadi” was transferred to Sanandaj Central Prison after 45 days of detention at the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre. This labour activist was arrested by security forces on Ma ...

Two Environmental Activist Released on Bail

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-04-26 02:00
Two environmental activists, Armin Esperlus and Homayoun Bahmani, have been released on bail after several weeks of arrest. Armin Esperlus, who was arrested by security forces on Feb 21, 2019, was released from Sanandaj Central Prison yesterday on a bail ...

Turkish soldiers raided villages in Batman

ANF - 2019-04-25 18:46
Soldiers raided some villages in Batman province and arrested residents. ...

Iran Executes Another Kurd

BAS News - 2019-04-25 12:59
ERBIL — Iranian authorities executed another Kurdish inmate in northeastern province of Khoransan on Monday. Identified by first name only, Reza was arrested six years ago swhen he was on death row, according to Hangaw Organization for Human Rights. He w ...

High-level New Generation member arrested: Sulaimani police

Rûdaw - 2019-04-25 11:40

Police Raids Shaswar Abdulwahid’s Office after Nude Video Blackmail

BAS News - 2019-04-25 11:18
His secretary arrested ERBIL — Police in Sulaymaniyah arrested the secretary of Shaswar Abdulwahid, the leader of New Generation Movement, after the nude video blackmail against his party’s lawmakers. Earlier on Wednesday, MP Shadia Nawzad said during a ...

Three members of a family were arrested in Piranshahr

Kurdpa - 2019-04-25 10:16

Turkey detains suspect believed planning to attack ANZAC service: police

Reuters - 2019-04-25 09:43
Turkish authorities have arrested a suspected Islamic State member they believe was planning to attack a World War One commemoration at Gallipoli attended by hundreds of Australians and New Zealanders, police said on Wednesday. ...

Arrest of three Kurdish citizens in Kamyaran

Kurdpa - 2019-04-25 03:56
Kurdpa Agency: Three Kurdish citizens were arrested in Kamyaran and transferred to an unknown location. ...

Two Kurdish Civilians Arrested in Kamyaran

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-04-25 02:20
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): Khaled Zamani and Mehdi Ghobadi, two civilians from Kamyaran, have been arrested by security forces and transferred to an unknown location during the past 2 days. A source in the Kamyaran has told KHRN that “security ...

Erbil Police Arrests Three Members of Drugs Band

BAS News - 2019-04-24 15:05
ERBIL — Police forces in Erbil announced on Wednesday the arrest of three people over possession of illicit drugs. According to an online statement, three people were arrested during an operation in central Erbil. Police said some of the arrestees were i ...

Senior IS Leader Captured in Diyala

BAS News - 2019-04-23 22:58
ERBIL - A senior Islamic State (IS) leader was captured by the Iraqi security forces in the province of Diyala on Tuesday. The insurgent leader was arrested in Hamrin mountain range based on accurate intelligence information, Sadiq al-Husseini, head of t ...

Right-wing militia leader arrested by FBI 'for detaining migrant families at gunpoint in New Mexico' [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-04-23 08:11

Member of ruling AKP arrested for attack on Turkish opposition leader

Rûdaw - 2019-04-23 01:07
The AKP member will face disciplinary hearing, possible dismissal ...

Member of ruling AKP arrested for attack on Turkish opposition leader

Gulan Media - 2019-04-22 14:50

[PICTURE] Turkey Detains Four PKK Fighters in Sinjar: Report

BAS News - 2019-04-22 14:26
ERBIL — Turkish forces have arrested and taken to Turkey four members of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), said a source. The PKK fighters were identified by the state-run Anadolu Agency by first initials only: V.K. (34), M.K. (21), A.O. (20) and K.I. ...

Sri Lanka: 3 Police Officers Killed During Raids

Waar Media - 2019-04-22 12:42
WAAR_DUHOK Thirteen people have been arrested in Sri Lanka during police raids, in which three police officers were killed, Radio New Zealand reported early Monday. The suspects were arrested in capital Colombo, where a total of 207 people died after mul ...

Erbil Security Refutes Arrest of Former Nineveh Governor

BAS News - 2019-04-21 20:04
ERBIL - Directorate of Erbil Security Affairs has refuted the reports claiming that former Nineveh Governor Nawfal Hamadi was arrested in Kurdistan Region's capital Erbil. Earlier the day, Iraqi media reports claimed that Hamadi, who has been blamed for ...

Iraqi Man Arrested over Selling Wristwatches with Saddam’s Picture

BAS News - 2019-04-21 11:18
ERBIL — Police forces in Baghdad arrested a man who was selling wristwatches with pictures of Saddam Hussein, the former dictator of Iraq. Baghdad Police Department confirmed in a statement that the man had wristwatches in possession which were decorated ...

Anbar: Four IS Insurgents Captured

BAS News - 2019-04-20 19:42
ERBIL - Iraqi security forces captured four jihadists of the Islamic State (IS) in the western province of Anbar on Saturday. The four militants were arrested during a military operation in the areas of al-Husainiat and Mueishar, in Haditha district, as ...

“ISIS prisoners will either be returned home or tried here”

ANF - 2019-04-20 15:35
Dr. Abdulkarim Omar, Foreign Affairs Bureau Director of North and East Syria's Autonomous Region, identifies two ways of trying the arrested ISIS members, either locally or in their countries of origin. ...

Two men arrested in connection to murder of journalist in Derry

ANF - 2019-04-20 10:36
Police in the North of Ireland have confirmed they have arrested two young men in connection with the shooting dead of journalist Lyra McKee during a riot in Derry. ...

Turkey arrests suspected spies for UAE, investigating Khashoggi link

Reuters - 2019-04-19 17:43
Turkey has arrested two suspects who confessed to spying on Arab nationals for the United Arab Emirates, and is investigating whether the arrival in Turkey of one of them was related to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a senior Turkish offi ...

Kurdish Civilian Not Released Yet

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-04-19 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): Shoeib Darvishzadeh, a Kurdish civilian from the village of “Habsh Sofla” of Khoy who was arrested by the Islamic Republic Guards Corp (IRGC) Intelligence forces on March 25, 2019 at the Sammas checkpoint, is still h ...

DBP Silvan District co-chair Amine Gündüz detained

ANF - 2019-04-18 12:05
DBP Silvan District co-chair Amine Gündüz was arrested and sent to Diyarbakır E-type Prison. ...

The arrest of a Kurdish citizen by the Ettelaat's IRGC

Kurdpa - 2019-04-18 02:35
Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish citizen from Khoy is arrested by the Revolutionary Guard and detained in Salmas Prison. ...

[PICTURES]: Iranian Kurdish Inmate Sews Lips, Eyes to Protest Imminent Execution

BAS News - 2019-04-17 12:16
ERBIL — A Kurdish man held in a prison in Iran has sewed his lips and eyes to protest his imminent execution given on charges of murder. Ahmed Irani is in prison since 2011, after police arrested him for the alleged murder of another man during a street ...

MPs in Baghdad Looking for Kurds Who Joined IS

BAS News - 2019-04-17 11:36
ERBIL — Kurdish lawmakers are working to find out if the Kurdish members of Islamic State (IS) are among those jihadists arrested now in Baghdad. MP Nasr Harki told BasNews that they have prepared a list of those believed to have left Kurdistan to join t ...

[VIDEO] Iraqi Forces Arrest Four People Smuggling SIM Cards to IS

BAS News - 2019-04-16 14:36
ERBIL — Iraqi counter-terror forces on Tuesday announced the arrest of four people carrying 600 SIM cards to the Islamic State (IS) jihadists in the western province of Anbar. “The four, including a woman, were arrested with 600 mobile phone SIM cards in ...

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested In London

Kurdiu - 2019-04-15 22:42

Police officer arrested for Hantas’ murder

ANF - 2019-04-15 16:50
One of the two police officers, who had been detained as part of the investigation of the execution of young Kurdish man Recep Hantas in Amed, has been arrested. ...

Syrian Democratic forces arrested a member of Kurdish Democratic Party in Halabja village in Aleppo suburbs, on April 10 - Syrian Network for Human Rights

Sn4hr - 2019-04-13 15:17

Algeria protests: Police arrest 108 in Friday clashes

BBC - 2019-04-13 00:30
Police say they have arrested 108 people as the protests against the regime show no sign of ending. ...

WikiLeaks founder and DiEM25 member Julian Assange arrested! - DiEM25

Diem25 - 2019-04-12 01:58

Ankara-backed Rebels Continue to Harass Civilians in Afrin: Monitor

BAS News - 2019-04-11 23:24
ERBIL - The Ankara-backed Syrian rebels continue to commit violence against civilians in the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northern Syria, while they have also arrested many residents, a human rights center said on Thursday. "The Syrian rebels and groups o ...

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested by UK police

Kurdiu - 2019-04-11 18:43

IS Logistic Man Arrested in Kala: Kurdish Security

BAS News - 2019-04-11 13:34
ERBIL — A man has been arrested in the Kurdish city of Kalar, south of Kurdistan Region, who was a member of the Islamic State (IS) and responsible for the group’s logistics in Kirkuk, security forces said. Head of press office at Garmiyan Directorate of ...
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