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HDP attacker tells authorities he 'would have shot others too’ | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2021-06-18 16:39

Moscow authorities make COVID-19 vaccination compulsory for some workers

Yahoo - 2021-06-16 13:08

Iraqi Kurdish authorities must end 'chilling' protest crackdown, Amnesty International says

Alaraby - 2021-06-15 19:42

Orumiyeh prison authorities put Kurdish prisoners in solitary confinement

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2021-06-15 02:01
Authorities in Orumiyeh Central Prison have transferred Kurdish political prisoners Shaker Behrouz and Keyhan Mokarram, who went on hunger strike on 13 June, to solitary confinement on the same day. Shaker Behrouz, who was sentenced to the death penalty f ...

Left Party: German authorities must not become Erdogan's henchmen

ANF - 2021-06-13 13:35
The Left Party is outraged by the prevention of the delegation trip of #Delegation4Peace from Germany to South Kurdistan. "German authorities must not become Erdogan's henchmen," the party executive said. ...

Hakan Taş detained for hours at Hewler Airport

ANF - 2021-06-12 20:12
Berlin-based left-wing politician Hakan Taş has been detained for 15 hours by KDP security authorities at Hewler Airport. He was reportedly told to stay out of "certain things." "I felt psychologically pressured," he said. ...

Statement of the peace delegation banned from leaving Germany for South Kurdistan

ANF - 2021-06-12 15:33
At the instigation of the German government, a peace delegation in Düsseldorf has been banned from leaving the country for Hewlêr. The initiative describes the actions of German authorities as active support for Turkey's war in South Kurdistan. ...

Syrian Kurds hand IS relatives to Dutch authorities

Bangkokpost - 2021-06-12 02:46

Prisoners continue hunger strike as authorities disregard their demands

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2021-06-11 02:01
Prisoners Mikaeil Moeini and Azad Saeidi continue the hunger strikes they started due to the disregard of the Bukan Prison authorities to their demands. Reportedly, Moeini’s health condition is worrying on the 26th day of his hunger strike. Sources have t ...

Damascus bound: Stateless Kurdish man faces deportation from Denmark to the Syrian capital Danish authorities want to send Isa Kali to Syrian capital, where conscription almost certainly awaits June 9, 2021

The National AE - 2021-06-10 06:38

Kyrgyz authorities should investigate disappearance of Orhan İnandı: HRW - Stockholm Center for Freedom

Stockholmcf - 2021-06-09 19:00

Authorities in Erbil, Sulaimani crack down on illegal wildlife trade

Kurdistan24 - 2021-06-09 04:01

Kenyan authorities accused of helping Turkey capture relative of Fethullah Gulen | The National

Thenationalnews - 2021-06-09 01:05

Canada truck attack: Muslim family victims named

BBC - 2021-06-09 01:03
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned Sunday's attack as authorities weigh terrorism charges. ...

Sulaimani local authorities launch campaign to end illegal hunting of wild birds, animals

Rûdaw - 2021-06-08 19:16

Syrian Kurds hand four IS group relatives to Dutch authorities

MSN - 2021-06-06 17:58

Iraqi authorities forcibly return IDPs despite security risks, slow reconstruction pace: New report | Mirage News

Miragenews - 2021-06-06 16:16

Iraq's government says Kurdish authorities have taken advantage of ISIS' invasion to take over oil facilities

PRI - 2021-06-06 06:17

Syrian Kurds Hand ISIS Relatives to Dutch Authorities | Asharq AL-awsat

Aawsat - 2021-06-06 03:10

Syrian Kurds hand four IS group relatives to Dutch authorities - France 24

France24 - 2021-06-06 00:37

Syrian Kurds hand Islamic State relatives to Dutch authorities

E-Kurd - 2021-06-06 00:14
QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— Syria’s Kurds on Saturday handed four relatives of Islamic State group fighters, including three children, to Dutch diplomats for repatriation, a thorny issue for authorities in the Netherlands. The group consisted of a Dutch ...

Commissioner for Human Rights,: "Slovenian authorities should halt the deterioration of freedom of expression and media freedom" - News about the protection of journalism and safety of journalists

COE - 2021-06-05 07:26

Syria Kurds to hand IS relatives to Dutch authorities

Alaraby - 2021-06-05 02:41

VOA60 World- Hong Kong authorities sealed off a park where many thousands gather annually to commemorate China's 1989 Tiananmen crackdown

Dengî Amerîka - 2021-06-04 22:03

Rojava authorities temporarily suspend ... |

Rûdaw - 2021-06-04 00:13

People of Batîfa and Keşan protest Turkish occupation attacks

ANF - 2021-06-03 11:19
The Turkish state is bombing civilian areas during the military attacks it is carrying out in South Kurdistan. The people of Batîfa and Keşan protested the silence of the South Kurdish authorities. ...

Kyrgyz protestors demand authorities locate missing educator - Stockholm Center for Freedom

Stockholmcf - 2021-06-03 00:04

Rojava authorities blame foreign powers for... |

Rûdaw - 2021-06-01 23:52

Authorities blame alleged drunk driver for deadly multi-car crash in Hempstead

Yahoo - 2021-06-01 06:07

France manhunt for armed ex-soldier who fired on police

BBC - 2021-05-31 00:05
Authorities tell residents to stay indoors as police hunt for the man who opened fire on police. ...

Iranian authorities harassed, abused families of Flight 752 victims : Human Rights Watch

Rûdaw - 2021-05-28 01:06

As Syrians vote in regime areas, Kurdish authorities close crossings - Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East

Al Monitor - 2021-05-27 18:15

Man, 43, rescued by divers in Calumet River, authorities say

Yahoo - 2021-05-27 18:05

Lawyers Walk Out Of Turkish Court At Pro-Kurdish Party Members’ Trial, Alleging Further Abuse By Turkish Authorities To Harm The Party And Crush Dissent – The Organization for World Peace

Theowp - 2021-05-27 14:26

Why Kurdish authorities in northeast Syria canceled fuel price hikes - Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East

Al Monitor - 2021-05-26 07:55

CPJ urges Iran to release journalist Najaf Mehdipour

ANF - 2021-05-25 09:34
Iranian authorities must immediately release journalist Najaf Mehdipour, known as Kaveh, and stop arbitrarily arresting members of the press, the Committee to Protect Journalists said. ...

Minsk’s shameful kidnapping of an opposition journalist

AEI - 2021-05-25 00:06
A Ryanair flight was forced to land in Minsk, and an opposition journalist on board was detained by the Belarusian authorities. This shocking incident is yet another example of grayzone aggression, where an unscrupulous country can inflict damage without ...

Forest in Dersim still on fire

ANF - 2021-05-24 12:34
The forest fire caused by the operation of the Turkish soldiers in Dersim has not yet been brought under control as authorities did not intervene. ...

Forest Dersim still on fire

ANF - 2021-05-24 12:18
The forest fire caused by the operation of the Turkish soldiers in Dersim has not yet been brought under control as authorities did not intervene. ...

Turkish Organized Crime Boss: Young Female Journalist Found Dead In 2019 Had Reported To Authorities That AKP MP Had Raped Her | MEMRI

Memri - 2021-05-22 18:26

Authorities launch hate crime investigation in California restaurant brawl

Yahoo - 2021-05-22 06:14

Following protests, Kurdish-led authorities in northeast Syria overturn fuel price increase

Kurdistan24 - 2021-05-20 02:11

Kurdish woman writer, political prisoner goes on hunger strike in Tehran

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2021-05-20 02:04
Kurdish woman political prisoner Mozhgan Kavousi has gone on a hunger strike on 16 May in Evin Prison of Tehran to protest against the discretionary treatments towards prisoners by prison authorities and… The post Kurdish woman writer, political prisoner ...

Supporting Assad’s election campaign in Suwayda costs tens of millions

NPA Syria - 2021-05-19 19:09
Nowadays, #Suwayda is witnessing activities in support of the current president, Bashar al-Assad, supported by #Baath Party branch and the security authorities. The post Supporting Assad’s election campaign in Suwayda costs tens of millions appeared first ...

Settlers in Syria’s Ras al-Ain protest against poor service situation

NPA Syria - 2021-05-17 21:25
Settlers in #Syria's Sere Kaniye demanded the resignation of officials in the local council established by Turkish authorities in the city while chanting slogans accusing them of corruption. The post Settlers in Syria’s Ras al-Ain protest against poor ser ...

Racist attack in Mersin

ANF - 2021-05-14 12:27
A family going from South Kurdistan to Mersin was attacked by Turkish racists for being Kurdish. Two people were injured, one of them seriously. The assailants have been identified, but the authorities remained silence. ...

Politicians in Syria’s Manbij call for pressure on Turkey over water

NPA Syria - 2021-05-13 13:56
Politicians from #Manbij called on the international community and relevant authorities to stop the recent Turkish water cutoff to millions in northeast #Syria. The post Politicians in Syria’s Manbij call for pressure on Turkey over water appeared first o ...

Turkmen Authorities Slammed For 'Threatening' Relatives Of Exiled Dissidents

Rferl - 2021-05-13 13:53

UN slams Iraqi Kurdistan for ‘intimidating’ journalists, activists

E-Kurd - 2021-05-13 02:03
BAGHDAD,— The UN on Wednesday accused authorities in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region of intimidating and arbitrarily detaining journalists and activists. “Over the last year, journalists, human rights activists and protesters who questioned or criticis ...

UN criticises Iraqi Kurds for 'intimidating' journalists World body accuses Kurdistan regional authorities of intimidation, harassment and arbitrary detention May 12, 2021

The National AE - 2021-05-13 00:27

78 bar associations in Turkey endorse the Istanbul Convention

ANF - 2021-05-12 14:05
"The duty of the state is to protect the rights and lives of individuals, to eliminate inequality and discrimination and to provide a non-violent environment and the right to life. We urge the authorities to revoke the withdrawal decision," said 78 bars. ...

Security authorities threaten and arrest clothing sellers in Syria’s Damascus

NPA Syria - 2021-05-11 14:51
DAMASCUS, Syria (North Press) – On Monday evening, government security forces in the town of Sahnaya, near Syria’s Damascus, launched a campaign against clothing stalls on the main road in the town. Patrol officers forced the owners of the stalls to packa ...

Prison authorities deny woman political prisoner of medical treatment

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2021-05-11 02:02
Woman political prisoner Somayeh Ghoreishi who suffers from a heart condition and is imprisoned in Orumiyeh Central Prison, has been denied the right to medical treatment and medical leave due to the… The post Prison authorities deny woman political priso ...

Armenian Church condemns cultural genocide perpetrated by Azerbaijani authorities – Public Radio of Armenia

Armradio - 2021-05-05 14:44

Iraqi Kurdistan appeals court upholds jail sentences for activists, journalists

E-Kurd - 2021-05-05 11:56
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan region,— An appeals court in Iraqi Kurdistan on Tuesday upheld six-year jail sentences for five journalists and activists, after a trial criticised by rights groups. Authorities in the autonomous region said the five men “had ...

Despite truce, Kurdish authorities in Qamishli fear return of Syrian government-affiliated forces - Al Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East

Al Monitor - 2021-05-04 18:14

On World Press Freedom Day, 10 Rights Groups Call On Iraqi Kurdistan Authorities To Stop Violations Against Journalists | Scoop News

Scoop - 2021-05-04 06:24

Journalists in Syria’s Raqqa.. between hard work and challenges

NPA Syria - 2021-05-03 22:45
The press in #Syria has suffered for decades from challenges, most of which were linked to the censorship of the security authorities and the failure to allow the appearance of professional media. The post Journalists in Syria’s Raqqa.. between hard work ...

Iraqi authorities nab Islamic State 'governor' of Fallujah - Al Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East

Al Monitor - 2021-05-03 20:41

Xinjiang Authorities Detain Uyghur Turkish Nationals Who ‘Witnessed Government Crimes’: Daughter — Radio Free Asia

RFA - 2021-05-01 21:07

Syria’s Kurds hand over 92 Islamic State women and children to Uzbekistan

E-Kurd - 2021-04-30 21:08
QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— Kurdish authorities in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava), northeast Syria, on Friday handed over 92 Uzbek women and children suspected of family ties to the Islamic State group to an Uzbekistan delegation for repatriation. An Uzbek fo ...

PACE calls on Turkish authorities ‘to put an end to laws and practices that contravene democratic standards’ - Newsroom

COE - 2021-04-30 13:47

Turkish authorities must cease all actions aimed at criminalizing independent reporting: Council of Europe - Stockholm Center for Freedom

Stockholmcf - 2021-04-29 21:36

Kurdish authorities refuse to take part in Syrian presidential elections - Al Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East

Al Monitor - 2021-04-28 19:22

Woman urges Turkish authorities to release sick husband

ANF - 2021-04-27 15:07
Firuze Polat, wife of prisoner Ayhan Polat who has been jailed for 4 years in Van F-Type Prison, has called on Turkish authorities to release his sick husband. ...

CPJ calls for release of ANF reporter detained in Sulaymaniyah

ANF - 2021-04-27 14:26
“We call on local authorities to immediately release Rebaz Hassan without charge and allow journalists and media outlets to do their job freely and without fear of retaliation,” said CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa representative. ...

Iraqi Kurdistan’s PUK security forces arrest ANF reporter Rebaz Hassan: CPJ

E-Kurd - 2021-04-27 13:09
NEW YORK,— The Committee to Protect Journalists on Monday called on Kurdish authorities in the northeastern city of Sulaimani in Iraqi Kurdistan, to immediately release Rebaz Hassan, a reporter for the pro-Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Firat News Agency ...

Q&A: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution | Human Rights Watch

HRW - 2021-04-27 09:17

Covid-19 in India: Visual guide to the crisis

BBC - 2021-04-27 01:31
Maps, charts and graphics explaining what is happening and what the authorities are doing about it. ...

Turkish authorities reject application of Kolbar's family tortured to death to recover his body

ANF - 2021-04-24 11:34
Soldiers in Çaldıran Beydoğan Police Station tortured to death Kurdish kolbar Hasan Keçelanlu, and left Behnam Samadi seriously wounded. The application filed by Keçelanlu's family to recover his body have not accepted by the Turkish state. ...

Iraqi Kurdistan journalists’ trial was flawed, HRW says

E-Kurd - 2021-04-23 17:43
BEIRUT,— A court in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq sentenced three journalists and two activists to six years in prison on February 16, 2021, in deeply flawed proceedings, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday. The authorities continue to hold two other peopl ...

Turkish authorities deny inmate battling cancer for 7 years release from prison - Stockholm Center for Freedom

Stockholmcf - 2021-04-21 09:22

HALO Trust’s demining efforts in Baiji, Iraq

The Global Coalition - 2021-04-21 06:14
Baiji was one of the most risky places in Iraq due to the contamination of 36,000 hectares with explosive hazards. Learn how HALO worked with local authorities and partners to clear the area and make it more possible for Iraqis to go back and rebuild the ...

Syrian Kurds hand over 34 Islamic State orphans to Russia

E-Kurd - 2021-04-19 13:06
QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— Kurdish authorities in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava), northeast Syrian, Sunday handed over 34 orphaned children, whose parents were suspected of belonging to the Islamic State group, to a Russian delegation to be repatriated. The ...

Autonomous Administration issues new warning to comply with lockdown

ANF - 2021-04-17 11:26
Despite the increasing coronavirus cases in the Euphrates Region, people are still not complying with the decisions taken by the authorities which warned once again of the risk of a humanitarian disaster. ...

Indigenous Communities March For Justice A Year On From Devastating Amazon Oil Spill

John Bolton - 2021-04-17 06:46
Hundreds of Indigenous activists took to the streets in Ecuador this week to demand justice on the one-year anniversary of the country’s worst oil spill in 15 years. Demonstrators marched through the Amazonian city of Coca to call on authorities to take r ...

Urgent call from Rojava authorities to prevent COVID-19 'catastrophe'

Rûdaw - 2021-04-12 20:22

Özdemir: German authorities and politics must finally take danger seriously!

ANF - 2021-04-11 17:45
Left-wing politician Cansu Özdemir has condemned the fascist attack on the Hamburg ADGB rally and called on authorities and politicians to finally take the danger posed by "Grey Wolves" seriously instead of ignoring and downplaying it. ...

Turkish authorities arrest 6 women’s rights activists in Diyarbakır - Stockholm Center for Freedom

Stockholmcf - 2021-04-10 19:02

Pen demanded the immediate release of Selahattin Demirtaş

Kurdistan Human Rights Association - 2021-04-10 18:31
KMMK: 7 April 2021 – The Turkish authorities must urgently abide by the European Court of Human Rights’ ruling of The post Pen demanded the immediate release of Selahattin Demirtaş appeared first on Kurdistan Human Rights Association. ...

UNHCR criticizes Denmark policy towards Syrian refugees

NPA Syria - 2021-04-10 13:56
QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – The Danish authorities have come under new criticism for denying Syrian refugees residence permits to consider the situation “safe” in Damascus, on a path that the United Nations said lacks justification. “The UNHCR does no ...

Iraq, Kurdistan urge people to get vaccinated against coronavirus amid weak turnout

E-Kurd - 2021-04-10 12:57
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan region,— Health authorities in both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region have urged citizens to register for a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine as the number of cases continues to climb. Hassan Khalati, a member of the Iraqi parliamen ...

La France Insoumise: France should end complacency towards Turkey

ANF - 2021-04-10 12:13
La France Insoumise calls on French authorities to lift the defense secrecy on the Paris killings. ...

Indigenous Communities March For Justice A Year On From Devastating Amazon Oil Spill

John Bolton - 2021-04-09 21:19
Hundreds of Indigenous activists took to the streets in Ecuador this week to demand justice on the one-year anniversary of the country’s worst oil spill in 15 years. Demonstrators marched through the Amazonian city of Coca to call on authorities to take r ...

Reintegrating Salah Al-Din’s IDPs

The Global Coalition - 2021-04-09 20:19
As Daesh wrought death and destruction through Salah Al-Din Governorate in 2014, they tried to destroy the region’s social fabric, pit neighbour against neighbour and erode its residents’ trust in the lawful municipal authorities. Daesh’s onslaught force ...

Burned ‘remains of a human’ found in New Jersey brush fire: authorities

Yahoo - 2021-04-08 09:07

Şenyaşar family continues justice vigil in front of the Urfa Courthouse

ANF - 2021-04-06 19:28
Şenyaşar family has been seeking “Justice” for 29 days. The family said, “A crime against humanity has been committed in Suruç State Hospital. The authorities continue to cover up the incident". ...

CFWIJ demands immediate release of journalist Beritan Özer

ANF - 2021-04-05 19:25
“We urge Turkish authorities to end the attacks against reporters. Journalism is not a crime,” said a statement published by CFWIJ on Monday. ...

Prison authorities prevent critically ill prisoner of full treatment, ‘endanger’ his health

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2021-04-05 02:01
Kurdish political prisoner Kamal Sharifi, who had previously suffered a heart attack, has been taken to the Payambar Azam Medical and Research Complex in southern Bandar Abbas on 7 March. After undergoing… The post Prison authorities prevent critically il ...

Suez Canal blockage by Ever Given may cost up to $1bn, say canal authorities | The Independent

Independent - 2021-04-04 07:48

Turkish scholar at French university stranded in Istanbul after authorities refuse to return passport - Stockholm Center for Freedom

Stockholmcf - 2021-04-03 17:37

Iraq’s Shengal witnesses calm as government deadline ends

NPA Syria - 2021-04-02 08:29
The deadline the Iraqi authorities gave to influential parties to dissolve independent factions and security forces in #Shengal and deploy the Iraqi army in exchange ended. The post Iraq’s Shengal witnesses calm as government deadline ends appeared first ...

Egypt’s claims bill for Ever Given ship’s Suez blockage may hit $1bn: Canal authorities | Arab News

Arabnews - 2021-04-02 02:04

Libya authorities release 120 captured pro-Haftar fighters | Arab News

Arabnews - 2021-04-01 03:05

Turkish authorities launch investigation against pro-Kurdish MP over militant links

Yahoo - 2021-03-30 23:19

Turkish authorities protect murderers in Şenyaşar case

ANF - 2021-03-30 20:24
Şenyaşar family's lawyers maintained that the Turkish judiciary and institutions acted in favour of the murderers. ...

The Turkish voters reject it die Decision of the authorities to close a party - Asume Tech

Asumetech - 2021-03-30 16:56

Syria's Kurds snare senior ISIS recruiter in refugee camp search Mobile phones and military uniforms seized as authorities crack down on extremist activities in Al Hol March 29, 2021

The National AE - 2021-03-29 18:44

Health authorities escalate their warnings as coronavirus crosses a new threshold in Kurdistan

Kurdistan24 - 2021-03-27 15:44

At least 32 killed in Egypt train crash

BBC - 2021-03-27 00:05
Authorities are investigating after two passenger trains collided in the central province of Sohag. ...
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