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House Democrats consider punishing Israeli ambassadors over the nation's decision to keep Omar and Tlaib out [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-08-20 01:00

Intel: How Turkey's decision to oust three Kurdish mayors will hamper peace prospects

Al Monitor - 2019-08-19 22:56

Turkey: Outrageous decision to keep Osman Kavala in jail must be overturned | Amnesty International

Amnesty - 2019-08-19 21:53

Police attacked HDP members and MPs in Istanbul

ANF - 2019-08-19 17:41
Amed, Van and Mardin municipalities have been seized by the AKP and the HDP excutives and members who wanted to hold a press conference in Taksim Square to protest the decision were attacked by police. Six people have been taken into custody. ...

From Amed to the AKP: You are preparing your own end!

ANF - 2019-08-19 16:02
HDP members protested the decision by the AKP regime to appoint trustees. ...

Mızraklı and Beştaş: We don't accept this decision!

ANF - 2019-08-19 12:14
Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-mayor Selçuk Mızraklı and HDP Deputy Meral Danış Beştaş stated that they do not recognize the trustee: "Everyone should take responsibility." ...

Mass protests against Turkish invasion across Europe today

ANF - 2019-08-10 10:44
The decision for protests against the Turkish occupation was taken last weekend at a joint meeting of 34 Kurdish parties and organizations. ...

Turkish judges unlikely to obey court decision protecting freedom of expression - columnist | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2019-08-08 17:09

Human Rights Group Calls On Turkey To Revoke Court Decision To Block 136 Websites - UrduPoint

Urdupoint - 2019-08-07 00:17

KCK: KRG decision on Yazidi genocide should be expanded

ANF - 2019-08-05 16:46
"As we commend the Federal Kurdistan Parliament for their decision on the genocide, we urge them to take a common stance against attacks on diverse faiths, cultures and ethnicities in all of the Middle East." ...

The Region of Iran and Iraq Cannot Afford Another War

Kurdistantribune - 2019-07-30 21:49
By Arian Mufid: When the American administration made a political decision to invade Iraq militarily, they never fully calculated the consequences and how bloody that war would be. The USA acted largely on the advice of the Iraqi National Congress leader ...

Squaring the Circles in Syria’s North East

The International Crisis Group - 2019-07-30 18:13
The U.S. decision to leave troops in north-eastern Syria has bought the area time but not lasting stability. Washington should press its Kurdish YPG allies to loosen their PKK ties – lest Ankara intervene – and stop obstructing their autonomy talks with ...

Turkish election board cites polling station irregularities in annulment decision | Euronews

Euronews - 2019-07-30 01:06

House Democrats are divided over impeachment decision [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-07-28 02:36

Hazim Tahsin Beg chosen as new Yazidi leader in Iraqi Kurdistan

E-Kurd - 2019-07-25 17:15
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— Hazim Tahsin Beg was chosen as the new Yazidi leader (Mir) in iraqi Kurdistan on Wednesday, according to the Yazidi Supreme Spiritual Council. The decision comes nearly six months after the passing of his father an ...

Russia's Missiles Arrive in Turkey, But U.S. Has Little to Say After Donald Trump Defended Decision

Newsweek - 2019-07-25 08:09

Kurdistan Parliament calls Baghdad to abide by the supreme criminal decision

Kurdiu - 2019-07-25 06:15

Amnesty International to hold its highest decision-making meeting in Johannesburg | Africanews

Africanews - 2019-07-24 06:15

Turkey dollar bonds rally after Trump says no decision on sanctions yet

Yahoo - 2019-07-20 06:51

Seminar on women’s issues in Hewler

ANF - 2019-07-15 19:46
A seminar in Hewler discussed the efforts to increase the representation of women in decision making processes and service areas. ...

I’m a migrant and I can tell you that no one makes the decision to leave their home, their country lightly -

NJ - 2019-07-11 20:18

Live updates as Ford boss tells MPs about their decision to close Bridgend engine plant - Wales Online

Walesonline - 2019-07-08 23:28

France’s Macron Condemns Iran’s Decision to Increase Uranium Enrichment

BAS News - 2019-07-07 13:37
ERBIL — French President Emmanuel Macron condemned on Sunday Iran’s announcement of enriching uranium beyond the limits set at the 2015 Nuclear Deal. Macron said the move was a “violation” of the agreement, which is also signed by France and other key US ...

Iraqi Christian female fighter falls by decision at major UFC event

Rûdaw - 2019-07-07 11:55
The crowd seemed unsatisfied with the decision ...

Lawyers hold 183rd demonstration for Tahir Elci

ANF - 2019-07-05 17:10
Another demonstration was held for Tahir Elci in front of the Diyarbakir Court House protesting the Forensics Institution decision to not issue a new report. ...

Sinn Féin criticised UK government for delaying Assembly election

ANF - 2019-07-05 09:42
Sinn Féin Leas Uachtarán Michelle O’Neill criticised the British government decision to bring forward legislation to delay an Assembly election. ...

Europe 'regrets' decision by Iran to pursue nuclear proliferation path

Rûdaw - 2019-07-03 12:01
Trump again hit back again saying it is "Not good!" ...

Sadr Welcomes PM's Order to Curb Hashd al-Shaabi's Power

BAS News - 2019-07-02 00:53
ERBIL - Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al- Sadr, head of the al-Saeroon coalition and the leader of Saraya al-Salam, a Shi'ite militia operating under pro-Iranian Hashd al-Shaabi, has welcomed a decision by PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi to curb the power of the Shi' ...

Iran has no problem with extending OPEC oil cuts: Minister Zangeneh

Rûdaw - 2019-07-01 12:03
Saudi and Russia decision outside OPEC is its ‘biggest threat’ ...

Security Measures Tightened Around Embassies in Baghdad: Source

BAS News - 2019-06-30 16:06
ERBIL — Iraqi authorities have decided to tighten the measures around the foreign diplomatic missions in the capital city of Baghdad, a security source said. The decision was made at the request of Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi who has made it cl ...

Teacher punished for speaking Kurdish

ANF - 2019-06-30 11:18
HDP Van MP Muazzez Orhan said the decision to punish the teacher was unacceptable and called on the Ministry of National Education to stop the transfer decision. ...

New immigration crisis hit Italy

ANF - 2019-06-29 10:46
The decision of the young Captain of the migrant rescue ship, Sea Watch 3, to head towards the Italian island of Lampedusa to try to disembark 42 migrants saved more than 15 days ago has caused a new immigration crisis in Italy. ...

A Changing Coalition, a Changing Threat

The Global Coalition - 2019-06-27 18:20
The Global Coalition’s Co-leads and Political Directors met in Paris on 24-25 June 2019. “The fight against Daesh is not over.” That was the resounding message from senior decision makers when they met in Paris this week. It’s clear that the Coalition ha ...

Kosovo bans 'Kurdish music night', Turkey praises decision

Balkaneu - 2019-06-21 14:35

Running Out of Options in Burundi

International Crisis Group - 2019-06-20 23:24
Talks about ending Burundi’s crisis – sparked by the president’s decision to seek a third term – have fizzled out. With elections nearing in 2020, tensions could flare. Strong regional pressure is needed to begin opening up the country’s political space ...

Taking away Turkey's F-35 is the right decision for the wrong reason - Business Insider

Businessinsider - 2019-06-20 00:11

US to send 1,000 additional troops to Middle East

Waar Media - 2019-06-18 11:28
WAAR_DUHOK The U.S. will send 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East for “defensive purposes,” acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said Monday. The decision came in response to a request from the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and with the advi ...

Ejecting Turkey from F-35 programme ‘right decision for wrong reason’ - analysis | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2019-06-16 19:43

HDP stepped up work for Istanbul elections

ANF - 2019-06-16 12:03
The HDP has sped up its work for the Istanbul elections to be re-run on 23 June following the decision of the YSK (Elections Supreme Board). ...

Citizen’s Assembly on gender to be established in Ireland

ANF - 2019-06-16 09:45
Sinn Fein’s Justice and Equality Spokesperson has welcomed the government’s decision to establish a Citizen’s Assembly to consider the remaining barriers facilitating gender discrimination. ...

Jair Bolsonaro: Man who stabbed Brazil's leader acquitted

BBC - 2019-06-16 02:34
President Jair Bolsonaro, who was attacked last September, says he will appeal against the decision. ...

Fate of foreign ISIS fighters is decision for courts: Iraqi PM

Rûdaw - 2019-06-12 16:15
"It is not for the prime minister to decide" ...

Syrian Kurds refused to try Islamic State members out of Syria

E-Kurd - 2019-06-10 11:34
QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— Syrian Kurdish parties refused any proposal or decision to try Islamic State group ISIS members out of Syria and called to try them in Syria in the areas of the Kurdish autonomous administration in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava). ...

PUK Will Determine its Participation in Nechirvan Barzani’s Taking Oath Ceremony

Waar Media - 2019-06-09 21:11
WAAR_DUHOK PUK political party will take the last decision whether to take part in the ceremony of Kurdistan President taking oath or not. Waar correspondent in Sulaimani reported that Patriotic Union of Kurdistan expects that Kurdistan Democratic Party ...

Syrian troops enter key Kurdish city in wake of Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces - Los Angeles Times

Latimes - 2019-06-06 15:51

Turkey to Delay Syria Operation, Erdogan Welcomes US Decision to Withdraw Troops

Voanews - 2019-06-03 13:55

OIC Summit Condemns Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

BAS News - 2019-06-01 14:42
ERBIL — The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has condemned the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, saying that any position to help the prolonged occupation of Palestine is denounced. The OIC held a summit in Mecca, ...

Israel's Netanyahu: Is 'King' Bibi's crown slipping?

BBC - 2019-06-01 02:57
The decision to call fresh snap elections is a political crisis for Israel's PM, says Tom Bateman. ...

US welcomes Turkey's decision to free former NASA scientist from prison | Middle East Eye

Middleeasteye - 2019-05-31 00:23

Basra Official Calls for Legal Procedure Against ExonMobil's Evacuation

BAS News - 2019-05-27 22:38
ERBIL - Officials from the Basra Provincial Council have called on the federal government to take legal procedures against ExxonMobil's decision to evacuate its engineers working in the West Qurna oil field in the Iraqi province of Basra. ExxonMobil Corp ...

Talking food and health with Deputy PM Qubad Talabani

Rûdaw - 2019-05-26 15:03
Talabani believes exercising has an affect on decision-making. ...

KRG Orders Internet Blackout to Stop Students Cheating

BAS News - 2019-05-26 13:30
ERBIL — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has ordered a nationwide blockade on internet to prevent students from cheating during finals. Ministry of Telecommunication announced the decision on its official website on Sunday and said the measure was ...

New US Deployment to Middle East Threatens International Peace: Iranian FM

BAS News - 2019-05-25 11:08
ERBIL — The decision to deploy an additional 1,500 US troops to the Middle East is a “dangerous” development that threatens the “international peace”, said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Cited by state-owned IRNA, Zarif said his country w ...

Trump's attorneys appeal judge's decision to uphold subpoena for president's financial records [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-05-22 09:38

Senior officials concerned about decision to arm residents in Iraq's Nineveh

Kurdistan24 - 2019-05-20 09:42

Senior officials concerned about decision to arm residents in Iraq's Nineveh

Gulan Media - 2019-05-20 06:03

Iraq Postpones Resumption of Flights to Syria

BAS News - 2019-05-19 21:54
ERBIL - Iraq has postponed the resumption of direct flights to neighboring Syria, while it previously announced that it would resume flights on Saturday. Earlier on Saturday, Damascus said that it had been informed of Iraqi Airway's decision of delaying ...

Kremlin waiting for U.S. decision on Putin-Trump meeting: Ifax

Yahoo - 2019-05-19 14:10

Trump delays auto tariffs on EU, Japan

Waar Media - 2019-05-18 16:56
WAAR_DUHOK U.S. President Donald Trump delayed for six months on Friday his decision whether to impose tariffs on automobile imports from the European Union (EU) and Japan. The decision comes as Trump wrangles with China over a new trade deal. The negoti ...

US Warns Commercial Flights about Gulf Airspace

BAS News - 2019-05-18 15:33
ERBIL — As tensions between Tehran and Washington continue to escalate, US Federal Aviation Administration warns airliners about flying over the Gulf. The administration issued the warning on Thursday, saying that the decision was at the result of height ...

Germany to Resume Military Trainings in Iraq: Ministry

BAS News - 2019-05-17 20:15
ERBIL - German Ministry of Defense said on Friday that it has decided to resume its military trainings in Iraq, pointing out that the threat level has lessened now. The ministry explained that the decision came after a joint re-assessment by the coalitio ...

Congress calls on Turkey to respect the voter’s decision in the 31 March local elections - News 2019

COE - 2019-05-17 01:07

UK Raises ‘Threat Level’ for Personnel in Iraq

BAS News - 2019-05-16 15:36
ERBIL — The UK has raised the threat level for its forces, diplomats and citizens currently in Iraq. A source, cited by Sky News, said the decision was at the result of “a heightened security risk from Iran”. “One Whitehall source said Britain believes t ...

ExxonMobil Evacuates Employees from Iraq

BAS News - 2019-05-15 18:48
ERBIL - ExxonMobil Corporation has decided to evacuate its engineers working in the West Qurna oil field in the Iraqi province of Basra, a report said on Wednesday. The decision came amid the latest tensions in Iraq due to the escalating ties between the ...

Following US, Germany Footsteps, Netherlands Halts Mission in Iraq

BAS News - 2019-05-15 16:17
ERBIL — The Dutch government announced on Wednesday that it has decided to suspend its military mission in Iraq due to security concerns, ANP reported. The decision came soon after Germany made a similar announcement, saying that it was at the result of ...

Activists protested Amnesty International in Catalonia

ANF - 2019-05-14 11:51
Azadi Plataforma protested the decision by Amnesty International in London to call the police to force out of its premised Kurdish activists. ...

Iraqi authorities ban and arresting people wearing shorts in Kirkuk

E-Kurd - 2019-05-11 17:38
KIRKUK,— Iraqi Security Forces in Kirkuk are arresting anyone seen wearing jean shorts or ripped jeans, a police spokesperson said on Saturday. Colonel Afrasyaw Kamel, a spokesperson for Kirkuk Police, told K24 TV the decision to ban jean shorts and ripp ...

White House's Decision to Revoke Press Passes Part of Efforts to Stifle Speech and Media Freedom - PEN America

PEN - 2019-05-11 06:15

Council awaits court decision to elect new governor faced with s

Rûdaw - 2019-05-10 00:11

Iran hardliners rally for tougher Tehran stance as tensions with US rise

Rûdaw - 2019-05-09 17:53
Hardliners plan to stage a rally on Friday to back Rouhani's decision to suspend aspects of the nuclear deal ...

HDP continues diplomatic talks in Berlin

ANF - 2019-05-08 18:41
The HDP is holding talks with politicians in Berlin. Faruk Doru, European representative of the HDP, demands that Germany put pressure on Turkey on the basis of the Council of Europe's decision to lift Ocalan's isolation. ...

Opposition urges respect for Istanbul revote decision

Waar Media - 2019-05-08 15:36
WAAR_DUHOK A Turkish opposition leader on Wednesday called for respecting the Supreme Election Council’s (YSK) decision of a do-over election in Istanbul. Devlet Bahceli, head of Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), was speaking at his party’s parliamentary ...

Erdogan Cries Foul in Istanbul Vote as Decision on Rerun Nears - Bloomberg

Bloomberg - 2019-05-08 03:03

‘Decision to rerun Istanbul elections based on law’

Waar Media - 2019-05-07 17:33
WAAR_DUHOK Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said late Monday that the decision to rerun local elections in Istanbul was taken on the basis of law and everyone should respect it. In a written statement, the ministry said the March 31 local elections were observe ...

Istanbul Revote Decision ‘Important Step For Democracy’

Waar Media - 2019-05-07 17:33
WAAR_DUHOK Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday called the country’s top election body’s decision for a do-over election in Istanbul an “important step in strengthening Turkey’s democracy”. “We see this decision of the Turkish Supreme Electi ...

Greens condemn Court’s decision to overturn Istanbul result

Europeaninterest - 2019-05-07 16:34

European Union reacted to Istanbul elections re-run decision

ANF - 2019-05-07 10:01
EU's Mogherini: "Ensuring a free, fair and transparent election process is essential to any democracy and is at the heart of the European Union’s relations with Turkey." ...

YSK rules for a rerun of Istanbul mayoral election

ANF - 2019-05-06 20:13
Gathering upon AKP’s request, Turkey’s Supreme Election Board (YSK) has made its final decision for Istanbul local election. ...

Trump now says Mueller should not testify before Congress, after saying decision should be left to Barr [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-05-06 08:29

Iraqi Kurdistan bans imports of cement to support local producers

E-Kurd - 2019-05-02 19:26
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— Iraqi Kurdistan’s Ministry of Finance and Economy has banned imports of cement in an effort to prevent oversupply and support local producers. The ministry announced that the decision would take effect on Wednesday ...

Iranian oil dilemma for Turkey and India

Waar Media - 2019-04-30 13:08
WAAR_DUHOK The recent U.S. decision to end sanctions waivers that enabled several major economies to continue buying crude oil from Iran has put Turkey and India on the horns of a dilemma. Both countries have significant energy dependence on Tehran. For ...

Gulftimes : Amir issues decision to reconstitute NHRC

Gulf Times - 2019-04-30 01:18

Erdoğan urges EU to make decision on Turkey | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2019-04-29 22:33

Supreme Court sidesteps political question in narrow 4-3 decision - Daily Monitor

Monitor - 2019-04-29 20:51

Yazidi mothers should decide fate of Islamic State children: Nadia Murad

E-Kurd - 2019-04-29 19:57
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— Yazidi survivor and Nobel laureate Nadia Murad issued a video statement on Sunday addressing the Yazidi Spiritual Council decision not to accept children born from rape by Islamic State (ISIS) militants. The Spirit ...

The photojournalist highlighting the plight of Yazidi women – meet Birvali Bshar.

The Global Coalition - 2019-04-25 14:45
22 year old Birvali Bshar, a Yazidi from Sinjar in Iraq, faced a ‘life or death’ decision: Daesh were closing in on the town and she had heard rumours the terror group were killing or enslaving Yazidi women. She decided to flee. Article The photojournali ...

Joe Biden Running for US President in 2020

BAS News - 2019-04-25 13:35
ERBIL — Former US Vice President Joe Biden announced his decision to run for president in 2020. Biden made the announcement in a video message on Thursday to end months of speculation over his candidacy. He served as a senator for six terms, ran for pres ...

Barzani, Usama al-Nujaifi Urge Addressing the Mosul Crisis

BAS News - 2019-04-24 15:37
ERBIL — Former president of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani received on Wednesday a delegation led by Usama al-Nujaifi, a Sunni politician and leader of Qarar (Decision) alliance in Erbil. The leaders reviewed the latest developments in Iraq’s politics a ...

Israeli PM To Name Golan Settlement After Trump

Waar Media - 2019-04-24 10:42
WAAR_DUHOK Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he will name a new settlement in the Golan Heights after U.S. President Donald Trump. “All Israelis were deeply moved when President Trump made his historic decision to recognize Israel’s sovereig ...

After ISIS fall, some women who joined plead to come home

Rûdaw - 2019-04-23 20:48
“How could I have been so stupid, and so blind?” Kimberly Polman, a 46-year-old Canadian woman, said of her decision to join the caliphate. ...

Netanyahu hails 'important' US decision to end sanction waivers for Iranian oil | The Times of Israel

Timesofisrael - 2019-04-22 15:53

New Generation MPs accuse party of abandoning ideals

Rûdaw - 2019-04-22 11:34
New Generation no longer enjoys collective decision making,' allege MPs ...

Chris Wallace: Attorney General Barr's decision to reach a conclusion on obstruction is troubling [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-04-20 08:49

KRG welcomes the decision to ban the "Pubg" game

Kurdiu - 2019-04-18 21:10

Canada says considering options after U.S. decision on Cuba

Yahoo - 2019-04-18 12:06

Iran’s Kurdish parties welcome IRGC terror designation

Jewish Coalition for Kurdistan - 2019-04-18 01:04
Iranian Kurdish parties have welcomed the United States’ decision to label Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. ...

Intel: Turkey’s future hinges on electoral commission's decision on Istanbul rerun

Al Monitor - 2019-04-17 02:13

Iranian Parliament Labels US Forces in Middle East as "Terrorists"

BAS News - 2019-04-17 02:00
ERBIL - Iranian Parliament overwhelmingly approved a bill on Tuesday to label the US troops in the Middle East as terrorists, only a day after Washington's decision of recognizing the Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) took effect. The bill was int ...

The control department of the municipality catch fishermen who violate the laws.

SDF Press - 2019-04-15 21:24
Raqqa – In order to preserve and protect the fish wealth during the breeding season municipality of people made a decision to prevent fishing during this period. The control department made intensive patrols along the Euphrates river to control the violat ...

Pro-Kurdish HDP appeals election council’s decision denying office to newly-elected mayors | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2019-04-14 06:25

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