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Republicans challenge Biden's Pentagon policy nominee on Iran - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Al Monitor - 2021-03-05 03:34

Senate Republicans criticize funding priorities in COVID relief bill

Yahoo - 2021-03-04 13:25

Irish republicans pay tribute to Bobby Sands by reading his diary entries

ANF - 2021-03-01 00:24
Former Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams says that to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Bobby Sands hunger strike, 17 activists will read one of Bobby's 17 diary entries. ...

Can Republicans maintain a conservative-populist alliance? An interview with Henry Olsen

AEI - 2021-02-26 00:02
Henry Olsen explores whether a conservative-populist alliance is workable — and what such an alliance should look like — now that the Trump presidency has concluded. The post Can Republicans maintain a conservative-populist alliance? An interview with Hen ...

Rep. Tim Ryan: Republicans spreading lies during Capitol riot hearing a 'complete insult'

Yahoo - 2021-02-24 20:55

Democrats say they can’t work with Republicans. Why not?

AEI - 2021-02-24 00:03
“I came in expressing a strong spirit of bipartisanship,” President Barack Obama said, “and what was clear was that even in the midst of crisis, there were those who made decisions based on a quick political calculus rather than on what the country needed ...

Biden Issues Stimulus Challenge To Republicans: ‘What Would They Have Me Cut?’

Forbes - 2021-02-20 10:43

US capital hill violence republicans created riots know reasons why trump got defeated | US capital hill violence: डोनाल्ड ट्रंप का आखिरी दांव भी बेकार, इन पांच कारणों से हुई थी हार - दैनिक भास्कर हिंदी

Bhaskarhindi - 2021-02-19 00:06

Democrats flip the Senate in a devastating blow to Trump and Republicans

Yahoo - 2021-02-17 08:00

Republicans who voted to convict Trump face backlash within their party

Yahoo - 2021-02-17 06:45

Why some Republicans voted to convict Trump and others didn’t | FiveThirtyEight

Yahoo - 2021-02-17 03:45

Backlash grows against Republicans who voted to convict Trump

Yahoo - 2021-02-17 00:23

अमेरिकाः ट्रंप के खिलाफ महाभियोग के लिए 215 डेमोक्रेट्स और 5 रिपब्लिकन का समर्थन - america 215 democrats and 5 republicans support for impeachment against trump

Punjabkesari - 2021-02-17 00:13

Pelosi scoffs at 'cowardly' Senate Republicans

Yahoo - 2021-02-16 21:42

POLITICO Playbook: Republicans can’t quit Trump - POLITICO

Politico - 2021-02-16 13:15

Republicans divided after Trump impeachment acquittal

Yahoo - 2021-02-16 02:30

Kamala Harris in favor of Republicans getting vaccine after downplaying COVID-19

Yahoo - 2021-02-16 02:06

Republicans face backlash for voting with Democrats to convict Trump

Yahoo - 2021-02-16 00:52

Group of Republicans look to form anti-Trump party

Yahoo - 2021-02-15 19:26

Trump acquitted in second impeachment trial, seven Republicans join Democrats to convict

Yahoo - 2021-02-15 14:38

Evan McMullin says a group of Republicans will primary Trump allies Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ)

Yahoo - 2021-02-15 03:05

106 House Republicans support suit challenging blue states' election results — including 16 re-elected on the same ballots

Yahoo - 2021-02-15 02:46

Seven Senate Republicans join Democrats in unsuccessful vote to convict former President Trump

Yahoo - 2021-02-15 01:24

Trump acquitted in 2nd impeachment trial with 7 Republicans voting to convict

Yahoo - 2021-02-14 20:45

Trump acquittal: Pelosi condemns 'cowardly' Republicans

Yahoo - 2021-02-14 10:46

Trump trial begins but Republicans signal likely acquittal

Yahoo - 2021-02-11 07:10

Kamala Harris supports Republicans who downplayed COVID-19 getting early vaccine

Yahoo - 2021-02-10 22:59

Trump isn't where Republicans' authoritarian problem began

Yahoo - 2021-02-07 18:04

The political right needs to change course on elections reform

AEI - 2021-02-02 00:02
If Republicans want to set themselves up to win future elections, they need to think better about elections and how to reform them. The opportunities are there, as the 2020 election indicated, but seizing them will require the confidence and creativity to ...

Many Republicans remain doggedly loyal to Twitterless Trump

Yahoo - 2021-01-28 00:41

'Stay home' orders lifted, Republicans accuse governor of acting on whims and political pressure

Yahoo - 2021-01-26 03:45

Republicans are leaving Democrats with another mess to clean up - Las Vegas Sun Newspaper

Lasvegassun - 2021-01-20 11:20

To all the Republicans finally denouncing Donald Trump - you facilitated him every step of the way

Inews - 2021-01-14 17:29

Will pro-impeachment Republicans have any future influence in GOP?

Yahoo - 2021-01-14 12:09

Trump impeachment: Republicans defend - and some attack - president

BBC - 2021-01-14 02:02
Ten Republicans voted to impeach the president this time - but most in the party came to his defence. ...

As Biden passes 'safe harbor' milestone, Republicans on inaugural committee refuse to say he won

Yahoo - 2021-01-10 07:22

FBI executes search warrants on former TN House Speaker Casada, other Republicans

Yahoo - 2021-01-09 14:07

House Republicans planning to challenge Biden’s Electoral College victory

Yahoo - 2021-01-01 20:08

Some Republicans express outrage at Trump's Defense Bill veto

Yahoo - 2020-12-30 07:10

Sen Perdue: Republicans fighting against an 'aggressive' liberal plan that's so dangerous

Yahoo - 2020-12-30 02:40

Senate Republicans will decide fate of $2,000 stimulus checks

Yahoo - 2020-12-29 23:18

Why Are Republicans Mispronouncing Kamala Harris’ Name? Racism.

Yahoo - 2020-12-25 23:49

Rand Paul blasts Republicans as no better than socialists for backing huge stimulus

Yahoo - 2020-12-23 15:54

Republicans, Democrats reach agreement clearing way for virus relief vote - WSJ

Yahoo - 2020-12-22 00:08

Kamala Harris fires back at Republicans who mockingly mispronounce her name

Yahoo - 2020-12-18 03:49

Republicans demand answers about Hunter Biden dealings, investigation

Yahoo - 2020-12-12 12:50

U.S. Senate committee approves Turkey sanctions bill

ANF - 2020-12-12 08:50
Many lawmakers, Trump’s fellow Republicans as well as Democrats, are angry about Turkey’s S-400 purchase, which they see as a threat to NATO defenses. ...

New Hampshire House Speaker Dies of COVID-19 After Close Contact with Fellow Republicans | Democracy Now!

Democracynow - 2020-12-12 06:21

More Republicans Joining Latest Effort By President Trump To Challenge The Vote

Yahoo - 2020-12-11 20:56

Sen. Mitt Romney slams Republicans who are threatening to protest the Electoral College vote

Yahoo - 2020-12-11 18:37

Newt Gingrich tells Republicans to ignore Senate boycott demands | Daily Mail Online

Dailymail - 2020-12-05 01:33

Seth Meyers: Republicans Are ‘Whiniest Little Babies in the World’ About Kamala Harris (Video)

Yahoo - 2020-12-04 21:40

Jake Sherman thinks ‘Republicans are not going to stop talking about Donald Trump’ anytime soon

Yahoo - 2020-12-01 17:41

In California: State tells Republicans to remove unofficial 'illegal' ballot boxes

MSN - 2020-11-27 00:15

Give it a rest, Republicans — no one wants to take away Turkey Day |

Salon - 2020-11-26 07:48

Almost-Speaker McCarthy

AEI - 2020-11-24 00:05
Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy came within approximately 35,000 votes — 0.02 percent — of becoming Speaker of the House. House Republicans are within striking distance of the majority in 2022. The post Almost-Speaker McCarthy appeared first on American En ...

Republicans Are Suddenly Afraid of Democracy - The Atlantic

Theatlantic - 2020-11-23 16:33

Republicans slam DC Mayor Bowser over response to violence after 'MAGA March'

Yahoo - 2020-11-21 23:02

The dangerous headlines of The New York Times

AEI - 2020-11-21 00:04
Biden’s message of unity and the idea of working with others are welcomed by most Americans, so The New York Times' indication that Republicans are uninterested in compromising with Biden is incorrect and stokes the flames of the culture wars. The post Th ...

Waking up after the long hangover of the Trump era

Seth Frantzman - 2020-11-08 19:57
By SETH J. FRANTZMAN Election night 2016. I won’t forget it. It began in downtown Jerusalem at a bar called Mike’s Place where the Republicans in Israel had gathered. They […] ...

How do Democrats and Republicans Differ on Palestine and Israel? – Middle East Monitor

Middleeastmonitor - 2020-11-07 18:28

Beyond 230: Reframing the conservative debate over social media regulation

AEI - 2020-11-05 00:04
Section 230 is a suboptimal vehicle to address some Republicans’ concerns that social media disproportionately silences conservatives. Are there other legal frameworks that could be a better fit? The post Beyond 230: Reframing the conservative debate over ...

Are America’s best days ahead?

AEI - 2020-11-03 00:05
Democrats and Republicans are equally optimistic about America’s future, at 62 and 61 percent, respectively. It’s a nice thought on which to conclude the 2020 campaign. The post Are America’s best days ahead? appeared first on American Enterprise Institut ...

Trump Is Urging Republicans to Break the Law | The Nation

Thenation - 2020-10-16 12:06

Republicans due to kick off Donald Trump re-election bid | Euronews

Euronews - 2020-10-15 14:06

President Trump faces “big divide” with Senate Republicans on stimulus: HuffPost Senior Reporter Arthur Delaney

Yahoo - 2020-10-14 00:15

Some Republicans Object to Trump’s Ousting of State Department Watchdog - WSJ

WSJ - 2020-10-13 15:18

Trump’s Emphasis on Racial Divides Worries Republicans - WSJ

WSJ - 2020-10-01 20:44

How Trump Has Changed the Republicans - WSJ

WSJ - 2020-10-01 20:44

Mueller prosecutor once said that if Republicans 'retain the House, we all need to retain criminal lawyers' [Video]

Yahoo - 2020-09-30 06:06

Turkey opens ground assault on Syria's Kurds; U.S. Republicans turn on Trump | Reuters

Reuters - 2020-09-11 06:22

Una mina de la resistència kurda mata 1 militar iranià

KurdisCat - 2020-09-09 21:41
Dos membres més del Cos de Guàrdies Republicans Islàmics (IRGC), declarat terrorista pels EUA, han quedat ferits. La mina va esclatar a Mariwan el 3 de setembre i Hengaw ho va comunicar dilluns. Cap moviment de la resistència s'ha atribuït l'acció. ...

The Latina Progressive Who Faced Down Texas Republicans - POLITICO

Politico - 2020-09-02 13:22

Donald Trump divides Republicans as RNC 2020 closes | Americas| North and South American news impacting on Europe | DW | 27.08.2020

DW - 2020-08-28 01:23

RNC: Republicans spent Day 1 defending Trump's virus response

Usatoday - 2020-08-25 16:30

24/08/2020 Republicans renominate Trump at scaled-back convention in North Carolina

ESTA - 2020-08-24 19:56

Senate Republicans preparing $500B virus relief proposal - WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather | Indiana Traffic

Wishtv - 2020-08-19 18:02

Time for National Security Republicans to Decide: American National Security or Donald Trump | The National Interest

Nationalinterest - 2020-08-17 17:54

Republicans don’t make a case for regulating Big Tech

AEI - 2020-08-06 00:01
The House Judiciary Committee’s hearing featuring Big Tech CEOs could’ve been divided into two hearings: one for Democrats, who largely want to control the companies’ business models and finances, and another for Republicans, who mostly want a say in the ...

Trump team, Senate Republicans agree on coronavirus aid offer to Democrats, United States News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

Straitstimes - 2020-08-01 14:14

Stimulus Talks: How Democrats, Republicans, Trump Split on Coronavirus Bill - WSJ

WSJ - 2020-08-01 03:47

Supply chain measure in HEALS Act casts light on China and intellectual property

AEI - 2020-08-01 00:37
Amid the ongoing debate over the $1 trillion HEALS Act proposed by Senate Republicans, aspects of China policy, intellectual property, and the coronavirus have begun to intersect. The post Supply chain measure in HEALS Act casts light on China and intelle ...

Trumps light the tree and bring anti-impeachment Republicans as guests | Daily Mail Online

Dailymail - 2020-07-20 22:04

Republicans Demand Trump Answer on Alleged Russian Bounties in Afghanistan

Foreignpolicy - 2020-07-01 06:14

Republicans criticize Trump's plan to pull US troops from Germany -

Csmonitor - 2020-06-20 01:39

Swing-state Republicans pin virus fallout on Democrats

Clickorlando - 2020-06-10 18:46

Do conservatives and Republicans think too much about taxes?

AEI - 2020-05-23 00:06
While aggressive tax cuts certainly won’t jeopardize the future of western civilization, we also shouldn't overly emphasize taxes as a way of influencing growth at the expense of other policy ideas. The post Do conservatives and Republicans think too much ...

Republicans denounce Trump over troop withdrawal from Syria

Presstories - 2020-05-20 17:29

State legislative contests and the 2020 Census

AEI - 2020-05-12 00:02
There will be more than 5,000 state legislative contests this fall. New projections suggest a small net gain for the Democrats in state Senate seats and a small net gain for Republicans in state House seats. The post State legislative contests and the 202 ...

About 50 Republicans are going to decide whether America becomes a dictatorship | Will Bunch

Inquirer - 2020-05-10 18:22

POLITICO Playbook: What Democrats and Republicans are telling us about Wednesday’s impeachment show - POLITICO

Politico - 2020-05-09 02:53

POLITICO Playbook: What Republicans want on impeachment - POLITICO

Politico - 2020-05-08 17:11

Democrats get a new impeachment bombshell — and Republicans get a clip for their counter attack - POLITICO

Politico - 2020-05-08 14:37

Swing-state Republicans pin virus fallout on Democrats | Times Leader

Timesleader - 2020-04-24 21:26

Lindsey Graham, Republicans Hit Trump Abandoning Kurds in Syria - Bloomberg

Bloomberg - 2020-04-21 11:33

Michael Moore: Republicans Who Oppose Impeachment Are “Dying Dinosaurs,” But Trump Could Win in 2020 | Democracy Now!

Democracynow - 2020-04-15 03:44

POLITICO Playbook PM: How the Republicans are making impeachment more likely - POLITICO

Politico - 2020-03-04 22:53

Trump appointed Bolton because Republicans desperately need Adelson’s money – Mondoweiss

Mondoweiss - 2020-02-22 01:39

Republicans, Democrats clash over meaning of Trump’s acquittal: A.M. News Links -

Cleveland - 2020-02-06 16:41

Republicans slam president while defending their expected acquittal of Trump at his Senate trial [Video]

Yahoo - 2020-02-06 08:05
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