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YBŞ fighter dies in fatal accident in Khanasor, Shengal

ANF - 2020-08-07 17:34
YBŞ fighter Şoreş Hebabî died in Khanasor as a result of a fatal accident. ...

Activistas en Darmstadt condenan la masacre de Shengal

ANF - 2020-08-06 06:06
Las protestas contra el genocidio de ISIS en Shengal continúan en todo el mundo. ...

Activists in Darmstadt condemned Shengal massacre

ANF - 2020-08-05 08:23
The genocide attacks carried out by ISIS mercenaries against Shengal on 3 August 2014 were protested in Darmstadt, Germany. ...

Demo in Berlin against femicide and genocide in Shengal

ANF - 2020-08-04 21:11
The initiatives "Gemeinsam Kämpfen", "Dest-Dan" and "Women Defend Rojava" have promoted a rally in Berlin on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the femicide and genocide in Shengal. ...

Demonstrations for Shengal in many European cities

ANF - 2020-08-04 16:12
On the anniversary of the beginning of the Shengal genocide, actions took place in Gießen, Berlin, Cologne, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Achim, Heilbronn, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Wesel, Stuttgart, Switzerland, Sweden and France. ...

Actie voor Shengal in heel Europa – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2020-08-04 10:22

Acciones en 4 ciudades suizas en protesta por el genocidio de Shengal

ANF - 2020-08-04 09:13
Protestan contra los ataques genocidas en Shengal y Kurdistán en las ciudades suizas de Berna, Zúrich, Lausana y Wintherthur. ...

Actions in 4 Swiss cities protest Shengal genocide

ANF - 2020-08-04 08:27
The genocidal attacks in Shengal and Kurdistan were protested in the Swiss cities of Bern, Zurich, Lausanne and Wintherthur. ...

Yezidíes: sobrevivir al genocidio, construir la revolución

ANF - 2020-08-04 06:04
Texto y fotografías en conmemoración por los 6 años del genocidio de Shengal por Virginia Benedetto. ...

HDP Vrouwenraad groet het verzet van Shengal – Turkije – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2020-08-04 01:49

“We are grateful to HPG and YPG that saved the people of Shengal"

ANF - 2020-08-03 21:28
Tens of thousands of Yazidi refugees from Shengal live in Rojava. They were welcomed with open arms by the people of Rojava six years ago. ...

Yazidi-bevolking bedreigd van Afrin tot Shengal – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2020-08-03 19:08

Rallies for Shengal across Europe

ANF - 2020-08-03 18:49
In Stockholm, London, Toulouse and the Hague rallies have taken place against the femicide and genocide perpetrated by the ISIS against Yazidis six years ago in Shengal. The Yazidis only received help from the PKK and from YPG/YPJ. ...

KCK: Autonomy and self-defense will secure the future of Yazidis

ANF - 2020-08-03 17:02
Only through an autonomous status and the expansion of self-defense can the existence of the Yazidi people in Shengal be preserved, says the KCK on the anniversary of the ISIS genocide six years ago. ...

Shengal genocide: KJK calls for increased struggle for freedom

ANF - 2020-08-03 16:14
On the anniversary of the beginning of the genocide and femicide in Shengal on August 3, 2014, the Kurdistan Women’s Community (KJK) calls for the expansion of the struggle for freedom of the peoples and especially of women. ...

Five minutes of commemoration in Shengal

ANF - 2020-08-03 14:31
On the sixth anniversary of the ISIS massacre of the Yazidis in Shengal, a five-minute commemoration took place throughout the region. ...

Yazidi population threatened from Afrin to Shengal

ANF - 2020-08-03 14:20
First threatened by the Ottomans, then by the ISIS and finally by the Turkish state, one persecution of the Yazidi people follows the next. Especially in the Turkish-occupied region of Afrin, Yazidis are currently under acute threat. ...

Newaya Jin magazine writes about Shengal genocide

ANF - 2020-08-03 12:48
The August issue of the European-based women's magazine Newaya Jin, is out. ...

Message du Président Nechirvan Barzani à l'occasion du 6ème anniversaire du génocide de Shengal

KRG France - 2020-08-03 12:24

HDP Women's Council salutes the resistance of Shengal

ANF - 2020-08-03 10:05
The HDP Women's Council issued a statement on the anniversary of the genocide carried out by ISIS against the Yazidi people in Shengal. ...

Demo for Shengal in Sydney

ANF - 2020-08-02 20:39
Demonstrations to mark the sixth year anniversary of the Yazidi genocide in Shengal are taking place all around the world. ...

Marsen in Frankrijk en Duitsland ter nagedachtenis aan het ISIS-bloedbad in Shengal – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2020-08-02 17:40

Youth demonstration in Shengal: Down with treason!

ANF - 2020-08-02 15:33
Yazidi youth associations have pointed out with a demonstration in Shengal that only the guerrillas and the YPG/YPJ defended the Yazidi people against the attack of the ISIS six years ago. ...

The femicide and the resistance of Yazidi women

ANF - 2020-08-02 14:37
Thousands of Yazidi women from Shengal were abducted, raped, murdered and enslaved by the ISIS six years ago. In 2015 an armed women's unit was founded so that Yazidi women could defend themselves. ...

Action for Shengal in the French city of Bordeaux

ANF - 2020-08-02 12:48
An action was organised in Bordeaux, France, to mark the anniversary of the genocide attacks on Shengal on 3 August 2014. ...

TEV-DEM commends the YBŞ and YJŞ fighters who defended Shengal

ANF - 2020-08-02 10:48
TEV-DEM issued a statement to commend the YBŞ and YJŞ fighters who protected the people of Shengal from the genocide attacks launched by ISIS mercenaries six years ago. ...

Guerrillas run to help their people in Shengal

ANF - 2020-08-02 10:08
After the ISIS mercenaries attacked Shengal on 3 August 2014, Hewrîş Hewraman was among the guerrillas running to help the Yazidi Kurds. He talked to ANF about the resistance and massacre he witnessed at that time. ...

Activists in Bielefeld protest the ISIS massacre in Shengal

ANF - 2020-08-02 09:37
The Shengal massacre was protested with a march in Bielefeld, Germany. ...

Activists in Göttingen pay tribute to victim of Shengal massacre

ANF - 2020-08-02 08:48
The massacre and attacks carried out by ISIS mercenaries against Shengal on 3 August 2014 were protested with a march in Göttingen, Germany. ...

Protesta contra la masacre de Shengal en Bremen

ANF - 2020-08-02 06:33
Los kurdos y sus amigos están saliendo a las calles para conmemorar el sexto aniversario de la masacre del ISIS en Shengal. ...

KCDK-E: Oproep om op 3 augustus mee te doen aan acties voor Shengal – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2020-08-01 21:07

Protest against Shengal massacre in Bremen

ANF - 2020-08-01 19:23
Kurdish people and their friends are taking to the streets to mark the sixth anniversary of the ISIS massacre in Shengal. ...

KCDK-E calls on people to join actions for Shengal on 3 August

ANF - 2020-08-01 12:50
KCDK-E Co-Presidency Council called on people to join the actions to be organised to mark the Shengal Massacre. ...

KJK calls on women to strengthen resistance

ANF - 2020-08-01 11:31
The KJK Coordination commemorated the martyrs of the genocide carried out by ISIS in Shengal on 3 August and urged all peoples and women to struggle for emancipation in a more powerful way. ...

KON-MED calls for autonomous status for Êzîdxan

ANF - 2020-07-31 17:29
August 3 marks the sixth anniversary of the genocide and femicide of the Yazidi population of Shengal by the ISIS. The Germany-wide umbrella organisation KON-MED calls for participation in action days starting tomorrow. ...

HDP MP Uca calls for participation in Shengal memorial events

ANF - 2020-07-30 14:41
HDP MP Feleknas Uca calls for participation in the activities on the anniversary of the ISIS massacre in Shengal (Sinjar). On the sixth anniversary of the Yazidi genocide, actions are planned worldwide. ...

Sozdar Avesta: Returning to Shengal is the best answer

ANF - 2020-07-30 13:33
"The massacre committed by ISIS in Shengal on 3 August 2014 was planned by Erdogan and his collaborators. What happened in Shengal was the tragedy of the 21st century," says Sozdar Avesta of the KCK Presidential Council. ...

Street theatre in Shengal: The tragedy and betrayal

ANF - 2020-07-27 15:09
The theatre group of Shengal Culture and Art Centre staged a street performance. The theme was the ISIS massacre of the Yazidi population in the region six years ago. ...

Tweede dag van Mars voor Shengal in Duitsland – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2020-07-18 17:16

Second day of march for Shengal in Germany

ANF - 2020-07-18 14:05
“Stop genocide, status for Shengal” is the motto of the march for Shengal and the Yazidi people. ...

Tweedaagse mars voor Shengal in Duitsland – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2020-07-17 16:50

Two-day march for Shengal kicks off in Germany

ANF - 2020-07-17 13:55
Members of the organising committee highlighted the importance of Kurdish national unity and demanded an autonomous status for Shengal (Sinjar). ...

HCE calls for participation in the demonstration for Shengal

ANF - 2020-07-16 17:18
The Yazidi Youth Alliance HCE calls for participation in a two-day demonstration from Celle to Hannover. The long march will start on Friday and take place as a solidarity action for the Yazidi settlement area Shengal. ...

KCDK-E llama a la gente a unirse a la marcha por Shengal y los Yazidi

ANF - 2020-07-16 06:09
El Consejo de Copresidencia de KCDK-E pide participar en la larga marcha que se organizará en Alemania los días 17 y 18 de julio, exigiendo el reconocimiento y la seguridad del estatus de Shengal. ...

KCDK-E call on people to join march for Shengal and the Yazidi

ANF - 2020-07-15 11:13
The KCDK-E Co-Presidency Council called for participation in the long march to be organised in Germany on 17 and 18 July, demanding the recognition and security of Shengal's status. ...

Marcha por Shengal el 17-18 de julio desde Celle a Hanover

ANF - 2020-07-12 06:15
El Consejo de Shengal anuncia que los días 17 y 18 de julio se celebrará una marcha a Hannover contra los ataques de la invasión turca, y hace un llamamiento a la participación. ...

March for Shengal on 17-18 July from Celle to Hanover

ANF - 2020-07-11 12:41
The Shengal Council announced that a march to Hanover will be held on 17 and 18 July against the Turkish invasion attacks, and called for participation. The Council also announced its demands to international institutions. ...

913 gezinnen teruggekeerd naar Shengal – Koerdische Autonome Regio – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2020-07-04 14:40

913 people returned to Shengal in June

ANF - 2020-07-04 08:22
The Shengal Commission for Welcoming Migrants announced that 913 families returned to Shengal in June, despite the attacks and obstacles of the Turkish state. ...

Kurdistan au féminin: Il faut une zone d’exclusion aérienne pour protéger les Yêzidis de Shengal contre la Turquie

Justice for Kurds - 2020-07-02 02:46
KURDISTAN DU SUD – Suite aux attaques de la Turquie visant les Yézidis de Sinjar, la société civile et les organisations de femmes kurdes, yêzidies et irakiennes appellent le gouvernement irakien et l’ONU à établir une zone d’exclusion aérienne pour la Tu ...

El titular del Parlasur condena ataques de Turquía contra Kurdistán

Kurdistan America Latina - 2020-06-29 14:47
El presidente del Parlamento del Mercosur (Parlasur), Oscar Alberto Laborde, condenó los recientes ataques de Turquía, incluidos los de Makhmur y Shengal, e instó a la comunidad y a las instituciones internacionales a tomar medidas. ...

Parlasur President issues call to international community

ANF - 2020-06-29 10:30
Mercosur Parliament (Parlasur) President Oscar Alberto Laborde condemned the Turkish state's recent attacks, including those on Maxmur and Shengal, and urged the international community and institutions to take action. ...

Wildfire in Khanasor damages pines and olive trees

ANF - 2020-06-27 12:20
In Khanasor (Xanesor) area in the Shengal (Sinjar) region, a wildfire has damaged nearly 200 olive trees and pines. ...

“La convivencia es posible y ha quedado demostrada en Shengal y Rojava”

Kurdistan America Latina - 2020-06-24 21:49
El comandante de las YBS se toma un minuto para reflexionar: “La lucha de los yezidíes es la misma que la del resto de los kurdos, la misma que los armenios, los asirios cristianos, la misma que la de los árabes no radicalizados, sean musulmanes sunitas o ...

Karayilan: Turkey wants to complete what the ISIS failed to do

ANF - 2020-06-23 16:47
Similar to Rojava, the PKK is only an excuse for Turkey to annex foreign land to its own territory in Southern Kurdistan. Murat Karayilan of the People’s Defense Forces, HPG points out that besides Heftanin also Shengal is wanted to be annexed. ...

Call for a no-fly zone over Shengal

ANF - 2020-06-21 10:18
Civil society and women's organisations from Iraq are calling on the Iraqi government and the United Nations to establish a no-fly zone for Turkey over Shengal. ...

Yezidi’s in Shengal: We laten ons niet verjagen door Turkije – Koerdische Autonome Regio – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2020-06-20 16:34

Yazidis in Shengal: We will not let Turkey drive us away

ANF - 2020-06-20 13:58
Turkey’s attacks on Shengal are seen by the Yazidis as a continuation of the genocide and a targeted policy of expulsion in the sense of neo-Ottoman expansionism. But nobody thinks about giving up their homeland, they say. ...

Civil disobedience action in Paris against Turkish attacks

ANF - 2020-06-20 08:48
The Turkish state attacks on Medya Defense Areas, Shengal and Maxmur were protested in Paris with a civil disobedience action. ...

Pese a los bombardeos turcos, los yazidíes regresan a su hogares en Shengal + Fotos

Kurdistan America Latina - 2020-06-19 17:57
Un gran número de familias yazidíes comenzaron a llamar nuevamente a la puerta de su ciudad, Shengal, y se despidieron de los campamentos de refugiados. ...

Activists in Mönchengladbach and Duisburg

ANF - 2020-06-19 08:38
The Turkish state's attacks on Shengal, Maxmur and Medya Defense Areas were protested in Mönchengladbach and Duisburg. ...

Protestas contra Turquía en Francia y Alemania

ANF - 2020-06-19 06:55
Protestas por los ataques del estado turco contra las áreas de defensa de Makhmur, Shengal y Medya en Marsella, Hildesheim, Frankfurt y Düsseldorf. ...

Iraq demands Turkey to ‘stop bombardment, withdraw forces’

ANF - 2020-06-18 15:55
On Sunday night, Turkish air force carried out a massive campaign targeting Maxmur, Shengal and guerrilla-held areas in northern Iraq. ...

Rojava Film Commune brengt nieuwe documentaire uit over de dengbej-traditie in Shengal – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2020-06-18 12:54

Activists in Vienna and Toronto protest Turkish attacks

ANF - 2020-06-18 12:45
Actions to protest the Turkish attacks on Maxmur, Shengal and Medya Defense Area were organised in Vienna and Toronto. ...

Rojava Film Commune releases new doc on Shengal dengbej tradition

ANF - 2020-06-18 08:38
The trailer of the new documentary bi Rojava Film Commune director, Şêro Hindê, is about the different dengbej traditions in Shengal. ...

Protests against Turkey in France and Germany

ANF - 2020-06-18 08:06
The attacks of the Turkish state against Maxmur, Shengal and Medya Defense Areas were protested with actions held in Marseille, Hildesheim, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. ...

¿Se utilizaron bombas químicas en Makhmur?

ANF - 2020-06-18 06:51
Hay indicios de que los aviones de guerra turcos pueden haber arrojado bombas químicas sobre Makhmur, durante el ataque simultáneo sobre el campamento, las Zonas de defensa de Medya y Shengal. ...

Activists in London protest Turkish attacks

ANF - 2020-06-17 21:53
Activists in London protested the Turkish attacks on Maxmur, Shengal and Medya Defense Area. ...

Turkse luchtmacht bombardeert het Koerdische vluchtelingenkamp Maxmûr en Shengal in Irak

Koerdisch Instituut - 2020-06-17 14:35

Were chemical bombs used in Maxmur?

ANF - 2020-06-17 14:09
There are indications that Turkish war planes may also have dropped chemical bombs on Maxmur, during the simultaneous attack also involving Medya Defense Areas and Shengal. ...

Activists throughout Europe protest Turkish attacks

ANF - 2020-06-17 11:54
The attacks carried out by the invading Turkish state against the Medya Defense Areas, Shengal and Maxmur Refugee Camp were protested in Europe. ...

Activist in Sydney protest the Turkish attacks

ANF - 2020-06-16 22:46
The attacks of the Turkish state against Maxmur, Shengal and Medya Defense Area were protested in Sydney, Australia. ...

Encuentro Memoria, Verdad y Justicia de Argentina condena ataques turcos contra Kurdistán

Kurdistan America Latina - 2020-06-16 20:04
El Encuentro Memoria, Verdad y Justicia (EMVJ) de Argentina condenó los bombardeos de Turquía contra Bashur (Kurdistán iraquí) y la región de Shengal, en el norte de Irak. ...

KCDK-E announces 'Week of resistance against colonialism'

ANF - 2020-06-16 11:31
KCDK-E has issued a program of mobilisation for the week to protest against the Turkish attacks on Maxmur, Medya Defense Areas and Shengal. ...

Press conference: People affected by Turkey’s attacks speak out

ANF - 2020-06-16 08:48
The Kurdish Centre for Public Relations will hold an online press conference on Tuesday with people affected by the Turkish air offensive in Southern Kurdistan. Representatives of the autonomous administrations of Maxmur, Shengal and Qandil will speak. ...

YBŞ: Four of our fighters wounded in Turkish attack

ANF - 2020-06-15 18:38
“We will be resisting for an autonomous Shengal and a democratic Iraq as we did in response to the 2014 genocide. This resistance will frustrate the Ottoman dreams of the fascist Turkish state,” said YBŞ. ...

Videobeelden van het Turkse bombardement op Shengal – Koerdische Autonome Regio – Koerdisch Nieuws

Koerdischnieuws - 2020-06-15 18:05

Video footages of Turkish bombing of Shengal

ANF - 2020-06-15 15:05
Last night, civilian settlements were targeted by the invading Turkish state in Shengal. We are publishing images of the bombing in Shengal we received. ...

Turquía bombardea Makhmur, un hospital en Shengal y el monte Sinjar

ANF - 2020-06-15 06:36
Aviones de combate, que atacaron a la medianoche, apuntaron al hospital Serdeşt, así como a muchos otros lugares en Shengal y Xanesor. ...

Yazidi Exile Council of Sinjar calls to “stop Turkish attacks”

ANF - 2020-06-15 03:02
Survivors of the ISIS genocide in Shengal were among the targets of the Turkish state that carried out a massive aerial bombardment on several locations in South Kurdistan tonight. ...

Civilians wounded in Turkish air raids in Shengal

ANF - 2020-06-15 01:31
Turkey's airstrikes in the Serdesht region of Shengal has left some civilians wounded. ...

Turkish jets bomb Qandil, Maxmur and Shengal

ANF - 2020-06-15 00:27
The Turkish state continues its genocidal attacks in three parts of Kurdistan. ...

Una combatiente internacionalista en Rojhilat: la guerrillera Beritan

ANF - 2020-05-21 07:55
La guerrillera Beritan es una mujer árabe. Se unió al Movimiento de Liberación Kurdo después de los ataques contra Shengal en 2014, y después fue a Rojhilat donde continúa su lucha por la libertad. ...

An internationalist fighter in Rojhilat: Guerrilla Beritan

ANF - 2020-05-20 10:34
Guerrilla Beritan is an Arab woman. She joined the Kurdish Freedom Movement after the attacks on Shengal in 2014 and then went to Rojhilat where she is continuing her struggle for freedom. ...

Rojava: en primera línea del frente contra la guerra y la pandemia

Kurdistan America Latina - 2020-05-12 20:37
Jiyan es una internacionalista alemana que después de la masacre de Shengal y el ataque sobre Kobane, decidió viajar al norte de Siria para unirse a la revolución confederalista democrática impulsada por el movimiento de liberación kurdo. ...

“Estábamos asustadas de que hicieran lo que hicieron en Shengal” + Video

Kurdistan America Latina - 2020-05-12 00:54
Entrevista a Besima Daut, una mujer yazidí que tuvo que abandonar el pueblo donde vivía, cerca de Serêkaniyê, debido a los ataques del ejército turco y sus bandas yihadistas. ...

Two Yazidi girls freed from ISIS after six years of captivity

ANF - 2020-05-11 07:52
The two girls are on their way back home, the town of Shengal in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq. ...

L'aviation turque attaque les kurdes à Shengal et Rojava | TAMURT

Tamurt - 2020-05-05 14:49

16-year-old Yazidi girl freed after six years in ISIS captivity

ANF - 2020-04-27 16:31
Ronya F. was ten years old when the ISIS committed genocide in Shengal. She was taken to Mosul and sold in a slave market. At 14 she was forced to marry a 32-year-old jihadist. She has just been freed in the Hol Camp. ...

27-year-old Yazidi woman murdered in Hildesheim

ANF - 2020-04-16 17:38
27-year-old Besma Ekinci was murdered in Hildesheim by the man she was married to against her will in Shengal as a second wife. Kurdish women's organisations condemn the murder. ...

"Red Wednesday" celebrated in Shengal

ANF - 2020-04-15 17:19
The Yazidi holiday "Çarşema Sor" (Red Wednesday) has been celebrated at home in Shengal due to the Corona pandemic. ...

Fallen YBŞ fighters laid to rest in Shengal

ANF - 2020-04-14 18:12
The YBŞ fighters who died in the explosion of a mine left behind by the ISIS in Shengal have been buried. ...

Mine explosion kills two fighters in Shengal region

ANF - 2020-04-14 16:12
The Yazidi Resistance Units of Shengal (YJŞ/YJŞ) report two dead and three injured after a mine explosion in Til Ezer. ...

15-year-old Yazidi boy stabbed to death in Celle, Germany

ANF - 2020-04-08 15:12
15-year-old Hussein Khalaf was stabbed to death in Celle. The young Yazidi boy had fled with his family from Shengal to Germany after the ISIS genocide. ...

17-year-old Yazidi girl freed from ISIS captivity

ANF - 2020-03-30 20:19
A 17-year-old Yazidi girl, who was abducted from Shengal in 2014, has been freed from ISIS imprisonment in northeast Syria. ...

Six Turkish soldiers killed in Amadiya, South Kurdistan

ANF - 2020-03-21 16:03
Six soldiers died in an action of a Revenge Unit against a Turkish military base in the South Kurdistan’s Duhok Governorate. The action took place as retaliation to Turkish attacks on Shengal. ...

El 8 de marzo llena las ciudades del Kurdistán del Sur

ANF - 2020-03-10 08:48
El Día Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora se celebra con diversos actos en Hewlêr, Suleymaniya, Kirkuk, Shengal, Makhmur, Germiyan y muchas otras ciudades de Bashur, en el norte del Irak. ...

8 March celebrated in many cities of Southern Kurdistan

ANF - 2020-03-09 10:20
International Working Women's Day was celebrated with various events in Hewlêr, Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Shengal, Maxmur, Germiyan and many other cities of southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq. ...

YJŞ fighters: Self-organization is the key against femicide

ANF - 2020-03-08 15:55
On the occasion of the international women's day of struggle, ANF Shengal correspondent Dilpak Dağ spoke with fighters of the Yazidi Women's Units, YJŞ. They emphasize that women's self-organization is the key against femicide. ...
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