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Future Syria Party

Turkey reduces water supplies to force people to migrate, says Syria Future Party's Daxistani

ANF - 2021-06-20 09:59
Syria Future Party Manbij executive, Hind Daxistani, said that by cutting off the water, the Turkish state aims at forcing people to migrate. ...

Turkey occupies Syrian territory under pretext of establishing safe zones, says Future Syria Party

NPA Syria - 2021-06-13 13:15
RAQQA, Syria (North Press) – On Sunday, head of the Future Syria Party Ibrahim al-Qaftan said that Turkey occupies several Syrian territories under the pretext of establishing safe zones, though these zones “have turned into occupied areas where the right ...

Foreign agendas target stability in northeast Syria: Future Syria Party

NPA Syria - 2021-06-09 12:35
MANBIJ, Syria (North Press) – On Wednesday, an official in the Future Syria Party in Manbij, north Syria, described demands of the people of the city as “just demands, despite Turkey other foreign parties’ attempts to sow sedition and to turn the peaceful ...

Syrian regime runs election according to 2012 constitution: Syrian politician

NPA Syria - 2021-05-06 22:14
The head of the Future #Syria Party stated that the country’s presidential elections are illegitimate, as 16 million Syrians live outside of the regime’s control, and the elections are based on an old and outdated constitution. The post Syrian regime runs ...

Future Syria Party holds Turkey and Syria responsible for Euphrates water cut

NPA Syria - 2021-05-05 21:27
The head of the Future Syria Party stated that the Syrian and Turkish governments share responsibility for the suffering of the people of northeast #Syria due to the water war waged by Turkey and ignored by the Syrian government The post Future Syria Part ...

“The Autonomous Administration project can resolve the Syrian crisis”

ANF - 2021-05-05 20:04
The Future Syria Party Manbij Council President stated that Syria faces a war due to the mentality of Damascus government and the rightest way for a solution is the unification of political forces and constituents without external interferences. ...

Qamishli events are attempts to create security unrest, blackmail AANES: Future Syria Party

NPA Syria - 2021-04-24 16:59
al-Tai neighborhood in #Qamishli has been witnessing heavy clashes with medium and light weapons between the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) and pro-government National Defense Forces (NDF). The post Qamishli events are attempts to create security unre ...

Syrian Future Party launches action in protest at Turkish attacks on North-East Syria

ANF - 2021-01-11 21:49
The Aleppo Council of the Syrian Future Party launched a protest in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in order to protest the attacks on Ain Issa and Northern and Eastern Syria regions. ...

Tabqa Youth Council: “We stand with the SDF”

ANF - 2020-12-27 15:43
Members of the Tabqa Youth Council of the Future Syria Party said they are ready to resist the attacks on Ain Issa and the crimes against civilians in North-East Syria. ...

Future Syria Party holds congress in Raqqa

ANF - 2020-08-29 17:27
Messages of resistance and unity given during the 2nd Ordinary Congress of the Future Syria Party. ...

Barzani, ENKS Leadership Discuss Syrian Kurdistan

BAS News - 2019-12-03 21:09
ERBIL — Kurdistan National Council of Syria (ENKS) leadership met with Kurdish prominent leader and president of the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on Tuesday, discussing the current situation and future of Syrian Kurdistan. Both Barzani and Sao ...

Le Monde: Hevrin Xelef, the victim of Ankara's war dogs

ANF - 2019-11-22 11:33
Benjamin Barthe and Allan Kaval wrote an article in Le Monde about the brutal massacre of Kurdish women politicians by the Turkish regime. The article included the murder of the co-chair of the Syria Future Party, Hevrin Xelef, on 13 October. ...

MSD pays tribute to murdered Future Syria Party Hevrin Khalaf

ANF - 2019-10-13 01:15
The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) issued a statement to commemorate the Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf. ...

Iraqi Kurdistan urges Russia to help Kurds in Syria

TASS - 2019-10-08 14:38
The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party"expressed worries regarding the future of Kurds in Syria to the Russian Foreign Minister and asked that Russia play its role in case of any event or change" ...

Barzani Expresses Concerns over Future of Kurds in Syria

BAS News - 2019-10-08 00:58
ERBIL - Kurdish influential leader and President of the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Masoud Barzani, has expressed concerns over the future of Kurds in Syria. Barzani received a Russian delegation on Monday led by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavr ...

Barzani, French Envoy Discuss Syrian Kurds

BAS News - 2019-10-07 15:27
ERBIL - Kurdish leader and President of the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Masoud Barzani, received on Monday the French Ambassador to Iraq Bruno Aubert to discuss the future of Kurds in Syria. During the meeting in capital Erbil, Barzani and A ...

PYD Discusses post-US Syria in Moscow; No Conclusion: Source

BAS News - 2019-01-21 13:46
ERBIL — A delegation from the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) last week visited Moscow to discuss the future of the Syrian Kurdistan as the United States is pulling out its forces from the region. According to a source from Rojava (Syrian Kur ...

Turkey Criticizes US Support of New ‘Syria's Future’ Political Party

Voanews - 2019-01-15 12:01

Iraq's Disastrous Election Vindicates Syria's Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party and Also Iraq's Ousted Rival Ba'ath Party - Eurasia Future

Eurasiafuture - 2018-05-14 13:30

New Syria's Future Party Not a Kurdish Front, Not Created by US - SFP Head - Sputnik International

Sputnik - 2018-04-17 01:14

Neix el Partit pel Futur de Síria

KurdisCat - 2018-03-29 15:22
La nova formació política, Future Party of Syria, es va crear el 27 de març a ar-Raqqà. El seu lema és 'Una Síria democràtica, plural i descentralitzada'. Hi van assistir delegacions de Rojava (Kurdistan sirià). Segons Abdul Hamid al-Muhbash, del Consell ...

New party in Rojava seeks good relations with Turkey

Rûdaw - 2018-03-29 08:36
The Future Syria Party held its founding congress this week ...

PYD Establishes New Party in Syria While YPG, US Army Withdraw from Manbij

BAS News - 2018-03-28 13:39
ERBIL - The Democratic Union Party (PYD) has founded a new political party in Syria called Future Party of Syria (FPS), according to sources. The PYD in coordination with the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) on Tuesday held a Congress in the c ...

PYD holds conference in Syria’s Hasakah to discuss future of Rojava

Aranews - 2017-01-17 00:20
ARA News Sere Kaniye – The Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) held a conference in Sere Kaniye city in Hasakah Governorate on Monday. The Co-heads of the PYD, Salih Muslim and Asiya Abdullah, chaired the conference amid participation from diffe ...

Riyadh meeting doesn't serve Syrian people: Salih Muslim

Kurd Press - 2015-12-12 00:13
The co-chair of Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) Salih Muslim stated that the meeting in Saudi Arabia over the future of Syria doesn't represent the will of Syrian people, so cannot possibly produce a solution to the crisis. ...

Salih Muslim to attend Moscow peace talks over Syria

Kurd Press - 2015-01-17 06:52
The co-leader of Syrian pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) Salih Muslim has been invited to Moscow, Russia, to attend peace talks over the future of Syria, Firat News reported. ...

President Barzani Expresses Concern about Future of Kurds in Syria

Peyamner - 2013-11-15 08:58
PNA - Following the unilateral declaration of an autonomous administration in Syrian Kurdistan by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), President Barzani issued a statement in which he expressed his concern about the future of the Kurdish people in Syria. ...
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