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Istanbul mayor İmamoğlu could edge Erdoğan in possible presidential race – pollster | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2020-05-30 23:00

Côte d’Ivoire: Defusing Electoral Tensions Amid Polarised Politics

International Crisis Group - 2020-05-30 01:45
Côte d’Ivoire’s presidential election, scheduled for October, risks heightening the country’s deep-rooted political tensions. In this excerpt from the Spring Edition of our Watch List 2020 for European policymakers, Crisis Group urges the EU and its memb ...

Burundi's ruling party wins presidential election

Yahoo - 2020-05-26 01:23

Polish presidential election in chaos with only 4 days to go

Gulan Media - 2020-05-06 16:18

Military Times questionnaire: What will the Democratic presidential candidates do for troops, veterans?

Militarytimes - 2020-05-06 15:54

Tara Reade: What are the sex attack allegations against Joe Biden?

BBC - 2020-04-29 01:48
A former aide to the presidential candidate finds support for her sexual assault claim against him. ...

Deportation and Disease: Central America’s COVID-19 Dilemmas

International Crisis Group - 2020-04-28 21:46
As the coronavirus spreads, and the U.S. presidential election looms, the Trump administration and Mexican government continue to deport migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Some deportees are carrying the virus. Central American states sho ...

In Turkey, Erdogan's Proposed Istanbul Canal Project Is Controversial—and It Could Shape the Next Presidential Race

Foreignpolicy - 2020-04-28 16:48

Virus leads New York to nix Democratic presidential primary | WRSP

Foxillinois - 2020-04-28 01:26

Andrew Yang on Joe Biden's presidential campaign - GZERO Media

Gzeromedia - 2020-04-22 06:03

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg Ends Presidential Bid, Endorses Joe Biden | Democracy Now!

Democracynow - 2020-04-16 09:31

Second Round of Presidential Elections Held in Artsakh • MassisPost

Massispost - 2020-04-14 20:58

Biden’s impressive comeback

AEI - 2020-04-14 00:03
When Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign this week, Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic Party nominee, which represents a truly remarkable comeback. The post Biden’s impressive comeback appeared first on American Enterprise Institut ...

Artsakh declares state of emergency, presidential runoff to go ahead – Public Radio of Armenia

Armradio - 2020-04-12 17:43

Artsakh’s presidential election goes to runoff – Public Radio of Armenia

Armradio - 2020-04-01 20:15

5 questions for Kyle Pomerleau on the future of tax policy

AEI - 2020-04-01 00:02
With the 2020 Presidential Elections just around the corner, Kyle Pomerleau answers five of the most pressing questions on the tax policies of the present administration and of potential administrations in the future. The post 5 questions for Kyle Pomerle ...

What will tax policy look like in 2020 and beyond? My long–read Q&A with Kyle Pomerleau

AEI - 2020-03-28 00:04
Kyle Pomerleau gives a detailed assessment of the current state of our tax system, and in the process answers pressing policy questions pertaining to COVID–19, and the various tax proposals put forth during the Democratic presidential primary. The post Wh ...

Two-horse race emerges for US Democratic Party presidential nomination

Rûdaw - 2020-03-16 06:11

Poisonings, Political Crises, and Missed Opportunities in Abkhazia

Foreign Policy Research Institute - 2020-03-12 02:37
Abkhazia, one of Georgia’s breakaway regions, faces a major political crisis—its presidential frontrunner was allegedly poisoned for the second time in less than a year. The crisis highlights the challenges resulting from Tbilisi and the West’s static pol ...

When do presidential approval ratings start to matter?

AEI - 2020-03-10 00:12
Although presidential approval ratings are always worth watching, March is traditionally the month where political scientists and pundits start paying closer attention to them. So where is Donald Trump? The post When do presidential approval ratings start ...

62 Applications Received for 2020 Armenia Presidential Award

HETQ - 2020-03-09 13:08

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Suspends 2020 Presidential Bid | Democracy Now!

Democracynow - 2020-03-08 02:30

Veterans in politics: Super Tuesday 2020

AEI - 2020-03-07 00:06
Rebecca Burgess tracks the Super Tuesday results for military veterans running for office. While Tulsi Gabbard remains the sole military veteran in the US presidential race, significant numbers of veterans will continue on to the general election at the c ...

What do the US presidential candidates think about Turkey?

Uwidata - 2020-03-05 09:48

Governor’s races, 2020

AEI - 2020-03-03 00:08
Governors like to insulate themselves from national trends in presidential election years, so the number of governors’ contests this fall is small — there are just 11 races in November. At this point, Montana and North Carolina are thought to be the most ...

American specialists deny fraud in Bolivian elections

ANF - 2020-03-02 11:53
Report by North American specialists denies a possible fraud in the presidential elections of Bolivia ...

Tunisia's PM joins presidential race after Essebsi's death

RFI - 2020-03-01 20:32

Gabbard: Erdoğan one of the most dangerous dictators in the world

ANF - 2020-03-01 15:16
The United States government and media have no business helping this Islamist megalomaniac and his al-Qaeda partners, said presidential candidate Gabbard. ...

ACA-PAC Endorses Bernie Sanders for the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary • MassisPost

Massispost - 2020-02-26 06:57

Why Democrats have trouble attacking the democratic socialism of Bernie Sanders

AEI - 2020-02-26 00:36
At the South Carolina debate tonight, Democratic presidential contenders may finally slam Bernie Sanders on his ambitious policy agenda and lifelong support of “democratic socialism.” But they'll have difficulty doing so, because the Democratic party toda ...

Bernienomics is built on two big gambles. Should we take it seriously?

AEI - 2020-02-25 00:17
Bernie Sanders is apparently quite the gambler, and it’s odd that the trailing Democratic presidential candidates didn’t use the recent Las Vegas debate to cleverly make that point. For the moment, let’s take him both seriously and literally. What could B ...

Mike Pence’s 2024 Presidential Campaign Has Already Begun

Bloombergquint - 2020-02-24 18:12

Majority of Turks against executive presidential system - survey | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2020-02-23 15:45

Ecuador former president Correa says he will run in next election

ANF - 2020-02-22 11:36
Former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, will return to his country at the end of the year to register his candidacy for vice president or as a member of the assembly for the 2021 presidential elections. ...

Following its ads against Bernie, Democratic Majority for Israel taking a step back from presidential race

Jewishinsider - 2020-02-21 15:53

Official welcoming ceremony for King Abdullah II of Jordan held at Armenian Presidential Palace | ARMENPRESS Armenian News Agency

Armenpress - 2020-02-20 00:44

Turkish former president says country was wrong to adopt presidential system | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2020-02-18 23:31

The Opening of A Primary School and Honoring The Outstanding Students

SDF Press - 2020-02-16 20:30
Raqqa– After finishing restoration and maintenance work and in the presence of the committee’s presidential body, members, administrators, and teachers, the Committee of Education and Teaching opened today Saturday with a celebration ceremony Abi Tammam p ...

Tulsi Gabbard’s stances on Syria could be fodder in presidential debate | Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Staradvertiser - 2020-02-08 10:52

What can the 2020 Democrats do about the strong ‘Trump economy?’

AEI - 2020-02-08 00:05
How does an American presidential candidate make the change argument during a strong economy? That’s the challenge for Democrats in 2020. The post What can the 2020 Democrats do about the strong ‘Trump economy?’ appeared first on American Enterprise Insti ...

Allawi will 'suffer fate of predecessors' if parties interfere: presidential advisor

Rûdaw - 2020-02-03 07:48

Counting the votes in Iowa: Could there be more than one winner?

AEI - 2020-01-28 00:05
As a result of the new Iowa caucus rules, the first contest in the Democratic presidential primary could give us more than one winner this year. The post Counting the votes in Iowa: Could there be more than one winner? appeared first on American Enterpris ...

Turnout down in Tunisia's second free presidential elections -

UPI - 2020-01-27 02:09

Opposition Unites Against Erdogan’s Executive Presidential System | Asharq AL-awsat

Aawsat - 2020-01-22 17:18

Vladimir Putin Says an Unlimited Presidential Term in Russia Would Be 'Very Disturbing' [Video]

Yahoo - 2020-01-22 06:11

Martin Luther King holiday in presidential election year becomes a stage for political, social and religious events and commentary

Yahoo - 2020-01-21 16:34

Karl Rove on New York Times' decision to endorse two candidates for Democratic presidential nomination [Video]

Yahoo - 2020-01-21 15:08

Egyptian Referendum Expands Presidential And Military Powers – Egypt - WRMEA

Wrmea - 2020-01-17 14:54

Two Views: Turkey’s Erdogan Consolidates Presidential Power – 2018 August-September - WRMEA

Wrmea - 2020-01-16 20:22

Turkish opposition MP calls for alliance against presidential system | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2020-01-15 18:44

What's at Stake in Taiwan's Presidential Election | Time

TIME - 2020-01-14 22:24

Bolivia Presidential Succession Crisis Continues As Death Toll Rises | Here & Now

WBUR - 2020-01-14 18:53

Six candidates are invited to join in the 7th Democratic presidential primary debate [Video]

Yahoo - 2020-01-13 13:29

Turkish opposition unites against presidential system | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2020-01-10 11:44

Polls close in Guatemalan presidential elections

France24 - 2020-01-08 23:07

Trade eruptions in the 2020 presidential election

AEI - 2020-01-08 00:19
There are multiple reasons to expect that President Trump will tamp down actual conflicts between now and November: The president hopes to run on what he considers his excellent trade record, and he seems to be convinced that the key to winning in 2020 is ...

3 charts showing good news about American wage growth

AEI - 2020-01-08 00:19
Democratic presidential candidates remain dismissive of the American economy and its record-long expansion. They fail to recognize that wages are rising, and they're rising fastest for those at the bottom. The post 3 charts showing good news about America ...

Turkish parliament readying bill to allow sending troops to Libya

Reuters - 2019-12-24 20:30
Turkey may need to draft a bill to allow for troop deployment to Libya and its parliament is working on the issue, Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on Tuesday, after Ankara signed a military cooperation agreement with Tripoli last month. ...

The disconnect between the US economy and what the 2020 Democrats are saying about the US economy

AEI - 2019-12-21 00:05
The economy is doing better than the Democratic presidential candidates are willing to admit. The post The disconnect between the US economy and what the 2020 Democrats are saying about the US economy appeared first on American Enterprise Institute - AEI ...

Ahval: Russia opposes expansion of Turkey’s north Syria ‘safe zone’

Justice for Kurds - 2019-12-18 17:46
Turkey should remain within the boundaries of the area it calls a safe zone that it set up in an October deal with Russia and should not expand beyond it, Russian Special Presidential Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentyev said on Tuesday. The memorandum si ...

Thousands in Algeria demand to cancel the 12 Dec. elections

ANF - 2019-12-07 15:40
People marched in their thousands in different cities of Algeria to demand the presidential election scheduled for 12 December to be canceled. ...

Barzani, US Special Presidential Envoy Discuss IS in Iraq and Syria

BAS News - 2019-12-07 13:10
ERBIL — Kurdish prominent leader and the president of ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Masoud Barzani, received a US delegation led by James Jeffrey, the Special Presidential Envoy to Syria Affairs and the Coalition against Islamic State (IS), du ...

PM Barzani Receives US Special Presidential Envoy to Anti-IS Coalition

BAS News - 2019-12-07 11:12
ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on Saturday received James Jeffrey, the US Special Presidential Envoy to the Coalition against Islamic State (IS). PM Barzani and the US envoy are expected to discuss a range of issues related to Ku ...

John Kerry endorses Joe Biden in 2020 Democratic presidential race – live | US news | The Guardian

The Guardian - 2019-12-05 20:59

Tunisia presidential election: Two unofficial exit polls project landslide win for Kais Saied | Euronews

Euronews - 2019-12-05 17:48

Dem Presidential Hopefuls Meet With Terrorist-Run Pay-To-Slay Group

Thefederalist - 2019-12-02 14:54

Turkey's presidential election threshold should be lowered to 40 pct - ex-minister | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2019-11-30 14:59

Turkish presidential spokesman: ′We′re taking care of our own national security′ | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 27.11.2019

DW - 2019-11-29 16:13

Right-wing candidate wins presidential elections in Uruguay

ANF - 2019-11-29 09:24
Right-wing candidate wins presidential elections in Uruguay for a handful of votes more than left candidate Martinez. ...

PHOTOS: Presidential turkey pardons — a look back

Yahoo - 2019-11-27 20:38

Here’s how defense R&D affects US productivity growth

AEI - 2019-11-27 00:02
It's not a natural impulse for politicians to highlight tradeoffs. So when we hear Democratic presidential candidates talk about slashing defense spending on theD side, it's worth asking, "But what do we get for our money?" The post Here’s how defenseD a ...

10 Democratic presidential candidates set for next debate as several others miss cut | KEYE

Cbsaustin - 2019-11-26 06:12

Henri J. Barkey, JFK advisory Council Member, for ASIATIMES: In presidential face-off, Erdogan conquers Trump

Justice for Kurds - 2019-11-25 20:30
Coming after Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria, many among both Turks and Americans wondered why President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had bothered to make the trip to Washington at a time when the mood was so decidedly anti-Turkish. What could he achieve? The ...

Columnist Richard Fein: Foreign policy questions for Democratic presidential candidates

Gazettenet - 2019-11-24 23:23

Zero-sum thinking is no way to compete with China’s tech progress

AEI - 2019-11-22 00:00
America doesn’t need more zero-sum thinking. That cramped mindset already infects US trade policy. Keep it away from technology. Unfortunately, dark-house Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang too often suggests a “you win, I lose” perspective. T ...

Ex-Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Formally Enters 2020 Presidential Race | Democracy Now!

Democracynow - 2019-11-20 07:25

Introducing The Foreign Influence Election 2020 (FIE 2020) Project

Foreign Policy Research Institute - 2019-11-19 03:10
The Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) launched the Foreign Influence Election 2020 (FIE2020) project in the summer of 2019. The project seeks to protect the 2020 U.S. presidential election from foreign interference by filling gaps in data, knowledg ...

Sri Lanka’s Presidential Election Brings Back a Polarising Wartime Figure

International Crisis Group - 2019-11-19 02:16
Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s decisive victory in Sri Lanka’s presidential election reflects voters’ concerns over security, poor economic prospects and ineffective governance – but also indicates the country’s dangerous ethnic polarisation. Many worry that Rajap ...

Kremlin Machinations, from the AIDS Virus to Presidential Elections | National Review

Nationalreview - 2019-11-18 12:54

Mayoral might and the 2020 presidential contest

AEI - 2019-11-18 00:04
How many mayors are running for president? Should we take their candidacies seriously? The post Mayoral might and the 2020 presidential contest appeared first on American Enterprise Institute - AEI. ...

Huge demo in Algiers against presidential elections

ANF - 2019-11-15 18:19
People in Algiers took to the streets to say no to presidential elections on 12 December. ...

3 big things to know about Nigeria’s presidential elections - Vox

VOX - 2019-11-15 13:27

Hillary Clinton Refuses to Rule Out 2020 Presidential Run | Democracy Now!

Democracynow - 2019-11-14 17:34

Sri Lanka Election Sparks Fear of Return to Violent Past

International Crisis Group - 2019-11-13 20:03
Sri Lanka’s powerful Rajapaksa family appears to be making a political comeback, and presidential front runner Gotabaya Rajapaksa has a troubled, violent history with Tamils and Muslims. These groups and others worry Gotobaya’s election will leave them m ...

Norton Asks for Action to Strengthen Public Safety During Turkish Presidential Visit | Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton

House - 2019-11-12 21:31

Egypt’s Nour party declares support for Sisi in presidential election – Middle East Monitor

Middleeastmonitor - 2019-11-12 06:40

Elections in Turkey Signal an End to the Presidential Party's Influence - Pacific Standard

Psmag - 2019-11-07 15:04

Presidential Impeachment: A Political Process, Not a Legal One | National Review

Nationalreview - 2019-11-07 09:52

Five Reasons Why Tunisia’s Early Presidential Elections Will Shake Things Up - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Carnegieendowment - 2019-11-03 16:26

Democrat Beto O'Rourke pulls out of US presidential race | US News | Sky News

SKY - 2019-11-02 01:24

Guaranteed jobs programs don’t really “guarantee” a job

AEI - 2019-10-31 00:05
Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) recently revived his proposal for a federal guaranteed jobs program as part of his plan to cut poverty. He joins at least three other presidential hopefuls who support the federal government guaranteeing a job for every American. ...

U.S Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders vows to recognise Armenian genocide | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2019-10-30 02:22

'Turkey has some explaining to do on Baghdadi', former US envoy

ANF - 2019-10-29 09:31
Former Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk said that "Turkey also has some explaining to do" when it comes to the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. ...

Special election to fill Cummings seat to be held on same day as Md. presidential primary | TheHill

Thehill - 2019-10-29 00:12

3 reasons Democratic presidential candidates are right to be skeptical about breaking up Big Tech

AEI - 2019-10-25 00:02
Some Democratic presidential candidates have been quick to call for the breakup of Big Tech companies, but a few have shown admirable restraint. The cooler heads are right — candidates should not be making antitrust judgments during a presidential campai ...

Will political gaffes be game changers for 2020 presidential election? | KEPR

Keprtv - 2019-10-24 19:20

Readers Write: Felons' right to vote, Warner nature center, the Kurds, climate change denial, presidential candidates' ages -

Startribune - 2019-10-23 14:27

After Taking Presidential Corruption To New Heights, Trump Calls Everyone Else Corrupt | HuffPost

Huffpost - 2019-10-20 03:37

Afghanistan's Taliban tells teachers, students to block presidential elections or risk death

Yahoo - 2019-10-19 20:39

Guatemala: Alejandro Giammattei, presidential election winner, wants to change "safe third country" deal with Trump admin - CBS News

Cbsnews - 2019-10-18 09:45

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