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Occupation forces bomb civilian areas in Til Rifat

ANF - 2019-11-21 13:25
Attacks against northern Syria continue without interruption. ...

Last Armenian couple in Turkish “Safe Zone” were forced to convert to Islam

Justice for Kurds - 2019-11-21 01:29
An Armenian Christian couple in Jarablus town in the Turkish so called “Safe Zone” were forced to convert to Islam while they lived there. The Violations Documentation Center in Northern Syria (VDC-NSY) reported today the story of this last Armenian coupl ...

Protest in Marseille against Turkish attacks on NE Syria

ANF - 2019-11-20 22:07
An action was organized in front of the European Parliament Representation in Marseille to protest the attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria. ...

Kurds Deny Reports of Meeting with Syrian Regime

BAS News - 2019-11-20 21:54
ERBIL - The Self-Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria has denied the reports claiming that the Kurds had met with the Syrian regime to discuss the Turkish incursion into the country. RT cited two sources from the Kurdish administration as saying ...

Turkey assures Russia it won’t resume military operation in northern Syria, says Lavrov

TASS - 2019-11-20 19:39
Russia’s top diplomat commented on a statement by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu that the United States and Russia allegedly had not done everything to withdraw Kurdish forces from the Turkish-Syrian border ...

Attack on a village of Gire Spi kills two civilians

ANF - 2019-11-20 18:22
Occupation forces continue their attacks against northern Syria. ...

KCK's Bayik: To stand up for Rojava alone is not a solution

ANF - 2019-11-20 08:20
People around the world show solidarity with Rojava, but that is not enough. Something must also be done for Northern Kurdistan, because this is where the destruction campaign of the Turkish state has its starting point, says Cemil Bayik of the KCK. ...

Pregnant woman killed by dogs in France during hunt in the area

BBC - 2019-11-20 02:56
A 29-year-old woman is found dead from dog bites after a hunt by hounds in northern France. ...

Russia condemns Turkish idea of possible new operation in northern Syria

Yahoo - 2019-11-20 02:25

Villages of Gire Spi under heavy attack

ANF - 2019-11-19 22:17
Attacks against northern Syria continue without interruption. ...

Turkey says Kurdish YPG militia kill three despite ceasefire deal

Reuters - 2019-11-19 19:44
Turkey's defense ministry said on Tuesday Kurdish YPG militia had killed three people and wounded eight in a missile attack on a school in the Tel Abyad region of northern Syria which they were meant to have withdrawn from under a ceasefire agreement. ...

Kobane: l’armée Turque tire sur des manifestants kurdes @mutludc

L'Important - 2019-11-19 18:58
Turkish forces conducting a joint patrol in northern Syria under a Russian-Turkish deal fired live rounds on Tuesday at protesters near the mainly Kurdish town of Kobani, a witness and a monitor said. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human R ...

Kurds say Turkey violating 'ceasefire' in northern Syria

Local10 - 2019-11-19 16:05

Russia balks at Turkish idea of new Syrian military operation

Reuters - 2019-11-19 15:56
Russia said on Tuesday it was bewildered by a Turkish pledge to conduct a new military operation in northern Syria if the area was not cleared of people Ankara calls terrorists, warning that any such move would damage efforts to stabilise the region. ...

Widat, an Assyrian woman from the mountains of northern Kurdistan

ANF - 2019-11-19 13:43
Widat Iso was a descendant of survivors of the Assyrian genocide in the Ottoman Empire. She died in 2015 defending her village in Til Temir against the ISIS. ...

Memorial services for Rojava victims in Europe

ANF - 2019-11-19 12:35
Hundreds of fighters have died in resistance against the Turkish army and its jihadist proxies in Northern Syria. Many of them have relatives in Europe. ...

A mercenary killed on M4 highway

ANF - 2019-11-19 10:46
Attacks against northern Syria continue without interruption. ...

BCF says will continue to provide aid as fourth caravan arrives in northern Syria

Kurdistan24 - 2019-11-19 00:30

Mali army loses 24 soldiers in Niger border attack

BBC - 2019-11-19 00:09
The incident in northern Mali comes weeks after one of the deadliest attacks in recent years. ...

Villages of Shehba under heavy bombardment

ANF - 2019-11-18 20:47
Attacks against northern Syria continue uninterrupted. ...

Donald Trump Refers to Ethnic Cleansing of Kurds in Northern Syria as 'Rough Love' at Dallas Rally

Esquire - 2019-11-18 18:48

Seminar on 25 November at Berxwedan Camp in Shehba

ANF - 2019-11-18 15:12
A seminar on 25 November took place at Berxwedan Camp in northern Syria. ...

Car Bomb Explodes in Northern Syria Town Killing 12 Dead and Wounding Others | CBN News

CBN - 2019-11-18 06:16

Turkey faces scrutiny over alleged use of white phosphorus on children in northern Syria | The Independent

Independent - 2019-11-17 23:11

The outcome of combat operations for day 39 in northern and eastern Syria within 24 hours

SDF Press - 2019-11-17 20:51
The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions continue to attack with heavy weapons and drones. Tal Tamer In order to conquer new areas, Turkish invasion army drones continued to fly over the entire front line. Ain Issa The Turkish army invaded hea ...

Australians held action in a church in solidarity with Rojava

ANF - 2019-11-17 17:00
Australians gathered in a church to express solidarity with Kurdish people and Northern and Eastern Syria. ...

Universities and city councils in Italy condemned Turkish attacks

ANF - 2019-11-17 15:38
Universities and city councils in Italy approved motions to condemn the Turkish attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria. ...

German Greens Party calls for sanctions against Turkey

ANF - 2019-11-17 15:08
The Greens have demanded sanctions against NATO partner Turkey because of its war of invasion against Northern and Eastern Syria. ...

Car Bomb Kills 19 in Northern Syria | Asharq AL-awsat

Aawsat - 2019-11-17 13:19

Appeal for donations for mobile clinic in Dêrik

ANF - 2019-11-17 12:10
The town twinning association Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg-Dêrik supports a project of the Foundation of Free Women in Rojava/Northern Syria (WJAR) and calls for donations for a mobile clinic in Dêrik. ...

Protest against the occupation of Northern Syria in Munich

ANF - 2019-11-17 11:15
In the Bavarian state capital, Kurds and people in solidarity protested against the Turkish war of invasion in Northern Syria/Rojava. ...

Solidarity actions for Rojava in European cities

ANF - 2019-11-17 09:29
Freiburg, Kiel, Bonn, Stuttgart, Saarlouis, Paris, Toulouse and Copenhagen have also protested against the Turkish invasion of northern Syria. The protests called for solidarity with Rojava and sanctions against Turkey. ...

'This Has Got to Stop. It's Evil': Turkish Military Using Drones to Attack Civilians, Ambulances in Northern Syria | CBN News

CBN - 2019-11-17 09:07

Sassoli: Killings of civilians and prisoners are war crimes

ANF - 2019-11-17 08:06
Professor Marco Sassoli, an expert in international humanitarian law, said that Turkey in Northern and Eastern Syria is acting in violation of international law. ...

5 things you need to know now - Russia, Turkey agree to remove Kurds from northern Syria, create 'safe zone'

Theweek - 2019-11-17 06:38

Civilians describe the misery of being forced from their homes by Turkey's brutal invasion of northern Syria | The Canary

Thecanary - 2019-11-17 03:26

Fighting abates in northern Syria, but political and humanitarian crises endure | PBS NewsHour

PBS - 2019-11-16 23:05

Motorcycle bomb defused in Heseke

ANF - 2019-11-16 20:52
A motorcycle bomb has been located and defused in the northern Syrian city of Heseke. ...

Demos in Europe against Turkish occupation of NE Syria

ANF - 2019-11-16 18:06
Protests against the Turkish occupation attacks in Northern and Eastern Syria were held on Saturday in several cities in France, Germany, Britain and the Netherlands. ...

Turkey agrees to pause fighting, but not to withdraw forces from Northern Syria | World News, The Indian Express

Indianexpress - 2019-11-16 17:36

Northern Syria is not Kurdish, is Arabic, Bashar al-Assad says

E-Kurd - 2019-11-16 15:20
DAMASCUS,— Northern Syria is not Kurdish, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with Russia’s media outlets RUSSIA 24 and Rossiya Segodnya. In the interview aired on Friday, Assad touched on a number of topics, including that of Kurds an ...

Gire Spi people: We won’t forget the atrocities of Turkey

ANF - 2019-11-16 11:15
We live as refugees on our own lands, say the displaced people from northern Syria. ...

Turkish army and gangs bomb villages in Shera, Afrin

ANF - 2019-11-15 21:45
The Turkish state continues its genocidal attacks against northern Syria. ...

From Sweden to Australia Kurds speak out for Rojava

ANF - 2019-11-15 15:35
In Sweden and Australia Kurds took to the streets against the attacks carried out by Turkey in Northern and Eastern Syria. ...

Occupation forces kidnap 16 civilians in a village of Til Temir

ANF - 2019-11-15 14:18
Attacks and crimes against the people of northern Syria continue increasingly. ...

OPCW takes no action to investigate Turkish use of chemicals

ANF - 2019-11-15 13:17
DIE LINKE MP Ulla Jelpke has asked the federal government about its knowledge of the use of phosphorus bombs by the Turkish army in northern Syria and the consequences. ...

Turkish invasion threatens iconic women's village in Rojava

Green Left Weekly - 2019-11-15 08:18
Turkey's war on Rojava Kerry Smith Issue 1245 Rojava Jinwar women communes Democratic Federation of Northern Syria November 15, 2019 The women’s cooperative village of Jinwar was opened on November 25, 2017, the International Day for the Elimination of V ...

American-born woman who joined ISIS is not a citizen, judge rules

Seattle Times - 2019-11-15 06:21
The surprise ruling leaves the fate of Hoda Muthana and her child in doubt amid the deteriorating security environment in northern Syria since Turkey invaded territory held by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, a U.S. ally. The SDF supervises the ...

Did Israel fight a 48 hour conflict in Gaza to stop a two-front war with pro-Iran proxies?

Seth Frantzman - 2019-11-14 20:28
By SETH J. FRANTZMAN A version of this appeared at The Jerusalem Post on November 15 ‘On both the northern and southern fronts, the situation is tese and fragile and […] ...

Turkish invasion of Rojava protested at Paris university

ANF - 2019-11-14 17:06
Kurdish students protested the Turkish occupation of Northern and Eastern Syria with an action in solidarity with the peoples of Rojava at a Paris university. ...

Kurds, US veterans denounce Trump decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria - The Boston Globe

Bostonglobe - 2019-11-14 16:23

Pullback from Syrian’s Kobani Takes “Another Week or So”: US

BAS News - 2019-11-14 10:04
ERBIL — The withdrawal of the US troops from the Kurdish town of Kobani in northern Syria should take “another week or so” to complete, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Wednesday. The Pentagon chief said that nearly 600 US troops will stay in Syria a ...

'Start Here': Turkey begins offensive in northern Syria and Germany synagogue shooting - ABC News

GO - 2019-11-14 07:09

Trump sanctions Turkey, announces imminent US withdrawal from northern Syria | KMEG

Siouxlandnews - 2019-11-13 22:56

FarsNews Agency - ISIL, Ankara-Backed Terrorists Blackmail Residents of Northern Syria

Farsnews - 2019-11-13 22:10

Turkish attacks against NE Syria protested in Basel and Bern

ANF - 2019-11-13 18:35
The invasion and genocide attacks carired out by the Turkish state and its mercenaries against Northern and Eastern Syria were protested in Basel and Bern, Switzerland. ...

Esper says Trump orders US troops to leave northern Syria | Boston 25 News

Boston25news - 2019-11-13 16:33

Ignorance of aid organisations exacerbates the situation of IDPs

ANF - 2019-11-13 12:35
Hundreds of thousands have fled home due to the attacks of the AKP regime and its gangs on Northern Syria. The living conditions of the refugees are being exacerbated by the ignorance of international aid organisations. ...

RTS highlights Turkey’s war crimes in northern Syria

ANF - 2019-11-13 10:32
The Swiss TV said that civilian massacres perpetrated in northern Syria were under Turkey’s responsibility. ...

Turkey’s proxy army in northern Syria accused of abusing civilians

WarIsBoring - 2019-11-12 23:47
Turkish troops and their proxy forces are wreaking havoc in northern Syria, displacing hundreds of thousands and committing alleged war crimes on a daily basis. The Ankara-commanded proxy militias bear the brunt of the blame for much of the reported atroc ...

Newsday: The grotesque savagery of Turkey’s mercenaries

Justice for Kurds - 2019-11-12 23:15
A Kurdish woman fled Turkish troops and their Islamist mercenaries when Turkey launched an unprovoked attack on the City of Afrin, a Kurdish community in northern Syria, on Jan. 20, 2018. The woman was running hand-in-hand with her young daughter when a m ...

People in Northern Syria marched against Turkish invasion

ANF - 2019-11-12 17:27
The invasions of Northern and Eastern Syria carried out by the Turkish state and its mercenaries were protested in Til Berak, Amûdê and Til Hemis, in the province of Qamishlo. ...

SDF balance sheet of battle in northern Syria

ANF - 2019-11-12 15:09
More than 6 mercenaries were killed and 8 others wounded on the 35th day of the battle, while 7 SDF fighters were martyred and 12 others wounded. ...

Clashes in two villages of Til Temir

ANF - 2019-11-12 14:03
Occupation forces continue their attacks against northern Syria. ...

Turkish Troops Open Fire at Protesters in Syrian Kurdish Town of Kobane

BAS News - 2019-11-12 13:31
ERBIL —Turkish forces opened fire at a group of protesters in the Kurdish town of Kobane, northern Syria. Reports of at least four civilians injured were confirmed. More details to follow… ...

“Turkey responsible for Qamishlo attack and murder of priest"

ANF - 2019-11-12 13:16
The Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria holds the Turkish state responsible for the bloody attack in Qamishlo and for the murder of Armenian Catholic priest Hovsep Petoyan and his father Abraham Petoyan. ...

Turkish invasion of Rojava protested in Esslingen

ANF - 2019-11-12 10:24
Demonstrations against Turkish invasion of northern Syria continue all over Europe and the world. ...

Protest in Marseille and Paris against Turkish invasion

ANF - 2019-11-12 08:33
Kurdish Revolutionary Youth Movement has recently launched the “Nehele” (Don’t allow) campaign against Turkish invasion in northern Syria. ...

Syrian media, Kurdish news agency report at least one explosion in a northern Syrian town near border with Turkey - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Sandiegouniontribune - 2019-11-12 03:30

Heavy fighting in Masudiya village on M4 highway

ANF - 2019-11-11 21:31
The occupation forces continue targeting northern Syria in an attempt to invade the region despite ceasefire agreements. ...

Turkey starts repatriating Islamic State detainees

Reuters - 2019-11-11 17:58
Turkey said on Monday it had deported two captives from Islamic State -- a German and an American -- beginning a programme to repatriate detainees that has caused friction with its NATO allies since it launched an offensive in northern Syria. ...

Turkey bombs Assyrian villages in Til Temir

ANF - 2019-11-11 15:34
Occupation forces have intensified their attacks against northern Syria. ...

The olive groves of Zirgan abandoned due to Turkish invasion

ANF - 2019-11-11 14:30
People in villages in the northern Syrian region of Zirgan live from agriculture and the yield of their olive groves. But since the occupation of Turkey, the only livelihood people has been taken away. ...

Five Italian special forces personnel injured in IED explosion in northern Iraq

The Defense Post - 2019-11-11 09:44
Five Italian special forces personnel were wounded when they were struck by an IED while supporting Kurdish Peshmerga in northern Iraq The post Five Italian special forces personnel injured in IED explosion in northern Iraq appeared first on The Defense ...

Committee established to document Turkey war crimes

ANF - 2019-11-11 08:34
Jurists in Northern and Eastern Syria established a committee to document the war crimes carried out by the Turkish state. ...

Esper: Turkey 'appears to be' committing war crimes in northern Syria | TheHill

Thehill - 2019-11-10 23:56

Turkey blames Kurds for car bomb attack in northern Syria that killed at least 8, wounded 20 more - The Globe and Mail

Theglobeandmail - 2019-11-10 21:45

The Washington Post: ‘Filled with hatred and a lust for blood’: Turkey’s proxy army in northern Syria accused of abusing civilians

Justice for Kurds - 2019-11-10 19:23
BEIRUT — In the month since Turkey intervened to drive U.S.-allied Syrian Kurdish fighters from a broad swath of northern Syria, proxy forces backed by Ankara have been blamed for a growing ledger of abuses against the local population, residents say, und ...

Manbij: Victory belongs to those resisting

ANF - 2019-11-10 19:07
In the northern Syrian town of Abu Qalqal in the southeast of Manbij, hundreds of people have demonstrated against the Turkish invasion of northern and eastern Syria. ...

Til Temir under intensified attack

ANF - 2019-11-10 13:43
The invasion troops are trying to advance further to northern Syria. A violent attack is carried out on the village of Dildara near Til Temir. ...

Bucak: National Unity is the way to success

ANF - 2019-11-10 12:11
Kurdistan Democratic Party Northern Kurdistan (PDK-Bakur) chair Sertaç Bucak said that the Turkish state's attack on Rojava is not accepted anywhere in the world ...

Demos to support Rojava in Bremen, Kassel, Graz and Rome

ANF - 2019-11-10 11:30
Protests against the Turkish aggression of Northern and Eastern Syria were held in the German cities of Bremen and Kassel, the Austrian city of Graz and the capital of Italy, Rome. ...

Despite Ceasefire, Syrians Continue to Escape to Kurdistan Region

BAS News - 2019-11-10 10:13
ERBIL — Despite a ceasefire deal already between Turkey and other actors on the ground to halt the violence in northern Syria, civilians continue to flee and seek refuge in Kurdistan Region. According to the Joint Crisis Cooperation Center of Kurdistan R ...

Five Syrian Soldiers Killed, Several Others Injured in Turkish Bombardments

BAS News - 2019-11-10 10:13
ERBIL — At least six Syrian troops were killed and 14 others were injured in separate artillery bombardments by the Turkish army in northern Syria, media reports said. Despite a ceasefire brokered by Russia and another one brokered by the US, the Turkish ...

Turkish Assault In Northern Syria Prompts Concerns Of A New Humanitarian Crisis | KAWC

KAWC - 2019-11-09 22:18

French cities protest against Turkish invasion of Rojava

ANF - 2019-11-09 20:46
Demonstrations against the Turkish war of invasion against Northern Syria were held in Strasbourg, Rennes and Paris cities of France today. ...

Protests in German cities against Turkish invasion of Rojava

ANF - 2019-11-09 20:19
Demonstrations against the Turkish war of invasion against Northern Syria were held in Hanover, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Kiel. ...

Turkish aerial attack targets a village in Til Temir

ANF - 2019-11-09 19:49
The Turkish army and allied mercenaries have intensified their attacks against northern Syria. ...

Documents and sources: The development of the Turkish-backed FSA militats

Seth Frantzman - 2019-11-09 19:04
The Turkish invasion of northern Syria on October 9 has brought increased scrutiny on the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army. Who are the units within it? What about their videos showing […] ...

Demonstrations for Rojava in Cologne, Bordeaux and Marseille

ANF - 2019-11-09 18:21
In Cologne, Bordeaux and Marseille there were demonstrations against the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria. ...

Rockets fired on Iraq base with US troops, no one injured, Pentagon says

FOX News - 2019-11-09 17:59
An air base in northern Iraq that houses U.S. troops was targeted Friday evening with a barrage of rockets, security officials said, as violence continues to mount in parts of the country amid fights with Islamic State militants and angry anti-government ...

Daily balance of the war in Northern Syria

ANF - 2019-11-09 17:26
Syrian Democratic Forces said that attacks by the Turkish army on northern Syria have increased. Two SDF fighters have fallen as martyrs. ...

Jeffrey in Turkey, wave of attacks in Northern Syria

ANF - 2019-11-09 16:26
While the US special envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, is in Turkey for talks, the Turkish army and its mercenaries have launched a massive wave of attacks on Til Temir. ...

Turkish armed drones bomb the Hish town south of Ayn Issa

ANF - 2019-11-09 11:46
The Turkish army and allied mercenaries have increased their attacks against northern Syria. ...

Turkish Armored Vehicle Runs Over and Kills Kurdish Protester in Syria

BAS News - 2019-11-09 10:37
ERBIL — A Syrian Kurdish protester was killed after a Turkish armored vehicle ran him over in northern Syria during an unwelcome patrol. The incident took place while several dozens of Kurdish men and women were gathering to protest against a joint milit ...

Russia and Turkey in Syria: Kurds hurl rocks at a Turkish and Russian convoy traveling through northern Syria - CBS News

Cbsnews - 2019-11-09 00:50

Turkey's Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria: One month on

Al Jazeera - 2019-11-08 23:40
Al Jazeera looks at last month's developments that followed Ankara's offensive on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria. ...

Russian, Turkish armored vehicles pelted with rocks, shoes as joint patrol enters Kurdish area of northern Syria

Washington Post - 2019-11-08 18:22
Patrol mounted a week after a deal was struck between Russia and Turkey that moved Syrian government forces into border regions held by Kurdish groups. ...

Trump sanctions Turkey, announces imminent US withdrawal from northern Syria | WPDE

WPDE - 2019-11-08 17:46

06. November 2019 – Human rights situation in northern Syria and Turkey

The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) - 2019-11-08 17:19

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