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Four PUK Officials Abandon the Party as Internal Rifts Grow

BAS News - 2019-12-11 15:16
ERBIL — Four senior member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) announced their resignation from the party on Wednesday for what they call “injustice”. According to a statement shared with BasNews, four members of PUK representation office in Garmya ...

Iraqi protesters demand resignation of president Barham Salih

E-Kurd - 2019-12-10 17:08
BAGHDAD,— Protesters in Baghdad and across the southern provinces are calling for Iraqi president Barham Salih’s resignation after the country’s prime minister stepped down. A protest organizer said on Tuesday that a key demand of those in the streets is ...

Iraqi Protesters Demand President’s Resignation

BAS News - 2019-12-10 11:34
ERBIL — Protesters in Baghdad and across the southern provinces are calling for President Barham Salih’s resignation after the country’s prime minister stepped down, a Kurdish lawmaker said. Activists called on protesters in other provinces to join a mas ...

Difficult to Appoint New Iraq’s PM Before Constitutional Deadline: MP

BAS News - 2019-12-08 14:17
ERBIL — Iraq is faced with new challenges as it seems to be “very difficult” to appoint a new prime minister within the constitutional timeline, said a Kurdish lawmaker. Following the resignation of Adil Abdul Mahdi from Iraq’s premiership, the country’s ...

Despite PM's Resignation, Iraqi Protesters Stay on Streets

BAS News - 2019-12-04 21:20
ERBIL - Although Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi has resigned from Iraq's premiership, protesters have so far remained determined to stay on the streets, with the death toll continuing to rise. Iraq's High Commission of Human Rights said on Wednesday tha ...

Iraqi PM formally submits resignation amid more violence | Arab News

Arabnews - 2019-12-04 10:39

Sadr: Abdul Mahdi's resignation does not mean the end of corruption in Iraq

Kurdistan24 - 2019-12-02 22:47

Iraqi Lawmakers Considering Establishment of Largest Bloc

BAS News - 2019-12-02 20:05
ERBIL - Iraqi lawmakers are reportedly considering the establishment of a largest bloc and nominating a new prime minister for the country after Adil Abdul Mahdi's resignation from premiership. Iraqi reports said that the lawmakers from the alliance of a ...

Iraqis Continue Protests, Call for Resignation of All Top Officials

BAS News - 2019-12-02 12:13
ERBIL — Protests continue in Iraq with rising casualties while people are calling for the resignation of all top officials in the country after Adil Abdul Mahdi stepped down from premiership over the weekend. According to the latest reports, massive demo ...

KRG delegation will visit Baghdad to push for the provision of the budget and salaries, and the constitutional rights of the Peshmerga and Kurdistan Region

Ministry of Peshmerga - 2019-12-02 03:33
Media Center, Ministry of Peshmerga The recent developments and political situation in Iraq, coupled with the resignation of Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abd-alMahdi, poses a number of questions, particularly in regards to Erbil-Baghdad relations and the a ...

Iraqi parliament votes to formally accept prime minister's resignation

Kurdistan24 - 2019-12-02 00:31

Iraqi parliament approves resignation of PM Adel Abdul Mahdi

E-Kurd - 2019-12-01 18:43
BAGHDAD,— Iraq’s parliament voted on Sunday to accept the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, following weeks of violent anti-government protests that have rocked the country. Abdul Mahdi’s decision to quit on Friday came after a call by Iraq ...

Sadr's Sairoon Gives Public Right to Decide on PM's Successor

BAS News - 2019-12-01 18:13
ERBIL - Although the Sairoon alliance, led by Iraqi powerful Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, has the official right to nominate a new PM for the country after Adil Abdul Mahdi's resignation from the premiership, the largest parliamentary bloc has left the c ...

Iraqi Parliament approves the resignation of Prime Minister

ANF - 2019-12-01 14:51
The Iraqi Parliament has approved the resignation of Prime Minister. ...

Iraqi Parliament Approves Adil Abdul Mahdi's Resignation

BAS News - 2019-12-01 12:42
Details to follow... ...

Iraqi Protesters Call for Dismissal of President after PM’s Resignation: MP

BAS News - 2019-12-01 09:02
ERBIL — Following Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi’s announcement of resignation, Iraqi protesters are now pushing for resignation or dismissal of country’s president, Barham Salih, said a lawmaker. Abdul Mahdi said on Friday that he was resigning in hope ...

Iraqi Parliament to Discuss PM’s Resignation Today

BAS News - 2019-12-01 08:13
ERBIL — The Parliament of Iraq is set to convene today and discuss Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi’s resignation on Sunday in an extraordinary session. Abdul Mahdi handed said he was stepping down on Friday after Shia religious leadership called on top a ...

KRG delegation to revisit Baghdad for bilateral talks despite Iraqi gov. resignation bid

Kurdistan24 - 2019-11-30 23:54

Sadr's Sairoon Not to Participate in Future Government

BAS News - 2019-11-30 21:41
ERBIL - Iraqi powerful Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr revealed on Saturday that his Sairoon coalition will not participate in the future government as Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi has officially handed in his resignation to the parliament. According to a ...

Iraqi PM Officially Hands in Resignation to Parliament: Source

BAS News - 2019-11-30 19:35
ERBIL - A source from the Iraqi Council of Representatives revealed on Saturday that Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi had officially handed in his resignation to the parliament. Anadolu Agency cited the source who spoke on condition of anonymity as saying ...

Iraqi PM Asks Ministers to Stay after His Resignation

BAS News - 2019-11-30 15:10
ERBIL — Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi on Saturday requested his cabinet ministers to stay in their positions after his resignation until a new PM is appointed and a new government is formed. The call came during an extraordinary cabinet meeting, ...

Iraqi Parliament to Convene and Discuss PM’s Resignation

BAS News - 2019-11-30 09:33
ERBIL — Iraqi parliament is set to hold a session on Sunday to discuss the resignation of Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi. According to the information obtained by BasNews, MPs are called to prepare for Sunday’s session, and Kurdish lawmakers have alread ...

PM announces resignation, five more demonstrators killed in Iraq

ANF - 2019-11-29 19:03
While Iraq's Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced his resignation in view of the massive protests in the country, five more protesters were killed in Nasiriyah. ...

Iraqi PM Adel Abdul Mahdi says he will resign over anti-government protests

E-Kurd - 2019-11-29 16:21
BAGHDAD,— Iraqi PM Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Friday he would offer his resignation to parliament to allow lawmakers to choose a new government, in a move that follows weeks of violent anti-government protests. Abdul Mahdi’s decision came in response to a ...

Iraqi Prime Minister to Step Down as Deadly Protests Continue

BAS News - 2019-11-29 15:01
ERBIL — Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi said he will hand in his resignation to the country’s parliament. Abdul Mahdi explained in a short statement on Friday that he hopes the parliament will explore all the option after his resignation to address ...

Dhi Qar Governor Resigns After Tens Killed in Southern Iraq Protests

BAS News - 2019-11-29 13:57
ERBIL — Governor of Iraq’s Dhi Qar province handed in his resignation after dozens of protesters were killed by the security forces in Nasiriyah. According to officials, at least 33 people were shot dead on Thursday by the security forces in Nisiriyah. A ...

Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri submits resignation amid mass protests - Vox

VOX - 2019-11-27 22:27

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams White House adviser Stephen Miller as 'white nationalist' and calls for his resignation [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-11-20 14:50

Confusion as Nineveh council votes on purported resignation of governor

Kurdistan24 - 2019-11-20 07:51

Nineveh Governor Denies Reports of Resignation

BAS News - 2019-11-19 19:49
ERBIL - Nineveh Governor Mansour Marid has rejected reports claiming that he had handed in his resignation letter. Earlier the day, Iraqi reports claimed that the Nineveh Provincial Council had approved Marid's resignation letter, while a member of the c ...

Nineveh Council Approves Governor’s Resignation: Member

BAS News - 2019-11-19 12:51
ERBIL — The Provincial Governor of Nineveh in Iraq on Tuesday approved Governor Mansour Marid’s resignation. Ghzwan Dawoodi, a member of the council confirmed the report to BasNews and said that the first governor deputy was appointed as the acting gover ...

The future of Lebanon after Hariri resignation - Modern Diplomacy

Moderndiplomacy - 2019-11-16 03:27

Serok dewletê Bolîvyayê dest ji kar kêşa

BAS News - 2019-11-11 09:30
BasNews - Serokê Dewletê yê Bolîvyayê Ev Morales dest ji kar berda. On live TV, President Evo Morales announced his resignation. #Bolivia — Luis Velarde (@luivelarde) November 10, 2019 Serokê Dewletê yê ...

Iraqi PM to Stay in Power: Report

BAS News - 2019-11-09 18:48
ERBIL - Although protests against the Iraqi government have been intensified with demands for the resignation of the premier, several political parties have agreed on keeping PM Adil Abdul Mahdi in power, a report revealed on Saturday. AFP cited two sour ...

Lebanon crisis: PM Hariri offers resignation amid protests

BBC - 2019-10-30 01:02
Saad Hariri says the country needs a shock to end its deadlock, after a wave of demonstrations. ...

Death of 12 babies shakes Tunisia, prompts resignation of health minister - Al Arabiya English

Alarabiya - 2019-10-27 22:01

Acosta resignation: 'I hate to see this happen,' says Trump – video | US news | The Guardian

The Guardian - 2019-10-14 09:50

Trump calls for resignation of New York Times employees involved with Kavanaugh 'smear' story [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-10-08 02:29

Iran’s Rouhani rejects FM’s resignation letter – Middle East Monitor

Middleeastmonitor - 2019-10-05 19:25

Sadr Calls for Government's Resignation as Protests Intensified

BAS News - 2019-10-04 23:17
ERBIL - Iraqi powerful Shia cleric and leader of Sairoon Alliance, Muqtada al-Sadr, called on Friday for the government to resign as protests across the country have intensified against corruption and lack of services. He also called for an early electio ...

Why the Resignation of a Key Scottish Leader Is a Sign the U.K. Could Break Apart Over Brexit [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-08-30 12:20

Italy government crisis: PM Conte quits amid coalition row

BBC - 2019-08-21 00:11
Giuseppe Conte's resignation came after he accused his coalition partner of being "irresponsible". ...

Puerto Rico governor's resignation has not stopped protests as demonstrators look to root out corruption [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-07-27 06:37

Puerto Rico governor resigned following mass protests

ANF - 2019-07-26 08:36
Popular mobilization achieved the resignation of the Governor of Puerto Rico. ...

Political crisis in Puerto Rico follows leaks on government

ANF - 2019-07-19 10:48
More than 900 pages of conversations, through chats, among members of the government of Puerto Rico has provoked a deep political crisis, accompanied by numerous demonstrations demanding the resignation of the Governor. ...

'Selfish for me to stay': Acosta, Trump address press after labor secretary submits resignation [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-07-14 14:45

'He doesn't have to do this': Trump stands behind Acosta after resignation announcement [Video]

Yahoo - 2019-07-13 20:19

Former economy czar’s resignation from Turkey’s ruling AKP sparks talk of rival party

Al Monitor - 2019-07-09 23:44

Sinn Féin: Last resignation shows extent of Brexit chaos

ANF - 2019-06-28 09:05
Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has said the latest resignation of a top British government Brexit official shows the chaos of the Tory Brexit agenda. ...

James Mattis: what defence secretary's resignation means for Syria, Afghanistan and NATO, as Trump leans in to Putin

Theconversation - 2019-06-04 11:23

Theresa May Was a Bad PM, But Her Resignation Will do Nothing to Arrest Britain’s Long-Term Decline

Counterpunch - 2019-05-28 14:18

Italy's Di Maio says no one within 5-Star party asked for his resignation

Yahoo - 2019-05-28 06:16

UK poll: Post-May, 65% see Britain in state of crisis

Waar Media - 2019-05-25 18:38
WAAR_DUHOK Following the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday, nearly two-thirds of Britons believe the U.K. is in a state of crisis, with most favoring a general election once a new leader is in place, according to a new survey. The poll, ...

Theresa May cries as she announces her resignation

Kurdiu - 2019-05-25 18:21

Theresa May was a bad PM – but her resignation will do nothing to arrest Britain’s long-term decline | The Independent

Independent - 2019-05-25 00:24

UK holds EU election amid calls for PM’s resignation

Waar Media - 2019-05-23 14:09
WAAR_DUHOK British voters are casting their votes on Thursday to elect the new members of the European Parliament amidst a government crisis, which has sparked over Brexit. The polls, which would never go ahead in Britain if the U.K. had managed to pass ...

Crack Deepening Among New Generation Movement Leadership: Co-founder Resigns

BAS News - 2019-05-03 00:24
ERBIL - The New Generation Movement is suffering from the hardest times following a crack among the party's senior members and the resignation of a co-founder. The internal tensions arose after the founder of the party Shaswar Abdulwahid was criticized b ...

In Mattis resignation, a singular challenge to Trump's agenda - Reuters

Reuters - 2019-04-25 00:25

Algeria Constitution Council head resigns amid protests

Waar Media - 2019-04-16 16:31
WAAR_DUHOK Tayeb Belaiz, head of Algeria’s Constitutional Council, announced his resignation on Tuesday amid continued demonstrations demanding the departure of all government officials affiliated with former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. “Belaiz has t ...

Sudan’s Bashir Steps Down As President: Military

Waar Media - 2019-04-11 12:19
WAAR_DUHOK Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has stepped down, military sources claimed on Thursday in the wake of continued calls for his resignation. A transitional government has been formed by the army in order to rule the country in the upcoming peri ...

Homeland Security's acting deputy secretary offered resignation to Trump: Nielsen

Yahoo - 2019-04-10 10:21

Vor der Wahl in der Türkei - Misstrauen, Resignation, aber auch Hoffnung liegen in der Luft | rbb|24

Rbb24 - 2019-04-02 08:35

Algeria: Hundreds of thousands march for President Bouteflika's removal

BBC - 2019-03-30 00:17
Police use water cannon and tear gas as protesters demand the resignation of President Bouteflika. ...

UK's May expected to set resignation date on Wednesday: Sun newspaper

Yahoo - 2019-03-26 13:33

Intel: Iran’s top diplomat offers resignation after being iced out of Syria talks

Al Monitor - 2019-03-20 23:29

Vatican: Pope declines to accept resignation of French cardinal convicted of failing to report pedophile

Yahoo - 2019-03-20 02:54

Jim Mattis’ Resignation Was Just a Beginning. When The Commander in Chief Is ‘Unfit,’ What’s a General to Do?

Thedailybeast - 2019-03-09 18:09

Zarif’s resignation the beginning of the militarization of the Iranian diplomacy? - Modern Diplomacy

Moderndiplomacy - 2019-03-09 17:11

Resignation of dozens of change movement cadres

Kurdiu - 2019-03-02 14:56

Rouhani Rejects Resignation of Iran Foreign Minister Zarif

Waar Media - 2019-02-27 10:29
WAAR_DUHOK (Reuters) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rejected on Wednesday the resignation of Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, standing by a moderate ally long targeted by hardliners in internal factional struggles over a 2015 nuclear deal with ...

Iran’s Rouhani rejects FM Zarif’s resignation – Tasnim

Rûdaw - 2019-02-27 09:59
"Your resignation is against the interest of the country" ...

Iranian President Rejects FM Zarif’s Resignation

BAS News - 2019-02-27 09:38
ERBIL — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday rejected the resignation of country’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. The foreign minister announced his resignation on Monday in an Instagram post. As the Supreme Leader has described you a ‘t ...

Iran’s foreign minister hopes resignation empowers diplomats

Gulan Media - 2019-02-26 15:55

Netanyahu on Zarif’s Resignation: Good Riddance

BAS News - 2019-02-26 15:31
ERBIL — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed pleasure at Mohammad Javad Zarif’s resignation as the Iranian foreign minister. Zarif announced his resignation on his Instagram account on Monday. Zarif is gone, good riddance," Netanyahu w ...

Zarif resignation prompted by Assad visit to Iran: sources in Tehran

Rûdaw - 2019-02-26 15:11
“They went over my head. This is undermining my authority” ...

Iran MPs Call For Rejecting Zarif’s Resignation

Waar Media - 2019-02-26 15:05
WAAR_DUHOK Some 150 Iranian lawmakers on Tuesday called on the country’s President Hassan Rouhani to reject Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s resignation, according to a parliamentary statement. Heshamatollah Falahatpishe, head of the National Security and ...

Zarif Indicates Infighting Led Him to Resign

BAS News - 2019-02-26 11:17
ERBIL — Mohammad Javad Zarif handed in his resignation from his position as the Iranian foreign minister on Monday, indicating infighting as the reason for his decision in a later comment. Cited by Jomhuri Eslami newspaper on Tuesday, Zarif said his coun ...

US Policy Towards Iran Remains Unchanged after Zarif: Pompeo

BAS News - 2019-02-26 11:17
ERBIL — US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated his country’s firm position towards the Islamic Republic of Iran after Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif handed in his resignation a few hours earlier. “We note Zarif’s resignation. We’ll see if it ...

Iranian lawmakers demand Rouhani reject FM Zarif's resignation

Kurdistan24 - 2019-02-26 10:26

Iran FM Zarif announces resignation via Instagram

Rûdaw - 2019-02-25 23:34

Iranian FM Hands in Resignation

BAS News - 2019-02-25 22:30
ERBIL - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif announced his resignation on Monday in a surprising post on his Instagram page. "I am apologizing to you for all the the past years during my time as the foreign minister ... I thank ...

PUK dismisses ex-Kirkuk Governor from party eight months after his resignation

Kurdistan24 - 2019-02-17 08:51

Why the Resignation of James Mattis Is Especially Concerning – Rolling Stone

Rollingstone - 2019-02-13 17:15

Pentagon chief James Mattis cites differences with Donald Trump in resignation letter -

UPI - 2019-02-04 03:20

Mass Resignation of New Generation Members in Soran

BAS News - 2019-02-03 13:23
ERBIL — Several leading members have abandoned the New Generation Movement after accusing the party of making false and defamatory accusals against former members. Khalis Harki handed in his resignation as the organizer of New Generation Movement’s Soran ...

Mattis Resignation Could Be 'Beginning of the Functional End' of Trump's Presidency, Meet the Press Host Says

Newsweek - 2019-01-30 14:16

Palestinian President Accepts Cabinet’s Resignation

Waar Media - 2019-01-30 09:12
WAAR_DUHOK Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and his Cabinet, according to the official news agency Wafa. Abbas has now appointed Hamdallah the caretaker prime minister until a new Ca ...

Scathing resignation letter to Trump | Northern Star

Northernstar - 2019-01-22 19:30

Former Top Pentagon Official Speaks On Mattis' Resignation, Syria and Afghanistan - 9 & 10 News

9and10news - 2019-01-20 14:27

Pentagon faces year-end turmoil, uncertainty in wake of Mattis resignation

Washingtonexaminer - 2019-01-20 11:38

EPA officials continue to depart agency after Pruitt resignation

Washingtonexaminer - 2019-01-19 14:39

Kuwait’s ruler accepts cabinet resignation — state news agency | Arab News

Arabnews - 2019-01-18 02:04

Mattis’s resignation was a scathing indictment of Trump’s foreign policy - Vox

VOX - 2019-01-17 21:54

Analysts: Turkey May Pay Heavy Price for Iraqi Kurdish Leader's Resignation

Voanews - 2019-01-16 01:57

Europe responds with alarm to US defence secretary's resignation | US news | The Guardian

The Guardian - 2019-01-14 21:51

Trump's Syria Pullout Is On, Despite Mattis Resignation - The Atlantic

Theatlantic - 2019-01-14 21:05

After shock of Mattis resignation, another narrative emerges - CNNPolitics

CNN - 2019-01-14 18:57

James Mattis resignation: America's last 72 hours merit the term "historic" - CNNPolitics

CNN - 2019-01-14 03:36

Ex-CIA Officer: Mattis Resignation Increases Info War to Reverse US' Syria Exit - Sputnik International

Sputnik - 2019-01-08 16:20

James Mattis's Resignation Leaves Congress With No Excuses - The Atlantic

Theatlantic - 2019-01-08 14:05

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