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Teachers and students in Til Rifat protest the Turkish massacre

ANF - 2019-12-05 19:13
Teachers and students in Til Rifat, where the Turkish army massacred 8 children on Monday, called on UNICEF and human rights organisations to protect the lives of children and civilians. ...

Erdoğan backs down at NATO summit

ANF - 2019-12-04 20:28
After his threats to agree to the defence plan to protect the Baltic countries and Poland only if NATO classifies the YPG as a terrorist organisation, Erdoğan has now stepped back. ...

Putin Hails Syrian Kurds' Support to Russian Military Police

BAS News - 2019-11-29 18:38
ERBIL - Russian President Vladimir Putin has hailed the support of the Syrian Kurds to his country's police forces in the Middle Eastern country, noting that people understand that Moscow's mission is to protect them. Putin made the remarks at a meeting ...

U.S. Sends Forces to Protect Syrian Oil Fields - WSJ

WSJ - 2019-11-28 22:24

Iraq Deploys Forces to Protect Holy Shia Shrines in Najaf

BAS News - 2019-11-28 20:44
ERBIL - Iraq has reportedly dispatched forces to prevent any possible attacks by the angry protesters on the holy Shia shrines in Najaf city. The deployment comes as the demonstrators on Wednesday burned down the Iranian consulate building in Najaf, with ...

Protesters: Turkey Not Implementing Laws to Protect Women - The Media Line

Themedialine - 2019-11-27 09:34

Malta must avoid political interference in Caruana Galizia investigation - Committee to Protect Journalists

CPJ - 2019-11-26 23:32

SDF mount heroic resistance to protect civilians from massacre

ANF - 2019-11-23 16:38
Imminent danger of massacre faced by the people in Ain Issa region under heavy attack. ...

Trump says U.S. never promised to protect Kurds in Syria | Boston 25 News

Boston25news - 2019-11-23 03:24

How to Salvage Syria and Protect U.S. Troops - Lawfare

Lawfareblog - 2019-11-22 15:18

Trump says U.S. never promised to protect Kurds in Syria | WSB-TV

Wsbtv - 2019-11-21 20:41

KRG Preparing Bill to Protect Children’s Rights

BAS News - 2019-11-21 14:55
ERBIL — The Labors and Social Affairs Ministry of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is working on a project to protect the rights of children, said a ministry spokesperson. The project will be sent to the Council of Ministers to design a bill and forwa ...

How do we protect whistleblowers? — RT The Big Picture

RT - 2019-11-21 11:30

Syrie: les troupes russes se déploient à la frontière turque en coopération avec les Kurdes @K24English

L'Important - 2019-11-19 18:58
The deployment of Russian and Syrian government forces is meant “to protect Syrian borders.” ...

Russian Military Police: we are in NE Syria to protect the people

Justice for Kurds - 2019-11-19 07:50
A general of the Russian Military Police working in Syria told reporters today that their presence in Northeast Syria is to “protect the local population”. The commander hold a joint press conference with the Military Council of Kobani which is under immi ...

How to salvage Syria and protect US troops

Brookings - 2019-11-19 03:38

Introducing The Foreign Influence Election 2020 (FIE 2020) Project

Foreign Policy Research Institute - 2019-11-19 03:10
The Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) launched the Foreign Influence Election 2020 (FIE2020) project in the summer of 2019. The project seeks to protect the 2020 U.S. presidential election from foreign interference by filling gaps in data, knowledg ...

Kurdistan Region to take anti-pollution measures to protect environment

Kurdistan24 - 2019-11-17 21:08

Overnight Defense: Pentagon chief says 'mechanized' forces headed to Syria | Troops would protect oil fields | House subpoenas State, OMB officials in impeachment inquiry | Trump keeps up attacks on key diplomat | TheHill

Thehill - 2019-11-17 14:46

As Erdoğan visits Trump, Turkey jails more journalists - Committee to Protect Journalists

CPJ - 2019-11-14 23:39

U.S. Struggles to Keep Allies in Fight Against ISIS in Syria

New York Times - 2019-11-14 17:48
Trump praises mission to protect oil fields while top national security aides seek to retain allies in Syria after death of top ISIS leader. ...

Brexit How To Protect European Union Citizens From Fake News

Irishtechnews - 2019-11-14 13:36

U.S. needs to learn from Iran how to protect allies in Middle East - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

Jpost - 2019-11-14 12:31

Journalist advocates for Americans to protect Rojavan democratic system - The Tacoma Ledger

Thetacomaledger - 2019-11-13 13:09

Perpetrators of the Qamishlo attack captured

ANF - 2019-11-13 08:13
North and East Syrian Internal Security Forces vowed to continue their struggle and protect the people and their land against the occupation forces. ...

UN Calls for Turkey to Protect Civilians in Syria Offensive | Time

TIME - 2019-11-12 14:47

Congress Must Act to Protect Those Who’ve Supported Us in Syria - Just Security

Justsecurity - 2019-11-11 18:16

Senior U.S. Envoy in Syria Highly Critical of Trump’s Decision to Withdraw American Troops

Time - 2019-11-08 12:14
The top American diplomat in northern Syria took the Trump administration to task for not doing more to protect the Kurds ...

US Troops Working 'Shoulder to Shoulder' With Kurds to Protect Syrian Oil Fields From ISIS | CBN News

CBN - 2019-11-08 11:48

Trump's disgraceful plan to protect Syrian oil, but not the Kurds - Los Angeles Times

Latimes - 2019-11-07 13:42

CPJ Insider, November: Face-to-face with Pakistani border control and a northern Syria crisis - Committee to Protect Journalists

CPJ - 2019-11-05 15:54

Young people in Deir Ezzor and Şeddade vow to defend their land

ANF - 2019-11-05 11:46
Wise people and sheikhs in Dêir Ezzor and Şeddade vowed to protect their territory against the Turkish occupation. ...

Top Democratic chairman slams decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria

CBS News - 2019-11-05 06:18
A U.S. delegation met with the Kurds Monday, in an effort to repair relations with the abandoned U.S. allies. The U.S. is struggling to redefine its role in the region, after President Trump said the priority now is for U.S. troops to protect oil wells in ...

Autonomous Administration called on the UN to protect civilians

ANF - 2019-11-04 20:05
The Committee on Foreign Relations of the Autonomous Administration called on the United Nations (UN) to establish a committee to investigate the situation of civilians exposed to Turkish attacks and to prevent further attacks on civilians. ...

Syriac Military Council calls for action to stop ongoing attacks

ANF - 2019-11-03 16:40
MFS called on the international community to protect the ethnic and religious groups of North and East Syria and guarantee their existence and rights. ...

Brazil: Amazon land defender killed by illegal loggers

BBC - 2019-11-03 01:13
Paulo Paulino Guajajara, who fought to protect Brazil's indigenous land, was ambushed by loggers. ...

Paris attack survivors: Protect Kurds as they protected the world

ANF - 2019-11-02 11:15
Survivors of the Paris attacks on 13 November 2015 called on the international community to protect the Kurds. ...

People from border villages of Dirbêsiyê: Only SDF can protect us

ANF - 2019-11-01 14:03
ANF correspondent Axîn Tolhildan spoke with the people in the border villages of Dirbêsiyê. The people demand a border protection by the SDF. ...

US military returns to Syria to protect oil fields; Kurdish leader accuses Turkey of 'continuing its war'

FOX News - 2019-11-01 10:27
U.S. military forces have returned to eastern Syria, weeks after President Trump ordered the complete withdrawal of American troops from the area. ...

Kurdish Leader to Asharq Al-Awsat: Priority is to Protect Border from Turkey | Asharq AL-awsat

Aawsat - 2019-10-30 10:15

US moving to protect Syrian oil fields after death of Islamic State leader | Helensburgh Advertiser

Helensburghadvertiser - 2019-10-29 12:29

U.S. forces cross into northeastern Syria to protect oil fields

NBC News - 2019-10-27 13:50
A convoy of U.S. military vehicles crossed the border from Iraq and made its way across northeastern Syria in an effort to prevent oil fields from falling into the hands of ISIS. ...

US Forces Leave Iraq Towards Oil Fields in Syria

BAS News - 2019-10-26 19:59
ERBIL - A convoy of the US forces were photographed on Saturday as crossing the Iraqi border towards the oil fields in neighboring Syria. Local sources told Kurdistan 24 that the US convoy was heading to Deir al-Zour to protect the oils fields there, as ...

Russia says U.S. presence in Syria illegal, protects oil smugglers

E-Kurd - 2019-10-26 16:27
MOSCOW,— Russia’s defense ministry on Saturday attacked U.S. plans to maintain and boost the American military presence in eastern Syria as “international state banditry” motivated by a desire to protect oil smugglers and not by real security concerns. U ...

Protect democracy against social media manipulation | Times Leader

Timesleader - 2019-10-26 03:27

Pentagon: US sending armored vehicles into Syria to protect oil fields – POLITICO

Politico - 2019-10-26 02:11

Pentagon planning to send tanks, armor to Syria to protect oil fields

Usatoday - 2019-10-26 00:45

After Abandoning Them, Trump Asks Kurds to Protect Oilfields

Courthousenews - 2019-10-25 22:48

Trump: US never agreed to protect Kurds in Syria Video - ABC News

GO - 2019-10-25 22:08

Alexander Schallenberg: “Austria will consistently continue its efforts to protect the Syrian civilian population.” - Syrian Arab Republic | ReliefWeb

Reliefweb - 2019-10-25 12:24

U.S. to boost troops protecting oil fields in Syrian Kurdistan, as Kurds start pullback

E-Kurd - 2019-10-25 10:28
QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— The US said Thursday it would beef up its military presence to protect oil fields in Syrian Kurdistan (northeastern Syria ) as Kurdish forces abandoned several positions to comply with a deal allowing Damascus, Ankara and Mos ...

US sends more troops to north-eastern Syria to protect oil fields from Islamic State, Kurds pull out - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

ABC - 2019-10-25 08:31

U.S. forces preparing to protect Syrian oil fields

NBC News - 2019-10-25 06:04
The operation, if approved, would be conducted along with the mostly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces militia, a U.S. official says. ...

US to Send 'Military Assets' to Protect Syrian Oil Fields | Voice of America - English

Voanews - 2019-10-25 03:26

Securing the internet starts with planning and awareness

AEI - 2019-10-25 00:02
Cybersecurity threats can take many shapes and forms, but there are steps businesses and individual consumers can take to better protect their data and digital ecosystems. The post Securing the internet starts with planning and awareness appeared first o ...

Trump suggests Kurds relocate as US considers deploying armored vehicles to protect oil fields - CNNPolitics

CNN - 2019-10-24 22:59

U.S. may keep some troops in Syria to protect oil fields, Pentagon says - Portland Press Herald

Pressherald - 2019-10-24 17:58

Armenian Diaspora in Poland Calls for Action to Protect Kurds against Turkey

BAS News - 2019-10-24 17:19
ERBIL — The Armenian diaspora in Poland sent an open letter to Polish President Andrzej Duda to urge him on “immediate” reaction to the Turkish war against Kurds in Syria. Hraczja Bojadzjan, head of Armenian-Polish Association, criticized the internation ...

Syria pullout: Kurds did more to protect American interests than Trump

Usatoday - 2019-10-24 17:12

Trump Is Actually Keeping Troops in Syria After All — but Not to Protect the Kurds - VICE

VICE - 2019-10-22 22:54

U.S. Plan to Protect Kurdish-Held Syrian Oil Fields Sows Confusion

Foreignpolicy - 2019-10-22 15:08

Trump says US 'never agreed' to protect Syria's Kurds

Al Jazeera - 2019-10-22 09:20
President Trump defends his Syria withdrawal decision as angry Kurds hurl fruit and vegetables at departing American troops. ...

New images show Kurds throwing potatoes, yelling insults at American troops

NBC News - 2019-10-22 07:08
At another location, Kurds are pictured holding signs for U.S. soldiers that say: “tell our children, Kurdish children are dying, and we did nothing to protect them.” ...

U.S. Never Agreed To Protect Kurds For Life, Trump Says Of Syria Withdrawal

Huffpost - 2019-10-22 03:12
“We have a great relationship with the Kurds, but we never agreed to, you know, protect the Kurds,” he said. ...

Trump: We made no deal to protect the Kurds forever

Rûdaw - 2019-10-22 02:33

Trump 'fully prepared' to use military force against Turkey to protect Kurds in Syria [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-10-22 01:09

Trump 'fully prepared' to use military force against Turkey to protect Kurds in Syria | World News | Sky News

SKY - 2019-10-22 00:33

Trump says he may leave some U.S. forces in Syria to protect oil, but not Kurds

NBC News - 2019-10-21 23:05
The president's comments come after Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the Pentagon had discussed keeping some troops in parts of northeastern Syria. ...

Trump: US never agreed to protect Syrian Kurd allies 'for the rest of their lives' - ABC News

GO - 2019-10-21 21:06

No Commitment to Protect Syrian Kurds for "400" Years: Trump

BAS News - 2019-10-21 19:47
ERBIL - In his latest comments on the situation in Syria, US President Donald Trump said on Monday that Washington never gave the Kurds a commitment to Protect them for "400" years. Talking to reporters at the White House, Trump pointed out that the nego ...

U.S. could leave 200 troops inside Syria with Kurds

CBS News - 2019-10-21 16:52
U.S. troops that President Trump said were coming home from Syria are instead moving into Iraq. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the soldiers will continue fighting ISIS. He also said that some of those troops would be left in eastern Syria to protect oi ...

US May Leave Some Troops to Protect Oilfields in Syria: Pentagon Chief

BAS News - 2019-10-21 14:20
ERBIL — Some US troops could stay in Syria to protect the oilfields in eastern part of the country despite Washington’s decision to withdraw, said US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on Monday. “We presently have troops in a couple of cities … right near ...

EU news: Hungary 'prepared to use force' to protect border if Turkey opens gates | World | News |

Express - 2019-10-19 06:45

Kurdish general to U.S.: Either protect us, or 'move aside so we can let in the Russians'

Theweek - 2019-10-18 23:06

Couple hiding gender of 17-month-old baby to protect child from 'unconscious bias' - Mirror Online

Mirror - 2019-10-18 16:19

Kurdish leader says Trump promised he would protect the Kurds

NBC News - 2019-10-18 00:07
"I want him to stay committed to his words," the head of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces said of President Donald Trump. ...

Kurdish commander: Trump approved deal with Russia, Damascus

Washington Times - 2019-10-17 19:43
CEYLANPINAR, Turkey (AP) — The U.S. President Donald Trump did not oppose a deal struck between the Syrian Kurdish-led forces, Russia and the Syrian government in Damascus to protect against a Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria, the commander of the ...

Kurdish commander: Trump approved deal with Russia, Damascus

Seattle Times - 2019-10-17 12:36
CEYLANPINAR, Turkey (AP) — The U.S. President Donald Trump did not oppose a deal struck between the Syrian Kurdish-led forces, Russia and the Syrian government in Damascus to protect against a Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria, the commander of the ...

Kurdish commander: Trump approved deal with Russia, Damascus

Washington Post - 2019-10-17 12:20
The commander of the Syrian Kurdish-led forces says US President Donald Trump did not oppose a deal his group made with Russia and the Syrian government to protect against a Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria ...

Second Syrian Kurdish journalist dies of wounds sustained in Turkish air strike - Committee to Protect Journalists

CPJ - 2019-10-17 12:08

Modifying antitrust law to protect privacy would do more harm than good

AEI - 2019-10-17 00:01
Using antitrust law as a vehicle to address privacy concerns related to online platforms is likely to cause more harm than good for consumers and for competition. The post Modifying antitrust law to protect privacy would do more harm than good appeared f ...

“Turkish invasion of northern Syria helps ISIS”

ANF - 2019-10-16 20:36
At a press conference with Leyla Imret of the HDP, German left-wing party leaders Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger described the Turkish invasion of northern Syria as helping to protect ISIS and called for economic pressure on Turkey. ...

War crimes will continue without a political solution

ANF - 2019-10-16 20:02
United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng, and the United Nations Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect, Karen Smith, expressed their alarm over the situation in NE Syria following the Turkish attack. ...

How the U.S. Military Will Carry Out a Hasty, Risky Withdrawal From Syria

New York Times - 2019-10-16 00:24
The Pentagon will have to disassemble combat bases that were built to stay for a mission that was supposed to last, and protect the troops as they withdraw amid a chaotic battlefield. ...

Esper says US staying in Syria, but withdrawing south of Turkish advance and deal in works to have Russians protect Kurds

Militarytimes - 2019-10-15 20:07

RSF: Northeastern Syria turning into news black hole

ANF - 2019-10-15 15:21
“Any attack on journalists is strictly prohibited under international law, which requires belligerents to protect media personnel along with humanitarian personnel and all other civilians.” ...

America must protect the Kurds from the Turkish tyrant

Jerusalem Post - 2019-10-15 10:02
President Trump’s decision to fire missiles at Syria following a chemical weapons attack early in his term showed a moral conviction that president Obama – for all his talk – lacked. ...

To protect its Kurdish allies, Israel must stand up to Turkey | +972 Magazine

972mag - 2019-10-15 08:31

Scrambling after U.S. pullout, Europeans fear security peril from Turkish assault on Kurds

Seattle Times - 2019-10-15 03:19
BRUSSELS – European leaders said Monday that they were facing a direct security threat as a result of Turkey’s assault on Kurdish positions in Syria, as France scrambled to protect its troops inside the country, Belgium warned that it could face terroris ...

Syrian Kurdish journalist killed in Turkish airstrike on civilian convoy - Committee to Protect Journalists

CPJ - 2019-10-15 01:53

Syrian Kurds say deal backed by Russia to protect border, politics later

E-Kurd - 2019-10-14 18:37
BEIRUT,— A U.S. pullback from Syrian Kurdistan has cost Kurdish leaders bargaining power with Damascus in their bid to secure their autonomy and left their fate hinging on its ally Russia. Syrian Kurdish officials said on Monday a deal with Damascus, whi ...

CPJ condemns Turkish attack that killed a Kurdish journalist

ANF - 2019-10-14 14:47
The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) condemned the Turkish air strike on a civilian convoy that killed journalist Saad Ahmed and injured at least four other reporters. ...

Europeans warn of security peril from Turkey’s assault on Kurds in Syria

Washington Post - 2019-10-14 12:12
France was scrambling to protect its troops amid frustration with Washington’s abrupt pullout. ...

How the Pentagon plans to protect American forces in Syria from Turkish attacks

Defensenews - 2019-10-14 11:10

Syrian Kurdish leaders: Damascus deal to protect border, politics later - Reuters

Reuters - 2019-10-14 11:04

Élysée: We'll take measures to protect civilians and our soldiers

ANF - 2019-10-14 09:05
The French presidency said on Monday it was taking measures to ensure the safety of its military and civilian personnel in northeastern Syria. ...

U.S. envoy warns Turkey of consequences for failure to protect Kurds in Syria - Xinhua |

Xinhuanet - 2019-10-13 14:07

Trump: Turkey will face ‘swift, strong, and severe’ sanctions if it doesn't protect religious minorities in Syria

Washingtonexaminer - 2019-10-13 12:01

Kurdish general to U.S.: Either protect us, or 'move aside so we can let in the Russians'

Yahoo - 2019-10-13 09:30

Exclusive: Kurdish Allies Learned of Trump's Syria Pullout on Twitter: "We Were Like, 'What Is This Sh*t?'"

Newsweek - 2019-10-12 22:38
Donald Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from positions in Syria blindsided everyone. "To protect your friends, you've got to tell them the truth," said a former U.S. official. ...
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