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The Latest: 2 US troops, 2 US civilians dead in Syria blast

Tribtown - 2019-01-17 01:57

Civilians, US troops killed in blast in northern Syria

Al Jazeera - 2019-01-16 19:35
Suicide bomber strikes area near a US-led coalition patrol in the Kurdish-held Syrian town of Manbij. ...

US-Led Coalition Strikes Kill 14 Civilians In East Syria: Monitor

NDTV - 2019-01-16 14:01

Syria will ‘go all the way’ in Idlib offensive as UN envoy offers to help civilians leave | Arab News

Arabnews - 2019-01-15 23:46

Syria regime strikes kill 6 civilians in south Damascus, war monitor says | Arab News

Arabnews - 2019-01-15 21:49

UN concerned about civilians fleeing Hajin after 7 children die

Rûdaw - 2019-01-15 20:58
Thousands of civilians have fled ISIS territory in past month ...

Nine civilians killed by Houthi bombardment south of Hodeidah | Arab News

Arabnews - 2019-01-15 13:41

US civilians and veterans leave home for Isis fight with help from social media | World news | The Guardian

The Guardian - 2019-01-14 13:58

Pentagon: U.S. military strikes killed 1,114 civilians since 2014 in Iraq, Syria -

UPI - 2019-01-14 11:40

Iraqi Court Sentences Seven People to Death on Terror Charges

BAS News - 2019-01-13 21:46
ERBIL - A court in the Iraqi province of Dhi Qar sentenced on Sunday seven people to death after they were found guilty of committing terrorist activities against the security forces and civilians in the country. The sentences were issued by the Criminal ...

IS Frees Three Kurdish Captives after Ransom Paid

BAS News - 2019-01-12 12:35
ERBIL — Three Kurdish civilians kidnapped by the Islamic State (IS) in Tuz Khurmatu have been freed after a huge ransom was paid, an official said. Earlier in December, the IS militants kidnapped four people from Parapara village on the outskirt of Tuz K ...

Car Bomb Kills, Wounds over a Dozen in Western Iraq

BAS News - 2019-01-11 12:31
ERBIL — A car bomb rocked the town of Qa’im in western Iraq on Friday, leaving several people, including civilians, killed and wounded. According to police sources, the bombing hit a local market in Qai’m, near Iraq’s border with Syria and it killed at l ...

Reconstructing Al-Iman mosque in Raqqa city

SDF Press - 2019-01-10 17:58
Many mosques were fully and partly destroyed in Raqqa city as a result of the clashes that it witnessed, using civilians as human shield The terrorist organization, in last days of battles, used mosques as platform to ask for Al- Jihad _ as they called _v ...

Two Kurdish Civilians Arrested in Hewraman by IRGC Intelligence Department

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-01-10 02:00
Two Kurdish Civilians, Aram Adwayi and Borhan Advaeian from the village of Celin, were arrested by the Intelligence Department of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Saravabad and were taken to an unknown place. Another civilian from the aforement ...

8 foreign Daesh terrorists planning to attack civilians captured

ANF - 2019-01-09 15:08
A group of terrorists of different nationalities that had been planning the mentioned attack were captured and put under long-term technical and physical surveillance by YPG forces. ...

Mines engineering in Raqqa city

SDF Press - 2019-01-08 23:05
“the mines engineering teams”, affiliated to the security internal forces in Raqqa city, is doing great efforts to maintain the civilians’ security. However, the mines engineering teams are working in demining the planted mines, explosive cars and devices ...

The emergency teams and ambulance in Raqqa city

SDF Press - 2019-01-08 18:10
Raqqa_ the emergency teams, affiliated to the internal security forces in Raqqa city, made great efforts to help civilians and protect them from catastrophes, via offering first aid, dealing with the emergency states such as injuries, heart attacks and pr ...

Car Bomb Kills Two Iraqi Officers in Tikrit

BAS News - 2019-01-08 14:40
ERBIL — At least two Iraqi police officers were killed on Tuesday after a car bomb went off in Tikrit, Salahaddin’s provincial capital city. Cited by Reuters, a medical source said five civilians were also injured in the attack. The car bomb occurred at ...

IS Kills Five, Wounds Several in Syria's Raqqa

BAS News - 2019-01-07 23:47
ERBIL - A suicide bomb attack by Islamic State (IS) killed on Monday a Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) fighter and four civilians, while leaving several others wounded in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa. According to a statement by the S ...

Bab Military Council Commander: Turkish attacks target civilians

ANF - 2019-01-07 13:56
Bab Military Council Commander said Turkish army and mercenaries are targeting villages inhabited by civilians and vowed to protect the people. ...

SDF rescues hundreds of civilians from ISIS

ANF - 2019-01-07 10:01
The offensive "Cizirê Storm" against the last ISIS structures in northeastern Syria continues. ...

Russian Airstrikes Kill, Wound 12 Civilians in Syria's Aleppo

BAS News - 2019-01-05 20:00
ERBIL - Russian jets have killed or wounded 12 civilians in the province of Aleppo in northern Syria, local sources said on Saturday. The locals, who talked on condition of anonymity, said that the air raids were carried out overnight on Friday in the ar ...

US-led coalition’s airstrike kills 17 civilians near Syria’s Hajin

Nation - 2019-01-04 14:15

SDF rescues 700 more civilians from ISIS captivity

ANF - 2019-01-04 11:21
SDF fighters have rescued more civilians in their ongoing fight against ISIS in Hajin operation. ...

UNAMI Reveals Casualty Figures for Last Month

BAS News - 2019-01-03 22:26
ERBIL - United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has revealed the casualty figures for last month, according to which, Mosul was the worst affected province. It explained in a statement that seven civilians were killed in Mosul, while 19 more w ...

More Kurdish Civilians Arrested by Iranian Security Agents

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2018-12-31 02:01
Over past few days, two Kurdish civilians of Kamyaran and Sanandaj have been arrested by security forces and transferred to an unknown location while three civilians from Piranshahr and Oshnavieh (Shno in Kurdish), who were previously arrested, are still ...

Four Detained Kurdish Civilians Released on Bail

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2018-12-30 02:00
Four kurdish civilians from Saravabad, who had been detained by IRGC forces, were temporarily released on bail. Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that four detained civilians, Hamid Ahmadi, Zanyar Moradi, Ansar Adawi and Fardin Adawi ...

US, YPG/PKK kill 165 Syrian civilians in three months: NGO | Infosurhoy

Infosurhoy - 2018-12-29 23:47

Eight Kurdish Civilians Still Held at IRGC Intelligence Detention Centre

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2018-12-28 02:01
Four civilians from the villages of Celin and Degaga of Sarvabad and four other from Piranshahr, all arrested by Intelligence Department of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) over the past two weeks, are still in the custody of this security institu ...

Thousands of civilians flee ISIS in Deir ez-Zor: monitor

Rûdaw - 2018-12-27 23:53
Over 11,000 civilians have fled ISIS' grip in December ...

Thousands of civilians flee ISIS in Deir ez-Zor: monitor

Gulan Media - 2018-12-27 23:27

SDF rescues over 11.000 civilians in two weeks

ANF - 2018-12-27 12:41
According to the SOHR, the number of civilians fleeing ISIS gangs in Hajin has increased. Over 11.000 civilians have fled and sought refuge with the SDF in the last two weeks. ...

Occupation forces kidnap three civilians in Afrin

ANF - 2018-12-26 21:36
More reports of atrocities against civilians in Afrin. ...

YPG/PKK car bombing kills 4 civilians in Syria’s Afrin – Brinkwire

Brinkwire - 2018-12-26 15:35

Three Civilians Killed, Wounded in a Tribal Dispute in Anbar

BAS News - 2018-12-25 22:09
ERBIL - At least three civilians were either killed or wounded on Tuesday in a tribal dispute in the Iraqi province of Anbar, a security source said. Talking to Almaalomah news website, the sour explained that a number of civilians went into trouble usin ...

IS Militants Kidnap 18 Civilians in North of Iraq

BAS News - 2018-12-25 13:58
ERBIL — The Islamic State (IS) militants overnight on Monday attacked two villages in Kirkuk province and kidnapped at least 18 residents. Spokesperson for Kirkuk Police, Afrasyaw Kamil, confirmed the report to BasNews and revealed that the group kidnapp ...

Car Bomb Kills, Wounds Several Civilians in Tel Afar

BAS News - 2018-12-25 12:22
ERBIL — A vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) went off on Tuesday in central Tel Afar in northern Iraq, killing at least three people. According media reports, the blast also left 12 others injured. No groups or organizations have yet claim ...

More civilians rescued in Deir ez-Zor

ANF - 2018-12-25 12:07
SDF fighters engaged in the Operation Cizire Storm Phase to End Terror have rescued thousands of civilians in the region from ISIS gangs. ...

SDF fears Turkish attacks in Syria could endanger over 4 million civilians

Kurdistan24 - 2018-12-25 08:24

Over 1,000 More Civilians Escape IS-held Areas East of Syria

BAS News - 2018-12-24 13:31
ERBIL — Another 1,000 civilians, mostly children, women and elderly people, escaped the Islamic State (IS) held areas on Sunday in the Syrian eastern province of Deir ez-Zor, a monitoring group said. Despite the announcement of US troops’ withdrawal from ...

Turkish jets bomb civilian residential areas

ANF - 2018-12-24 13:25
Turkish fighter jets have bombed civilian residential areas. Two civilians were wounded in the attack and the villagers suffered damages to their orchards and groves. There were no guerrillas harmed in the attacks. ...

ISIS abducts hundreds of civilians in east Syria - The National

Thenational - 2018-12-24 02:39

Syria: Raqqa in ruins and civilians devastated after US-led ‘war of annihilation’ | Amnesty International

Amnesty - 2018-12-23 15:31

SDF rescues over a thousand civilians in Hajin

ANF - 2018-12-23 15:06
SDF fighters have rescued more civilians in their ongoing fight against ISIS in Hajin operation. ...

US-led coalition kills 41 civilians in Syria mosque bombing – Middle East Monitor

Middleeastmonitor - 2018-12-23 13:09

US-led coalition denies reports it killed dozens of civilians in Syria | The Times of Israel

Timesofisrael - 2018-12-23 06:17

6,000 civilians trapped by ISIS in Hajin, UN warns

Rûdaw - 2018-12-21 22:13
'Intense fighting' makes access to civilians 'very challenging': UN ...

BCF Sends Aid to Flood Affected Civilians in Kurdistan's Soran

BAS News - 2018-12-21 21:52
ERBIL - The Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) delivered humanitarian aid on Friday to the civilians affected by flood in Soran district of Erbil province. Talking to BasNews, Emad Kan'an, head of the Civil Defense Corps in Soran, said that the recent heav ...

Turkish state abducts civilians in Afrin

ANF - 2018-12-21 15:01
The Turkish state and their gangs continue to abduct people in Afrin center and its villages. ...

YPG/PKK automobile bombing kills four civilians in Syria’s Afrin | Infosurhoy

Infosurhoy - 2018-12-20 21:36

YPG/PKK automotive bombing kills four civilians in Syria’s Afrin | Infosurhoy

Infosurhoy - 2018-12-20 02:21

Two Kurdish Civilians Arrested by IRGC Intelligence Unit

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2018-12-19 02:00
Two Civilians from the village of Celin of Saravabad, Marivan, were telephone summoned and arrested by the Intelligence Department of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Saravabad and were taken to one of the security detention facilities. Kurdist ...

Mosul: IS Arrests, Executes Three Civilians

BAS News - 2018-12-18 21:04
ERBIL - Islamic State (IS) insurgents killed on Tuesday three Iraqi civilians in western Mosul province, a security source said. The source explained in an interview with Baghdad Today that the incident occurred in the village of al-Obour, in western Mos ...

3 civilians killed by Turkish airstrikes in Shengal laid to rest

ANF - 2018-12-18 20:29
Three civilians from Kobanê who were killed by Turkish airstrikes on Shengal on December 13, were laid to rest in Kobanê. ...

Harassment of Travellers by Security Police Officers at Kamyaran & Kermanshah Borders

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2018-12-18 02:01
Over the past few months, harassment of civilians by security police officers at Kamyaran and Kermanshah has raised protest of some citizens. A civilian who was harassed at the Qazanchi checkpoint in Kermanshah told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) t ...

Two Kurdish Civilians Arrested by Security Forces in Marivan

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2018-12-18 02:01
Iranian Security Forces arrested at least two Kurdish civilians in Marivan and transferred to an unknown location on Thursday, December 13. Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that security forces in the Marivan industrial town raided ...

YBŞ: We will not bow to the Turkish state’s attacks

ANF - 2018-12-17 14:07
According to YBŞ figures, three civilians were killed in the Turkish army's air raid on Shengal last week. ...

Car bomb kills 8 people in Turkey-occupied Syria’s Kurdish Afrin city: monitor

E-Kurd - 2018-12-16 19:19
BEIRUT,— A car bomb killed at least eight people including four civilians near a pro-Turkey Syrian fighters post in the northern Syrian Kurdish city of Afrin on Sunday, a British-based war monitor said. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it was ...

Reconnaissance aircraft flying over Makhmur

ANF - 2018-12-15 14:07
Reports of reconnaissance activity over Makhmur following the Turkish air raid which killed four civilians. ...

Nine-year-old Child Killed, Seven Civilians Injured by Gunman in Kirkuk

BAS News - 2018-12-14 21:40
ERBIL - A nine-year-old child was killed on Friday by a gunman in the disputed Kurdish province of Kirkuk, local police reported, adding that seven other civilians were injured in the same incident. Talking to BasNews, Afrasiyaw Kamil, a spokesperson for ...

400 more civilians rescued in Hajin and Shaifa

ANF - 2018-12-14 21:27
SDF fighters are freeing more civilians from ISIS as they continue their advance to defeat terrorism. ...

Iran Security Forces Arrest More Kurdish Civilians

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2018-12-14 02:01
Iranian Security Forces arrested at least 3 Kurdish civilians in Sanandaj and Diwandareh and transferred to an unknown location. Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that a civilian from Sanandaj, Homayoun Bahmani was arrested on Saturd ...

Syria: TV, Kurdish forces free civilians from ISIS - Syria -

Ansamed - 2018-12-13 19:38

Iraq’s Green Zone opens to civilians after 15 years

Kurdiu - 2018-12-11 19:31

Kurdish Self- Management forces arrested civilians from the same family in Raqqa city, on December 10 - Syrian Network for Human Rights

Sn4hr - 2018-12-11 17:06

SDF fighters free 200 civilians from ISIS in Hajin

ANF - 2018-12-09 21:33
SDF fighters advancing in Operation Cizire Storm have rescued 200 more civilians from ISIS on Hajin front. ...

BCF Sends Aid to Civilians Affected by Flood in Ninevah

Gulan Media - 2018-12-09 19:35

A Flash About a Fighter’s Life

SDF Press - 2018-12-09 19:33
Hasakah- Fighter “Kadar Mohammed” from Hasakah city, he was a student at the Arts Faculty of Aleppo University after the massacres against civilians and the brutality of terrorist groups, he decided to join the People Protection Units’ ranks in 2014 and r ...

BCF Sends Aid to Civilians Affected by Flood in Ninevah

BAS News - 2018-12-09 17:14
ERBIL - The Kurdish Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) delivered on Sunday humanitarian aid to IDPs and civilians in the Iraqi province of Ninevah. Earlier on Friday, the mayor of Mosul called on the Kurdish prominent leader and former president of the Kur ...

In Pictures: Flood Destroys Civilians' Houses in Sinjar

BAS News - 2018-12-09 00:27
ERBIL - Saturday's heavy rains destroyed a dozen of civilians' houses in the Yezidi majority populated region of Sinjar, an official said. Talking to BasNews, Khairi Ziban, a member of Sinjar mayoral council, said that a resident with three of his childr ...

Iraqi Parliament Praises KRG's Efforts to Send Aid to Flood Affected Areas

BAS News - 2018-12-08 21:55
ERBIL - The Iraqi Council of Representatives has hailed the the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for its efforts to send humanitarian aid to the country's civilians affected by the recent flash floods. "We thank the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) ...

BCF to Send Aid to Mosul Flood Affected

BAS News - 2018-12-08 14:51
ERBIL — The Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) will send a “large shipment” of humanitarian aid to the civilians affected by flood in and around Mosul, Iraq’s northern province of Nineveh. The decision came after Mosul mayor appealed to former president of ...

US says Syrian forces likely fired tear gas on civilians

Rûdaw - 2018-12-08 11:43
The U.S. has “credible information” that pro-government forces likely fired tear gas. ...

SDF rescues 300 more civilians from ISIS

ANF - 2018-12-06 21:18
SDF forces advancing on Hajin front have rescued 300 more civilians who were used by ISIS as shields. ...

The Works of Garage of People’s Municipality in Raqqa

SDF Press - 2018-12-06 16:41
Raqqa- People’s municipality in Raqqa has a lot of burdens upon it after the war ended. Where the garage hard works, including: Remove the debris scattered on the main entrances and sub-streets to facilitate the passage of civilians to their homes. And th ...

SDF: 228 terrorists killed, over a thousand civilians rescued

ANF - 2018-12-05 20:40
228 terrorists were killed and over a thousand civilians were freed from ISIS in Deir ez-Zor region. ...

SDF fighters rescue 700 civilians from ISIS

ANF - 2018-12-05 11:19
SDF rescued hundreds of civilians and transferred them to safe areas. ...

SDF rescues 1200 more civilians in Hajin region

ANF - 2018-12-05 11:19
SDF fighters have rescued 1200 civilians during the past 24 hours in Hajin region where heavy fighting with ISIS continues. ...

WATCH: US-Backed SDF Liberates over 1000 Civilians from IS in Syria

BAS News - 2018-12-05 10:33
ERBIL — The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have freed around 1,200 civilians from the grip of Islamic State (IS) in eastern Syria. The SDF, whose main component are the Syrian Kurdish fighters, is now leading a large-scale operation to liberate ...

IDPs in Mosul Plains Suffer from Cold Winter

BAS News - 2018-12-03 23:21
ERBIL - The IDPs in the Mosul plains are suffering from the cold winter due to the poor services in their camps, while they cannot return to their city as a result of great damages to their houses. The IDPs, who are estimated to be over 10,000 civilians, ...

Two Kurdish Civilians Wounded by Landmine Explosion in Baneh

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2018-12-03 02:00
Two Kurdish civilians were wounded by mine blast in Hangeh Jale village of Baneh this morning. The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that at 7 am on Sunday, December 02, a landmine exploded at an agricultural land in Hangeh Jale of B ...

Rotten food items were seized in Raqqa markets

SDF Press - 2018-12-02 19:47
Raqqa – As part of its work in the markets and shops for the safety of civilians, “Public control” Department of People’s Municipality in Raqqa city has seized foodstuffs that are not suitable for human consumption and Expired, including natural juice, to ...

UNAMI's Monthly Report on Casualty Figures for November

BAS News - 2018-12-02 18:36
ERBIL - The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has published its monthly report on casualty figures, according to which, they are the lowest since 2012 The UNAMI said that a total of 41 civilians were killed in Iraq in November, this year ...

Landmine Explosion Wounds Two in Iranian Kurdistan

BAS News - 2018-12-02 15:09
ERBIL — At least two Kurdish civilians were wounded after a landmine exploded in the mountainous border areas of Bana, Kurdistan province, in the western part of Iran. The incident happened on Sunday near Hangazhal village of Bana, according to Hangaw Or ...

Four People Killed by Flood in Mosul

BAS News - 2018-12-02 09:15
ERBIL — At least four civilians, including an infant, lost their lives on Saturday as their neighborhood was submerged by a flash flood in Iraq’s northern city of Mosul. Iraqi media reported serious damages to dozens of civilian properties on the western ...

SDF capture senior ISIS leader in Deir ez-Zor

Rûdaw - 2018-11-30 17:47
Osama al-Awaid was directly involved in 40 deadly attacks on civilians, SDF ...

Kurdish Self- Management forces arrested two civilians in Tal Abyad city in Raqqa suburbs, on November 26 - Syrian Network for Human Rights

Sn4hr - 2018-11-27 12:01

New Mass Grave of Yezidis Discovered in Mosul

BAS News - 2018-11-21 15:30
ERBIL - A mass grave of Yezidis containing 17 bodies of civilians were discovered in the Iraqi second-largest city of Mosul on Wednesday, the Iraqi media said. A security source told Alghad Press that the bodies were found in the village of Kasar al-Mehr ...

Peace and Civil Society Center organize a lecture on citizenship

SDF Press - 2018-11-21 14:56
Peace and Civil Society Center had organized a lecture on the concept of citizenship and the homeland, as well as, about citizens’ rights and duties towards their homeland, in the presence of a number of intellectuals and civilians, Head of Human Developm ...

Coalition Refutes Reports Claiming It Killed 40 Civilians in Eastern Syria

BAS News - 2018-11-18 10:49
ERBIL - The US-led coalition has refuted the media reports claiming that its Saturday's airstrikes in eastern Syria had killed over 40 civilians. Talking to Sputnik, the coalition's spokesperson Col. Sean Ryan, however, confirmed that they had carried ou ...

Sinjar: Another Mass Grave of Yezidis Found

BAS News - 2018-11-18 00:18
ERBIL - A total of 5 bodies of Kurdish Yezidi civilians were discovered on Saturday in a mass grave in Sinjar, an activist said. Talking to BasNews, Basim Qasim, a Yezidi activist, confirmed that the bodies were found in northern Sinjar near Gir Uzeir su ...

Continued Arrest and Summons of Civilians in Sanandaj

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2018-11-17 02:02
Following the arrest of the environmental activist known as Sahar Kazemi in early August, her husband and mother were also summoned and arrested by Sanandaj Intelligence headquarters and transferred to the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in Sana ...

Raqqa is reaping olive after war’s years

SDF Press - 2018-11-16 11:06
Raqqa – The battles in Raqqa city and its countryside resulted in the olive harvest being severely damaged. Terrorist Daesh organization Intentionally burn and cut the olive trees in retaliation of farmers and civilians. The destruction of irrigation chan ...

Turkish airstrikes kill 3 civilian in Amedi area of Kurdistan region

Waar Media - 2018-11-15 19:01
WAAR-Duhok Overnight airstrikes by Turkish fighter jets killed three civilians in Aradina of Amedi district, Kurdistan region. Early last night Turkey was bombing KaniBotka village aiming at PKK bases, 3 civilians of Aradina village who were there to her ...

Updates on Death of 3 Civilians by Turkish Airstrikes

BAS News - 2018-11-15 16:07
ERBIL — Turkish warplanes have killed three civilians in the Duhok province of Kurdistan while allegedly shelling the area to target the positions of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The victims are identified as Dilovan Salih, 34, Ramadan Mohammed, 6 ...

Turkish Airstrike Kills Three Civilians in Kurdistan

BAS News - 2018-11-15 09:30
ERBIL — At least three civilians were killed early morning on Thursday by the Turkish airstrikes in Duhok province of Kurdistan Region. The casualties were confirmed by the local officials who said that the Turkish fighter jets had heavily bombarded the ...

Coalition Investigating Reports of Civilian Casualties in Syria Airstrikes

BAS News - 2018-11-11 14:53
ERBIL — The US-led Coalition said it has launched an investigation into the reports claiming its airstrikes had caused civilian casualties in Haijin area. "We've heard claims of strikes in Hajin reportedly killing civilians. As part of the stringent plan ...

WATCH: Turkish Artillery Hits Kurdistan Resort Area, Cause Damage

BAS News - 2018-11-09 23:26
ERBIL — Turkish bombardments on Friday caused damages to the properties of civilians who visited a resort area of Kurdistan Region for the weekend. The shelling comes as the Turkish government has, over the past few months, increased its air operations i ...

US 'war on terror' has killed 500,000 people: study

Rûdaw - 2018-11-09 12:28
The report states that between 182,272 and 204,575 civilians have been killed in Iraq ...

Syrian army frees 19 Druze hostages: state TV

Rûdaw - 2018-11-08 22:28
ISIS seized some 30 Druze civilians in Sweida in late July ...
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