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Oil Industry’s Public Climate Denial Campaign Dates Back to at Least 1980, Nearly a Decade Earlier Than Previously Thought

John Bolton - 2021-01-15 19:49
Read time: 6 minsThe American Petroleum Institute (API), the leading oil and gas industry trade group, publicly pushed misleading information on climate change as early as 1980 – much earlier than previously thought – according to newly discovered archiva ...

At least 32 persons have been arrested in the last ten days

Kurdistan Human Rights Association - 2021-01-14 06:29
KMMK: According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e.V., at least 32 young people have been arrested by the The post At least 32 persons have been arrested in the last ten days appeared first on Kurdistan Human Rights Association. ...

KNK calls for urgent action for Kurdish activists detained in Iran

ANF - 2021-01-12 15:30
Urgent political, diplomatic and legal action directed at the Iranian regime is needed to protect the lives of at least 11 Kurdish activists and students who have been detained by IRGC in Iran. ...

At least 11 Kurdish activists, students arrested in Iran, their whereabouts unknown: monitors

Rûdaw - 2021-01-12 06:24

Snow storms bring deadly chaos to Japan

BBC - 2021-01-12 02:50
Japan is hit by severe snow storms, killing at least eight and bringing some regions to a standstill. ...

Eleven people detained in East Kurdistan in two days

ANF - 2021-01-11 12:16
Iranian state forces have detained at least 11 university students and civil society activists in the past two days in Eastern Kurdistan. ...

At Least 11 Kurdish Students and Civil Rights Activists Arrested by Security Forces

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2021-01-11 02:00
In the past two days, at least 11 Kurdish students and civil rights activists have been detained and taken to unknown locations by security forces in the cities of Karaj, Mahabad, Rabat… The post At Least 11 Kurdish Students and Civil Rights Activists Arr ...

Villages in Lice sealed off after military operation

ANF - 2021-01-10 16:06
In Lice near Amed, several villages have been sealed off by the Turkish military after fighting with Kurdish guerrillas. At least two civilians were abducted during a house raid; their whereabouts are unknown. ...

Turkish mercenaries kidnap 18 people in Afrin and Girê Spî in 10 days

ANF - 2021-01-10 12:37
The occupying Turkish state kidnapped at least 18 civilians in Afrin and Girê Spî in the last 10 days. ...

McConnell privately calling Trump officials begging them to hold off resigning at least tonight: report - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

Rawstory - 2021-01-07 20:25

Ankara police attack protest for Gülistan Doku

ANF - 2021-01-05 18:59
In Ankara, a rally marking the anniversary of the disappearance of Kurdish student Gülistan Doku was attacked by police. At least seventeen women, including two JinNews reporters, were forcibly detained. ...

At least 67 kolbers killed in 2020

ANF - 2021-01-05 09:56
Last year at least 67 kolbers were killed on the border area between Northern and Eastern Kurdistan. 59 of them were victims of extrajudicial executions carried out by security forces in Turkey and Iran. ...

More women killed as the new year begins

ANF - 2021-01-04 11:42
Killings and attacks on women continued in the first days of 2021. At least 6 women were killed. ...

17 Kurdish juveniles detained by Iranian security forces in 2020

ANF - 2021-01-03 18:46
​​​​​​​During 2020, at least 17 juveniles under the age of 18 in different cities of Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) were detained by the security agencies of the Islamic Republic of Iran on charges of political and religious activities. ...

At least 7 killed in knife attack in northeastern China, state media reports

Yahoo - 2021-01-03 06:08

Suspected Islamists kill 'at least 56 people' in Niger attacks

BBC - 2021-01-03 01:37
The government said soldiers had been sent to protect the area, close to Niger's border with Mali. ...

1 killed, 2 injured in South Austin drive-by shooting; at least 11 shot so far in New Year

Yahoo - 2021-01-02 22:49

Booby-trapped ISIS flag wounds Iraqi Kurdish security members

E-Kurd - 2021-01-02 18:36
SAID SADIQ, Iraqi Kurdistan,— At least two members of the Kurdish security forces were wounded on Saturday by an explosion near Bardarash village, southeast of Sulaimani city, in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, official said. A senior official in Said Sadiq said ...

300 women murdered in Turkey in 2020

ANF - 2021-01-02 18:03
According to the KCDP, at least 300 women were murdered by men in Turkey in 2020. In almost all cases, the perpetrator was from the closest circle of acquaintances. 171 other women were found dead in a suspicious manner. ...

10 major scenes overnight leave at least 3 dead, 11 injured

Yahoo - 2021-01-01 23:44

Children celebrate the New Year in embattled Ain Issa

ANF - 2021-01-01 10:58
In embattled Ain Issa, hospital workers hosted a New Year's celebration for children to at least bring some normalcy in the midst of the siege. ...

Iran executed 59 ethnic Kurds, killed 59 Kurdish cross-border porters in 2020: watchdog

E-Kurd - 2020-12-31 20:36
SNA, Iranian Kurdistan,— At least 59 ethnic Kurds were executed in Iranian prisons in 2020, Hengaw Organization for Human Rights said on Thursday. The organization, which closely monitors developments in Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhelat), released its yearly r ...

At Least 1 Person Of Interest Identified In Connection To Nashville Explosion

Yahoo - 2020-12-31 08:30

Syria attack: At least 28 killed in ambush on bus

BBC - 2020-12-31 01:49
A human rights monitor blamed Islamic State for the attack, saying all those killed were soldiers. ...

Yemen war: Deadly attack at Aden airport as new government arrives

BBC - 2020-12-31 01:25
At least 22 people are reportedly killed by an explosion near a plane carrying cabinet ministers. ...

Croatia earthquake: At least seven killed and 26 injured in 6.3-magnitude tremor | The Independent

Independent - 2020-12-30 09:31

Croatia earthquake: Rescuers search rubble for survivors

BBC - 2020-12-30 00:03
A powerful earthquake kills at least six people and tears down buildings in central Croatia. ...

RSF: At least 50 journalists killed in 2020

ANF - 2020-12-29 11:58
A total of 50 journalists were killed worldwide in 2020, said Reporters Without Borders. ...

Seven killed in knife attack in China's Liaoning province

BBC - 2020-12-28 01:15
At least seven people are killed in a stabbing frenzy in the city of Kaiyuan, with a suspect in custody. ...

At least 7 killed in knife attack in northeastern China

Yahoo - 2020-12-27 11:05

Monthly Report; At least 14 Kurdish Civilians and Activists Arrested

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2020-12-27 02:00
According to statistics compiled by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), at least 14 Kurdish civilians and activists have been arrested in the cities of Dehgolan, Divandereh, Sanandaj, Oshnavieh, Piranshahr, Islamabad-Qarb and… The post Monthly Repo ...

Monthly Report; Three Kolbars and Tradsmen Killed and Seven Others Wounded by the Iranian Military Forces

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2020-12-27 02:00
At least three Kurdish border porters–known as Kolbar- and Tradsmen called Siamak Karimi, Behzad Mohammadi and Farzad Saaduzadeh, were shot dead by the Iranian troops in the cities of Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province, Sistan… The post Monthly Report; Thr ...

Iran: Climbers die in blizzards and avalanche

BBC - 2020-12-27 00:45
At least 10 climbers are killed and seven others are missing in the Alborz mountains near Tehran. ...

HDP poverty report says 20 million people live under poverty line

ANF - 2020-12-26 11:46
The HDP Economy Commission's report revealed that 60 percent of the workforce earn the minimum wage or less in Turkey. "At least 20 million people live under the poverty line," ...

Crash in Peekskill leaves at least 1 dead

Yahoo - 2020-12-24 18:26

Another Bomb Train Accident Highlights Regulatory Failures

John Bolton - 2020-12-24 06:16
Read time: 6 minsA train carrying over 100 cars of volatile Bakken oil derailed in Washington state, causing the evacuation of the town of Custer. At least two of the train cars ruptured and the oil ignited and burned — reminding us once again why these d ...

Rav Arora’s narrative-destabilizing essay on ‘a peculiar kind of racist patriarchy’

AEI - 2020-12-23 00:04
Here are some excerpts from Rav Arora’s Quillette essay “A Peculiar Kind of Racist Patriarchy,” which includes my two charts above, and was at least partly inspired by those charts that were posted on Twitter recently: We are frequently told by commentato ...

At least two dead in Fiji after cyclone Yasa

Yahoo - 2020-12-18 13:55

UN: At least 120 migrants intercepted off Libya’s coast | Arab News

Arabnews - 2020-12-18 06:29

Big Name Climate Deniers Aren't Joining Conspiracy Theory-Friendly Parler — Yet

John Bolton - 2020-12-17 17:21
Read time: 12 minsParler is fast becoming a conservative echo-chamber but big name climate deniers don't seem to be abandoning mainstream social media for the fringe platform — at least not yet. Tags: Social Mediaclimate denial databaseclimate denialtwitt ...

Exclusive: Donald Trump's companies have sought visas to import at least 1,100 workers | Reuters

Reuters - 2020-12-12 19:41

Car Bomb Kills at Least 4 in Turkish-Controlled North Syria | Asharq AL-awsat

Aawsat - 2020-12-11 03:05

At least two Turkish soldiers among dead in Sari Kani car bombing

Rûdaw - 2020-12-10 19:06

Car bomb kills at least four in Turkish-controlled north Syria | Reuters

Reuters - 2020-12-10 18:25

Car bomb kills at least four in Turkish-controlled north Syria

Yahoo - 2020-12-10 16:24

The wounds of the Cizre massacre are still open

ANF - 2020-12-10 12:50
At least 288 people lost their life during the curfew in the northern Kurdish city of Cizre in 2015 and 2016. The bodies of 14 people are still missing. ...

At least 16 killed in Armenia-Azerbaijan border clashes | Armenia | The Guardian

The Guardian - 2020-12-10 02:25

At Least 27 Dead as Powerful Quake Hits Major Turkish City, Greek Islands | Voice of America - English

Voanews - 2020-12-09 17:34

Kurdistan crisis: At least two killed as anti-government protests spread across the region | Morning Star

Morningstaronline - 2020-12-08 18:57

At least 4 people reported dead in protests across Sulaimani province

Rûdaw - 2020-12-08 18:52

“At least, Biden will not criticize the Kurds for not fighting in Normandy!” – Interview with Zagros Hiwa, by Chris Den Hond & Mireille Court

Enstituya Kurdî ya Brukselê - 2020-12-08 17:53

San Joaquin Valley enacts stay-home order for at least 3 weeks

Yahoo - 2020-12-08 13:39

Protests spread in South Kurdistan

ANF - 2020-12-08 10:02
Protests against local government and political parties spread across South Kurdistan. Party buildings were set on fire in many cities, at least 2 people were killed, dozens were injured, and dozens were detained. ...

At least 18 Chinese miners killed in underground gas leak

Yahoo - 2020-12-05 13:53

Earthquake and Tsunami Kill at Least 30 in Turkey, Greece (VIDEO)

Newsy - 2020-12-04 21:14

Men kill 30 women in November

ANF - 2020-12-03 10:56
Men killed at least 30 women in November. Five of the women were killed by Turkish officials in uniform. ...

VOA60 World- At least two peoplekilled Tuesday when they were hit by a car in a pedestrian area of the western German city of Trier

Dengî Amerîka - 2020-12-01 20:01

Powerful earthquake strikes Turkey and Greece, killing at least 19 - CBS News

Cbsnews - 2020-12-01 07:03

At least 110 civilians killed in ‘gruesome’ Nigeria massacre

Yahoo - 2020-11-30 23:11

Sri Lanka prison riot leaves at least eight dead

Yahoo - 2020-11-30 19:38

Northeast Nigeria attack claimed at least 110 lives: UN | Arab News

Arabnews - 2020-11-30 00:38

At least 7 dead in weekend clashes between protesters, Sadr supporters in Nasiriyah

Rûdaw - 2020-11-29 22:26

Over 400 people detained since Erdogan announced judicial reforms

ANF - 2020-11-28 18:37
The Turkish president Erdogan announced judicial reforms a good two weeks ago. Since then, at least 415 opposition members have been arrested in their apartments and on the streets. ...

At least 1 killed, 1 injured in shooting at Arden Fair Mall, officials say

Yahoo - 2020-11-28 18:09

‘Callous’ dissident republican jailed for at least 22 years over officer death

Yahoo - 2020-11-28 01:51

Car bomb kills at least two Turkey-backed... |

Rûdaw - 2020-11-27 18:45

Heavy deployment of troops continues in Shengal

ANF - 2020-11-26 10:21
Following the agreement between the KDP and Baghdad on Shengal, large contingents of troops are being deployed to the region. At least 8,000 soldiers were deployed there within two days. ...

At least 40 killed in Brazil after bus and truck collide

Yahoo - 2020-11-26 07:16

Best evidence yet that COVID-19 immunity lasts at least 8 months after infection

Yahoo - 2020-11-25 21:03

Truck hits bus in southern Sudan, killing at least 9

Yahoo - 2020-11-25 18:40

Law firm quits at least one Trump case contesting ballots in Pennsylvania

Yahoo - 2020-11-25 00:20

Monthly Report; At Least 41 Kurdish Civilians and Activists Detained in Various Cities

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2020-11-24 02:03
According to statistics compiled by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), at least 41 Kurdish Civilians and activists have been detained by security forces in the last 30 days in the cities of Marivan,… The post Monthly Report; At Least 41 Kurdish Ci ...

Police: At least 2 dead in Calif. church stabbing

Yahoo - 2020-11-23 21:29

At least 246 women killed between January and October

ANF - 2020-11-22 11:46
The murders of women in Kurdistan and in the men-led government Turkey are increasing by the day. At least 246 women were murdered between January and October this year. ...

HRE: 9 mercenaries killed in Afrin

ANF - 2020-11-19 14:38
At least nine Turkish-backed jihadists were killed in three different actions by Afrin Liberation Forces. ...

The $540,000 camera in your pocket

AEI - 2020-11-18 00:01
Building the equivalent of today’s iPhone in 1991 would have cost at least $51 million — with $540,000 in cameras — a testament to the progress of American technology and innovation in the past 30 years. The post The $540,000 camera in your pocket appeare ...

At least six dead after suicide bomber attacks restaurant in Somali capital

Yahoo - 2020-11-17 14:53

At least 256 women killed in ten months in Turkey

ANF - 2020-11-15 09:05
At least 256 women died as a result of murder and at least 197 women died in suspicious circumstancesfrom January to October 2020. ...

Covid: Romania hospital blaze kills at least 10 infected patients

BBC - 2020-11-15 00:21
At least 10 die as oxygen used to treat the patients helps spread the fire in Piatra Neamt. ...

13/11/2020 Indian and Pakistani troops exchange fire, at least 15 dead

ESTA - 2020-11-13 19:02

At least 34 Turkish soldiers killed in air strikes in Syria's Idlib: Syrian Observatory | Reuters

Reuters - 2020-11-13 18:06

At least 368 workers died from coronavirus in Turkey

ANF - 2020-11-13 13:45
İSİG announced that at least 368 workers died in the 8-month period of the epidemic in Turkey. ...

Explosion kills at least two members of Iraqi security forces in Kirkuk

Rûdaw - 2020-11-09 22:53

HPG: Thirteen Turkish soldiers killed in Southern Kurdistan

ANF - 2020-11-07 18:10
According to HPG, at least thirteen Turkish soldiers died during guerrilla actions in the Avashin region of Southern Kurdistan. YJA Star commander Eylem Dilxwaz, who was injured in the course of the fighting, lost her life. ...

More victories from my efforts to advance civil rights and challenge systemic sexism in higher education

AEI - 2020-11-07 06:54
I was informed yesterday by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) that another of my (now) 244 complaints (probably the most ever filed by a single individual, at least for single-sex programs) alleging Title IX violations in higher ...

Over 22 thousand HDP members arrested since 2015

ANF - 2020-11-05 17:41
Since 2015, 22,321 HDP members have been arrested in Turkey and at least 10,000 are in prison. HDP MP Sezai Temelli explains that the HDP is nonetheless resolutely clinging to its perspective. ...

Vienna shooting: Deadly attack in Austria's capital

BBC - 2020-11-03 01:02
At least one person has been killed and several wounded after several shootings in the Austrian capital. ...

Ethiopia: Gunmen kill at least 32 people in Oromia state

BBC - 2020-11-03 00:34
Dozens of civilians are rounded up and killed, houses burned and livestock stolen, officials say. ...

At Least 51 Dead in Turkey, Greek Islands Earthquake | Voice of America - English

Voanews - 2020-11-02 00:36

Quebec stabbing: Two dead after attack by man in medieval clothes

BBC - 2020-11-02 00:30
Police confirm at least two people have died and say they have arrested a man in his mid-20s. ...

SOHR Reports at Least 107 Jihadist Mercenaries Killed in Nagorno-Karabakh Battles • MassisPost

Massispost - 2020-11-01 20:48

Death toll in İzmir earthquake rises to 64

ANF - 2020-11-01 19:35
A 7.0 magnitude earthquake has left several buildings demolished and at least 64 people dead in the province of İzmir, west of Turkey. ...

Iraq gas pipeline explosion kills at least two, injures dozens

Rûdaw - 2020-11-01 11:30

Victims of earthquake in Izmir increase, 43 dead, 896 injured

ANF - 2020-11-01 10:27
At least 43 people have lost their life in the earthquake that hit Izmir on Friday. ...

01/11/2020 Quebec stabbings leave at least two dead, five injured – reports

ESTA - 2020-11-01 10:19

At least 27 dead after earthquake hits Aegean Sea – POLITICO

Politico - 2020-11-01 02:00

Izmir earthquake leaves at least 24 dead, 743 injured

ANF - 2020-10-31 09:40
The number of people who lost their lives in the 6.9-magnitude earthquake in Izmir increased to 24, while the aftershocks continue. ...

At least 14 dead in earthquake in Izmir and Greece

ANF - 2020-10-30 21:53
At least 12 people died in Izmir and 2 in Greece following the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred in the east of the Aegean Sea. ...

Earthquake kills at least four people in İzmir

ANF - 2020-10-30 16:42
A 6.9 magnitude earthquake has left several buildings demolished and at least four people dead in the province of İzmir, west of Turkey. ...

At least 9 dead in Turkey after magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes northwest Iran

Nbcnews - 2020-10-29 08:58
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