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President of the Kurdistan Region tasks Masrour Barzani to form the new KRG cabinet

KRG-Spain - 2019-06-18 00:02
Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq ( – President of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani has tasked Masrour Barzani, as Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, to form the ninth ministerial cabinet, in the presence of the Speaker ...

Masrour Barzani: PUK is Committed to its Agreement With KDP

Waar Media - 2019-06-17 17:53
WAAR_DUHOK Masrour Barzani who was nominated to form the new Kurdistan Region government arrived in Sulaimani on Monday; he announced that the PUK is committed to its agreements with the KDP. This statement comes after Barzani’s visit to Sulaymani and hi ...

Belgian government official visits guerrilla’s family

ANF - 2019-06-17 15:25
A Belgian government official visited the family of HPG guerrilla Yara Muhammed, who lost his life last year, in the Eupen region of Belgium. ...

PUK Committed to Political Agreements with KDP: PM-Deisgnate Masrour Barzani

BAS News - 2019-06-17 13:47
ERBIL - The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) will stay committed to its political agreements with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) regarding its posts in the new government, Kurdistan Region PM-designate Masrour Barzani said on Monday after a meeti ...

Environmentalist: The Turkish state must stop burning forests

ANF - 2019-06-17 11:52
Environmental activist Güner Yanlıç calls on the Turkish government to stop the destruction of forests for "security reasons" and to take measures to put out forest fires. ...

Iraq's Hikma Party Decides to Join Opposition

BAS News - 2019-06-16 22:49
ERBIL - Iraqi Hikma Party, led by Ammar al-Hakim, announced on Sunday evening that it has decided to be an opposition in the next government, pointing out that all its members are on the same page in this regard. The announcement was made after an intern ...

For not recognizing Armenian Genocide, Valley reps push for bill to divest California pension funds from the Turkish government – Daily News

Dailynews - 2019-06-16 19:43

PM-elect Masrour Barzani kicks off government formation talks

Gulan Media - 2019-06-16 15:51

Masrour Barzani: negotiations to form the new government began

Waar Media - 2019-06-16 12:41
WAAR_DUHOK Visited the candidate in charge of the formation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, “Masrour Barzani,” the political bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and a compromise on the formation of the new cab. Barzani’s visits to form the gov ...

PM-Designate Masrour Barzani Kicks Off Government-Formation Talks

BAS News - 2019-06-16 11:51
ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister-designate Masrour Barzani began the talks over the next cabinet of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Sunday. For his first meeting, Barzani visited the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) politburo to discuss the ...

"Spectacular victory" of popular demonstrations in Hong Kong

ANF - 2019-06-16 09:45
Chief Minister of the Autonomous Government of the city-region of Hong Kong suspended the bill that opened the door to the possibility of extraditing suspects to China. ...

Citizen’s Assembly on gender to be established in Ireland

ANF - 2019-06-16 09:45
Sinn Fein’s Justice and Equality Spokesperson has welcomed the government’s decision to establish a Citizen’s Assembly to consider the remaining barriers facilitating gender discrimination. ...

PM-elect Masrour Barzani kicks off government formation talks

Rûdaw - 2019-06-16 09:12

Royal Navy to Send Marines to Gulf

BAS News - 2019-06-16 00:06
ERBIL - Royal Navy is expected to deploy 100 marines to the Persian Gulf for the purpose of protecting the British ships following alleged attacks by Iran on oil tankers in the region. According to a report by The Telegraph, the Government's Cobra Securi ...

Masrour Barzani, New US Envoy Discuss KRG's Future Agenda

BAS News - 2019-06-15 20:22
ERBIL - Kurdistan Region Prime Minister-designate Masrour Barzani received on Saturday the new US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller for talks on future agenda of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). "Fruitful exchange today with new US Ambassador to ...

PUK political party to meet on new Government formation

Waar Media - 2019-06-15 18:38
WAAR_DUHOK PUK political party is expected to meet today to discuss the meeting with KDP on the new government formation. Waar correspondent in Sulaimani has reported that today PUK politburo will meet to start the preparations for the expected meeting w ...

Masoud Barzani thanks Germany for Continuing Supporting Kurdistan

Waar Media - 2019-06-15 18:38
WAAR_DUHOK Kurdistan leader Masoud Barzani received a German diplomatic delegation headed by the State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development Martin Jager in Pirmam. “Pleased to receive a German government delegation h ...

UK: Iran ‘almost certainly’ behind tanker attacks

Waar Media - 2019-06-15 11:52
WAAR_DUHOK Iran is very likely responsible for the attacks this week on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, the British government said Friday. Using its own assessments, the government concluded that Tehran was “almost certainly” behind the attacks, sa ...

Gorran’s participation in new Kurdistan govt does not mean ‘be silent’ about corruption: MP

E-Kurd - 2019-06-15 10:58
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— Head of the Change Movement (Gorran) caucus in Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament Ali Hama Salih said on Friday his party’s participation in the new Kurdistan regional Government (KRG) cabinet did not mean our lawmakers sh ...

Signature campaign for Hasankeyf

ANF - 2019-06-15 10:38
Under the slogan “Hasankeyf is our culture, Tigris our nature” people from Hasankeyf, Iraq, Rojava and nine European countries called for the Turkish government not to start filling the Ilisu Dam reservoir, as was announced for 10th June, 2019. ...

U.S. tariffs affect Mexico

ANF - 2019-06-15 09:47
The announcement by the US Government of the immediate imposition of 5% of tariffs on a long list of "made in Mexico" products has achieved its goals. ...

A Kolbar from Baneh was killed by a direct fire of government troops

Kurdpa - 2019-06-14 17:17
Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish Kolbar from Baneh lost his life by direct firings of government troops. ...

Iraqi parliament demands Kurdistan government to disclose oil deals

Kurdiu - 2019-06-14 03:09

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AUK Named Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

The American University of Kurdistan - 2019-06-14 02:00
Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, June 11, 2019 – Masrour Barzani, Chairman of The American University of Kurdistan’s Board of Trustees, was named as the new Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Following his election to the post of preside ...

Iran Congratulates Masrour Barzani on Premiership

BAS News - 2019-06-14 00:31
ERBIL - Iran has congratulated Masrour Barzani on his election as the new Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region as he has already been tasked by the newly elected President Nechirvan Barzani to form the next government in Erbil. The message was conveyed by ...

KRG Condemns Missile Attack on Saudi Airport

BAS News - 2019-06-13 23:59
ERBIL - The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has condemned Wednesday's missile attack carried out by the Yemeni militias of pro-Iranian Houthis on a civilian airport in southern Saudi Arabia which left at least 26 people injured. "We strongly condemn ...

The Keys to Restarting Nicaragua’s Stalled Talks

International Crisis Group - 2019-06-13 16:36
President Daniel Ortega’s government has released almost all political prisoners held since Nicaragua’s April 2018 uprising. It should stay this course, honouring its other commitments to the opposition in national dialogue. International actors should p ...

HDP Amed co-mayors met to discuss local government issues

ANF - 2019-06-13 12:31
HDP district co-mayors met with Metropolitan Municipality co-mayor Selçuk Mızraklı in Amed to discuss solution of local government problems. ...

Die Linke MPs called on German government to "protect Rojava"

ANF - 2019-06-13 11:49
The attempts by the United States to create a “no fly zone” in Rojava and getting Germany Tornado planes to join it have been debated in the German public for some time. ...

UK Committed to Prosperous Kurdistan: Minister

BAS News - 2019-06-13 11:13
ERBIL — The British government is committed to a prosperous and secure Kurdistan Region, said Andrew Murrison, the UK Minister of State for the Middle East and International Development. Murrison welcomed the appointment of Masrour Barzani as the Prime M ...

Ceasefire agreement reached in Idlib

ANF - 2019-06-13 11:02
The Russian army announced a cease-fire agreement between the armed forces and government forces in the northern Syrian region of Idlib. ...

Libya’s Haftar a Dominant Player

E-Kurd - 2019-06-13 09:51
Manish Rai | General Khalifa Haftar’s ongoing offensive against the capital Tripoli based Government of National Accord (GNA) is not going very well even after couple of months of intense fighting. Haftar’s forces have however failed to breach ...

Government delegation from the Kurdistan region to visit Baghdad soon

Kurdiu - 2019-06-13 02:28

Why interim government supports Hifter in Libya

Al Monitor - 2019-06-12 23:12

Women seek 30 percent share in new Kurdistan Regional Government

Rûdaw - 2019-06-12 23:10

Russia and Turkey broker ceasefire in Syria's Idlib: Russian news agencies

Reuters - 2019-06-12 22:46
Russia and Turkey have brokered a complete ceasefire in Syria's Idlib province between Syrian government forces and rebels, Russian news agencies cited the Russian military as saying on Wednesday. ...

Belgium Reaffims Support for Next KRG

BAS News - 2019-06-12 21:42
ERBIL - Belgium has reaffirmed its "international cooperation" and support for the future Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) which will be led by PM-designate Masrour Barzani. The comments were made by the Belgian Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq Hendrik V ...

Iraqi Kurdistan president tasks PM-designate with forming government

E-Kurd - 2019-06-12 21:10
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— Newly elected president of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region Nechirvan Barzani on Wednesday tasked his cousin Masrour Barzani and Prime Minister designate with forming a new cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Gov ...

Britain To Strengthen Ties With Kurdistan In Nechirvan Barzani Rule

Waar Media - 2019-06-12 20:05
WAAR_DUHOK British government congratulated President Nechirvan Barzani and announced; in Nechirvan Barzani rule Britain will strengthen and develop the ties with Kurdistan. Andrew Murrison the UK’s minister for the Middle East, congratulated Nechirvan B ...

The new president assigns pleased Masrour Barzani to form the Kurdistan Regional Government

Waar Media - 2019-06-12 20:05
WAAR_DUHOK Kurdistan Region President Nezhirvan Barzani, issued a decree to Masrour Barzani in order form the new government cabinet. The commissioning follows the inauguration of Nezhirvan Barzani on the first day of the presidency of the Kurdistan Regi ...

Syrian Kurdish authorities to stop wheat going to government territory | Euronews

Euronews - 2019-06-12 16:01

UK Envoy Calls for Greater Role of Women in Next KRG Cabinet

BAS News - 2019-06-12 15:27
ERBIL — British Consul General Martyn Warr has called for larger presence of women in the upcoming cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Warr released a video message on Wednesday to praise the Kurdistan Region Parliament with 30% female lawmaker ...

Syrian Kurdish authorities to stop wheat going to government territory - Reuters

Reuters - 2019-06-12 15:20

A Kurdish tradesman was wounded in Sardasht

Kurdpa - 2019-06-12 09:58
Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish tradesman from the city of Naqadeh was wounded by direct firings of government troops in Sardasht. ...

Reversing Israel’s Deepening Annexation of Occupied East Jerusalem

International Crisis Group - 2019-06-12 09:16
Israel is pursuing new ways of cementing its grip on occupied East Jerusalem, further enmeshing the city’s Palestinians while maintaining a Jewish majority within the municipal boundaries. These schemes could spark conflict. The new Israeli government el ...

Barzani assigned today to form the Kurdistan Regional Government

Kurdiu - 2019-06-12 00:59

Cousins in command seal Barzani family rule over Iraqi Kurds: analysts

E-Kurd - 2019-06-11 18:02
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— The succession of two powerful cousins to the top government posts in Iraqi Kurdistan has sealed the Barzani family’s “monarchic” rule over the autonomous region, analysts say. With his son and nephew at the helm, ...

Iraqi Kurdistan names Masrour Barzani as prime minister The leading official has one month to form a government for the autonomous region June 11, 2019

The National AE - 2019-06-11 17:44

Saudi Teen Faces Execution for Participating in Anti-Government Protest as a Child

Theepochtimes - 2019-06-11 16:54

Ilisu Dam reservoir not filled yet

ANF - 2019-06-11 13:04
The Turkish government did not start filling the Ilisu Dam reservoir on 10 June as originally planned. In a press release, the government confirmed that “tests are still underway”. ...

German government and the ban of Mir Music and Mesopotamia Pub.

ANF - 2019-06-11 10:27
The Merkel government said that earning from Mesopotamia Publishing and Mir Music went solely to finance the PKK and thus justified banning the two publishing houses. ...

Sudan crisis: Government propaganda trip goes off script

BBC - 2019-06-11 01:34
Witnesses contradict the official narrative of events given on a government propaganda trip in Sudan. ...

Iraqi Government has not send any budget for Peshmerga salaries thus far

Ministry of Peshmerga - 2019-06-10 23:24
Media Center, Ministry of Peshmerga On May 27, 2019, KRG Minister and spokesperson of the Finance and the Secretary to KRG Council of Ministers held a press conference in order to clarify a number of topics pertaining to salaries and financial situation ...

Syrian Kurds hand over 14 French, Dutch orphans from Islamic State families

E-Kurd - 2019-06-10 18:53
QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— Syria’s Kurds have handed over 14 orphans born to jihadist families to government delegations from France and the Netherlands, in the latest repatriations of foreigners living in crowded camps. Abdelkarim Omar, the top Kurdis ...

SDF maintains anti-oil smuggling campaign against Syrian government

Kurdistan24 - 2019-06-10 16:22

The 28 dray-horses of tradesmen died in Piranshahr

Kurdpa - 2019-06-10 12:50
Kurdpa Agency: 28 dray-horses of tradesmen were killed in a direct gunfire of government troops. ...

Mother waiting for her son in HPG custody for four years

ANF - 2019-06-09 13:07
The HPG have 12 soldiers and police in their custody. One of them is Sergeant Semih Özbey. His mother complains that she has been called to patience by the Turkish government for four years, but nothing is happening. ...

Protest for Hasankeyf in Paris

ANF - 2019-06-08 08:26
Activists promoted a protest in Paris against the Turkish government plan to flood Hasankeyf. ...

Piranshahr Environmentalists Association: Killing the horse of tradesmen is a clear offensive to the creatures and took their life

Kurdpa - 2019-06-07 22:39
Kurdpa Agency: The Piranshahr Environmentalists Association criticized the government officials for killing the horses of the tradesmen. ...

Shengal institutions protest the murder of Yazidi man

ANF - 2019-06-07 14:47
Institutions in Shengal issued a statement against the murder of Emin Salih as a result of Turkish state attacks and called on Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government to object to Turkey’s attacks. ...

Turkish professor in the US faces politically motivated extradition requested by Turkish government – Nordic Monitor

Nordicmonitor - 2019-06-07 01:13

Syria rebels launch attack on government forces in northwest -

Startribune - 2019-06-07 01:13

AKP candidate for Istanbul says 'Kurdistan' while his government bans it

Kurdistan24 - 2019-06-06 22:23

Death toll from crackdown in Sudan reaches 108

Waar Media - 2019-06-06 20:19
WAAR_DUHOK The death toll from a government crackdown on protesters in Sudan’s capital has risen to 108, the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors said Wednesday. Three children from one family were among the victims, said the committee, adding more than ...

Family of Yazidi man killed by Turkish attack: Stop the invasion

ANF - 2019-06-06 14:25
The family of Emin Salih, who was murdered by the Turkish army, called on the Iraqi Government to stop the invasion. ...

A citizen from Oshnavieh was sentenced to one year imprisonment

Kurdpa - 2019-06-06 06:43
Kurdpa Agency: The Judiciary Iranian government condemned a Kurdish citizen from the city of Oshnavieh to one year in prison. ...

Two American women with suspected ISIS ties, 6 children repatriated from Syria

Rûdaw - 2019-06-05 17:06
“At the request of the US government” ...

Julie Ward MEP expressed concern to Erdoğan for Ilisu dam

ANF - 2019-06-05 09:49
Julie Ward MEP has written a letter to President Erdoğan a few days before the Turkish government will start filling the Ilisu Dam reservoir. ...

Turkish Filmmaker Arrested for Protesting Government Confiscation of Archive - Artforum International

Artforum - 2019-06-05 01:12

Over 200 Yezidi families receive no aid from Iraqi government: Migration Ministry

Kurdistan24 - 2019-06-04 12:24

Over 200 Yezidi families receive no aid from Iraqi government: Migration Ministry

Gulan Media - 2019-06-04 03:26

The car of a Kurdish tradesman was turned over by a direct shootings of government troops

Kurdpa - 2019-06-04 00:37
Kurdpa Agency: The car of a Kurdish tradesman from the city of Piranshahr was turned over due to direct shootings of government troops. ...

Syrian Government Bombs Market, Ignoring Trump Warning

Voanews - 2019-06-03 21:57

Brazil: “BSE” Infection Detected

Waar Media - 2019-06-03 20:34
WAAR_DUHOK The ministry said in a statement that it had informed the government of the condition, had taken samples for testing and burned the rest of the cow, the Euronews website reported on Saturday. The ministry classified the case as “abnormal” beca ...

Autonomous Administration hands over 5 minors to Norway

ANF - 2019-06-03 16:48
The Autonomous Administration Foreign Relations Bureau handed over 5 children to Norwegian government authorities. ...

Iraq says ExxonMobil to resume operations in Basra

Waar Media - 2019-06-02 16:17
WAAR_DUHOK U.S. oil company ExxonMobil will resume operations in Iraq’s southern Basra province on Sunday, the government-owned Basra Oil Company announced Saturday. The move comes less than a month after the energy giant evacuated around 30 employees fr ...

People of Xakurke: We don’t want Turkey in our lands

ANF - 2019-06-02 14:16
The people of Xakurke protested the Turkish state attacks and said, “They are killing our people and they want to invade our lands. We trust in the guerrilla.” The people are also upset with the Southern government’s silence. ...

KDP leadership holds special meeting on Kirkuk security, government formation

Gulan Media - 2019-06-02 06:09

KDP leadership holds special meeting on Kirkuk security, government formation

Kurdistan24 - 2019-06-01 20:48

Kurdistan Democratic Party seeks to form the government without PUK

Kurdiu - 2019-06-01 18:43

‘Yellow Vest movement scoring gains, but faces hurdles’

Waar Media - 2019-06-01 17:40
WAAR_DUHOK Over months of protests, France’s Yellow Vest movement has scored some wins from the government and gained momentum, but in the long run, it faces some problems, according to an analyst of the protest movement. “The Yellow Vests have won speci ...

Iraq Lifts ‘State of Emergency’ on Southern Oilfield

BAS News - 2019-06-01 14:42
ERBIL — The Iraqi government announced on Saturday that it has lifted a “state of emergency” on the Majnoon oilfield. The government had announced the state of emergency earlier this year after the southern and central provinces were hit by heavy rainfal ...

Sinn Féin: Stop delaying implementation of Irish Language Act

ANF - 2019-06-01 11:03
The British and Irish government must end the delay in implementing an Irish Language Act which was agreed at St Andrew’s over 13 years ago, Sinn Féin Michelle O’Neill said. ...

ExxonMobil to Return Foreign Staff to Iraq Soon

BAS News - 2019-05-31 23:26
ERBIL - ExxonMobil has decided to return its foreign staff to Iraq's southern West Qurna 1 oilfield on upcoming Sunday as the government agreed to provide additional security, senior Iraqi oil officials were quoted as saying. Earlier the month, the oil c ...

A Kurdish Kolbar was injured on the Urmia's border

Kurdpa - 2019-05-31 18:12
Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish Kolbar from Urmia was injured after direct shooting of government troops. ...

AKP government launches “Dersim” investigation

ANF - 2019-05-31 14:56
The Interior Ministry launched an investigation against the name change in Dersim. Dersim residents are taking to the streets to defend the ruling. ...

Kurdistan Parliament on Kirkuk Bombings: Iraq Failed to Protect its People

BAS News - 2019-05-31 13:09
ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Parliament condemned the chain bombings in central Kirkuk, saying that the Iraqi government has failed to protect the people of the Kurdish province. Late on Thursday, a series of terrorist attacks rocked Kirkuk and left at least ...

FARC deputy Santrich free at last

ANF - 2019-05-31 10:17
FARC former commander Jesus Santrich was released on Thursday after a last attempt by the government to stop him walking free. ...

KDP determines the date of formation of the Kurdistan Regional Government

Kurdiu - 2019-05-30 16:46

HDP protests usurpation of people's will by the AKP

ANF - 2019-05-30 12:13
Selahattin Aslan, co-spokesperson of the Democratic Local Government Council of HDP said the usurpation of municipalities and of the popular will of the people continue after the elections. ...

HDP: Stop the illegal military operation in South Kurdistan

ANF - 2019-05-30 11:38
The HDP called on the AKP-MHP government to stop the illegal military operations in South Kurdistan. ...

AKP turning Kurdish region into a land of prisons

ANF - 2019-05-30 10:53
The AKP-MHP government continues to propose prisons as a ‘new investment’ for Kurdish cities where unemployment is up to 80 percent. ...

Prime Minister Barzani meets with UN Envoy

Kurdistan Regional Government - 2019-05-30 02:58

KRG, Iran Exchange More Prisoners

BAS News - 2019-05-30 01:09
ERBIL - The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Iran exchanged on Wednesday more prisoners who had been held on various charges. Based on an agreement between the two sides, Iran is expected to hand over five individuals in exchange for 20 sentenced ...

What?! Why would Israel have elections again? Here’s why Netanyahu doesn’t mind. An explainer

Seth Frantzman - 2019-05-29 14:32
By SETH J. FRANTZMAN As the days ticked away in April it suddenly became clear to Israelis that the deadline for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form a government was […] ...

KRG Introduces New Project for Yezidi Children

BAS News - 2019-05-29 12:05
ERBIL — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is working on a new project that helps rehabilitation of the Yezidi children who survived Islamic State (IS) brutality. The project mainly includes the Yezidi children who were liberated from the extremist ...

No Prospect of Negotiations with US: Iran

BAS News - 2019-05-29 11:14
ERBIL — In contradiction to recent remarks by US President Donald Trump about the possibility of a new deal with Tehran, the Iranian government says it sees no prospect of negotiations with the United States. Earlier on Monday, Trump said that he believe ...

Yazidi women accused German government over ISIS members

ANF - 2019-05-29 10:09
The Federation of Yazidi Women’s Councils filed a criminal complaint against Angela Merkel's government for not taking action on the ISIS members of German nationality in the hands of the YPG. ...

CAMPACC oppose new powers to prosecute returnees from Rojava

ANF - 2019-05-29 08:24
In the wake of the panic caused by British citizens travelling to North East Syria to join ISIS, and the terrorist threat they may pose upon their return, the British government rushed through the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019. ...

Nechirvan Barzani elected president of Iraqi Kurdistan

The New Mail - 2019-05-29 01:13
Iraqi Kurdish politicians on Tuesday elected Nechirvan Barzani as president of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Mr Barzani received 68 votes out of a possible 111 votes in the Kurdish parliament.… The post Nechirvan Barzani elected president of Iraqi K ...
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