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Lebanon’s protesters offer safety tips, support for US demonstrators – Middle East Monitor

Middleeastmonitor - 2020-11-27 16:16

Swedish FM expresses support for Rojava inclusion in Syria talks

Rûdaw - 2020-11-26 02:03

End the political deadlock, support group tells Beirut | Arab News

Arabnews - 2020-11-26 01:08

Kamala Harris' support for Planned Parenthood under fire after raid on pro-life activist

Yahoo - 2020-11-25 22:06

Support artisans with handcrafted shoes from Nisolo at 20% off for Cyber Week

Yahoo - 2020-11-25 09:58

Kurdistan Region President appreciates France’s support to Kurdistan Region

Presidency of Kurdistan - 2020-11-25 00:24
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region, November 24, 2020 Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani received France’s Ambassador to Iraq Mr. Bruno Aubert and the director of the Crisis and Support Center of France’s Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Eric C ...

Student Spotlights: Lavan Mohammed paves the way for female soccer players

The American University of Kurdistan - 2020-11-24 02:01
Duhok, Kurdistan Region – September 26th, 2020 – Lavan Mohammed Abdulhameed, AUK’s student of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, becomes a household name in Kurdistan Women’s Soccer. With the support and encouragement of her father, who has s ...

Turkey still needs the International Monetary Fund

AEI - 2020-11-24 00:05
President Erdogan’s recent economic policy U-turn is to be applauded as an important step to stabilize the Turkish lira, but it may not be sufficient. Erdogan should therefore seek an International Monetary Fund economic support program as soon as possibl ...

Religious freedom advocates: Will new administration continue support?

Cruxnow - 2020-11-22 17:18

Religious freedom advocates: Will new administration continue support? | The Record

Therecordnewspaper - 2020-11-22 13:03

Iraq Sunni leader calls on Biden to support autonomy – Middle East Monitor

Middleeastmonitor - 2020-11-21 18:52

Appeal of 120 French Intellectuals in Support of Armenia and Artsakh • MassisPost

Massispost - 2020-11-21 14:26

Bollklubben Support följer avgörandet på avstånd. | Hallandsposten

Hallandsposten - 2020-11-21 02:05

World religious leaders wonder if Biden administration will continue religious freedom support - The Dialog

Thedialog - 2020-11-20 23:56

Religious freedom advocates: Will new administration continue support?. Published 11/20/2020. Nation.

Thebostonpilot - 2020-11-20 23:56

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick makes plea for US to take action in support of Armenia

Bostonherald - 2020-11-20 15:44

Le Figaro publishes the call from 120 French intellectuals in support of Armenia and Artsakh Republic – Public Radio of Armenia

Armradio - 2020-11-20 11:41

UK reaffirms support for Iraqi military in... |

Rûdaw - 2020-11-19 20:25

The U.S. Government grants AUK with $4 million to support American-Style Higher Education.

The American University of Kurdistan - 2020-11-19 02:01
Duhok, Kurdistan Region – October 12th – U.S. Consul General to Kurdistan Region, Rob Waller, and President of The American University of Kurdistan (AUK), Dr. Randall Rhodes, announced the successful award of a $4 million grant to AUK within a press conf ...

O-RAN: Facilitating protectionism in the name of competition?

AEI - 2020-11-19 00:01
Since the US and other countries have effectively banned Chinese equipment from future 5G networks, support for O-RAN architecture has risen dramatically. But while there is merit in the concept of O-RAN, government interventions may not turn out as expec ...

Biden’s support for House HEROES Act isn’t a ‘unity’ position

AEI - 2020-11-19 00:01
Joe Biden expressed support for further stimulus legislation, calling specifically for the enactment of legislation “like the HEROES Act,” even though the bill seems increasingly out of step with the economic progress most states have made since May. The ...

With first new songs in 15 years, System of a Down pleads for international aid to support Armenia - Music News - ABC News Radio

Abcnewsradioonline - 2020-11-17 13:59

Biden will increase U.S. support for Kurds in Syria, Iraq, academic says | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2020-11-16 09:04

Religious freedom commission condemns US support... |

Rûdaw - 2020-11-15 20:29

Brotherhood channels ignore Erdogan's policies against state stability, declare their support for his aggression against Libya and Syria - EgyptToday

Egypttoday - 2020-11-15 17:45

Netherlands call for EU arms embargo against Turkey

ANF - 2020-11-14 10:31
The four governing parties in the Netherlands have called for an EU-wide arms embargo against Turkey. Foreign Minister Stef Blok is seeking support for an arms embargo against the NATO ally within the European Union. ...

System Of A Down have received death threats for their support of Artsakh and Armenia

NME - 2020-11-13 17:43

Politicians Try to Rally Support for Coal Despite Economics and Biden Presidential Win

John Bolton - 2020-11-12 22:30
Read time: 10 minsThe election results are a stark reminder of just how divided the country remains on many issues. However, in the days since the results were announced November 7, two senators from both parties are finding common ground in a familiar sp ...

Syrian Kurds Optimistic About Continued US Support Under Biden Presidency | Voice of America - English

Voanews - 2020-11-11 17:11

Agricultural development following the liberation of Deir ez-Zor

ANF - 2020-11-11 16:22
Deir ez-Zor Agriculture Directorate, affiliated to the Deir ez-Zor Civil Council, provides significant support to farmers for agricultural development in the region. ...

11/11/2020 U.S. support to Peshmerga reflects on ‘extraordinary success of our alliance': Coalition

ESTA - 2020-11-11 11:00

UNDP housing project in Iraq

The Global Coalition - 2020-11-11 01:07
A community’s cultural heritage reflects its history and identity. Watch how the UNDP utilises local resources to restore houses destroyed by Daesh and support broken communities in re-establishing their identities and social ties. Article UNDP housing p ...

3 reasons why Biden will kill off net neutrality

AEI - 2020-11-11 00:05
There are reasons to believe a Biden administration could actually kill, rather than resurrect, net neutrality: Revived net neutrality regulation would demonstrate its folly, Big Tech may want to soften its net neutrality support, and an emphasis on antit ...

Our allies deserve loyalty. Otherwise, we do not deserve them.

AEI - 2020-11-11 00:05
If the United States is to meet its enemies abroad and not on our own soil, we are going to have to rely on Afghan and Iraqi nationals who provide support. To abandon them is the height of disloyalty, beneath this great nation. The post Our allies deserve ...

Four new health centers to provide service in Kobanê

ANF - 2020-11-09 16:32
Free health institutions in Kobanê provide service to patients from all over the Euphrates region. The Euphrates Region Health Committee is preparing to inaugurate 4 new health centers, one of which is a psychological support center, in Kobanê. ...

Israel's little-known support for Haftar's war in Libya | Middle East Eye

Middleeasteye - 2020-11-07 23:57

Pro-Turkish gov’t media slams U.S. military spokesman’s support for Syrian Kurds | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2020-11-06 23:38

Record number of Australians sign ex-PM's call for Murdoch inquiry

BBC - 2020-11-05 03:26
More than 500,000 support ex-PM Kevin Rudd's call for a probe into Rupert Murdoch's media dominance. ...

Submission by Human Rights Watch, the International Commission of Jurists, and the Turkey Human Rights Litigation Support Project | Human Rights Watch

HRW - 2020-11-05 01:16

Armenian Student Association shows support for Armenia | ramaponews

Ramaponews - 2020-11-04 06:34

Nagorno-Karabakh: Isolated calls for peace amid public support for war -

Csmonitor - 2020-11-03 01:15

Bill Belichick showed his support for Armenians fighting for freedom |

Boston - 2020-11-01 20:13

US election 2020: The great dividing line of this campaign

BBC - 2020-11-01 01:15
For some Americans, civil unrest after police shootings is driving their support for Donald Trump. ...

German MP Sommer calls for UN special tribunal in Kobanê

ANF - 2020-10-31 20:10
German left-wing politician Helin Evrim Sommer has called on the German government to support the establishment of a UN special tribunal in Kobanê, saying that there should be no impunity for jihadists in northern and eastern Syria. ...

US Election 2020: Asian-Americans projected to support Joe Biden over Donald Trump; Survey | World News - Times of India

Indiatimes - 2020-10-31 12:38

Iranian Kurds march in support of independence vote in northern Iraq | Reuters

Reuters - 2020-10-30 17:57

Tekeyan Cultural Association Allocates $100,000 to Armenia Fund to Support Artsakh - The Armenian Mirror-Spectator

Mirrorspectator - 2020-10-30 14:36

Astounding Cognitive Dissonance and Trump Support | Jonathan MS Pearce

Patheos - 2020-10-29 08:33

Balancing privacy, innovation, and public safety: Highlights from my conversation with Brian King

AEI - 2020-10-29 00:04
As support for a US federal privacy law gains momentum, how can lawmakers enforce new regulations while preserving innovation and upholding public safety? Brian King, Director of Internet Policy and Industry Affairs at Clarivate and a representative of IC ...

Armenian Ambassador To Athens: We Feel The Sincere And Unconditional Support Of The Greek People - Greek City Times

Greekcitytimes - 2020-10-28 18:51

Karabakh: Will Turkey's Fierce Support of Azerbaijan Pay Off? | Institute for War and Peace Reporting

IWPR - 2020-10-28 10:33

Bipartisan lawmakers write Trump to support U.S. withdrawal from Syria - Axios

Axios - 2020-10-28 07:00

Armenians of Artsakh need our support in their fight for survival and democracy -

Sfchronicle - 2020-10-27 13:26

I pray for you: Mel Gibson offers support to Armenians – Public Radio of Armenia

Armradio - 2020-10-27 10:40

Syrian Armenians hold rally in support of Artsakh – Public Radio of Armenia

Armradio - 2020-10-26 09:47

Yazidi artists in Hannover protest Shengal agreement

ANF - 2020-10-25 11:23
Yazidi artists came together in Hannover in an event promoted to support Shengal. The artists protested the Shengal agreement between the KDP and Baghdad. ...

Sinn Féin proposes bilingual signage policy in Belfast

ANF - 2020-10-24 09:52
Sinn Féin welcomes support for new bilingual signage policy in Belfast. ...

Medics appeal for support in besieged Kurdish refugee camp after Covid outbreak confirmed | Morning Star

Morningstaronline - 2020-10-23 20:12

'Everyone wants a flag': Turkey support lifts spirits in Aizerbaijan as Ankara reaffirms backing of Baku - World News , Firstpost

Firstpost - 2020-10-23 07:39

UNHCR - Conference on Sustaining Support for the Rohingya Refugee Response 22 October 2020

Unhcr - 2020-10-23 01:20

Greenwich residents rally to support Armenian Christians during ongoing violence - GreenwichTime

Greenwichtime - 2020-10-22 21:28

Fitchburg Mayor makes proclamation in support of Armenia

Sentinelandenterprise - 2020-10-21 13:10

MEPs ask to investigate Turkey's crimes against humanity in Syria

ANF - 2020-10-20 10:11
68 MEPs demanded the end of Turkish support to jihadist groups as well as the end of the illegal occupation of North and East Syrian territories. The MEPs also asked President Sassoli to send a special delegation to North and East Syria. ...

How To Support the Armenian Community in LA and Abroad - Thrillist

Thrillist - 2020-10-20 00:45

France teacher attack: Rallies held to support beheaded Samuel Paty

BBC - 2020-10-19 00:04
Samuel Paty was murdered after showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in class. ...

How can Americans Support Peace in Nagorno-Karabakh? -

Counterpunch - 2020-10-18 19:16

Dozens of Israelis make their way to Jerusalem in support of Armenia - The Jerusalem Post

Jpost - 2020-10-17 20:58

Greece Offers Timid Support for Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict |

Greekreporter - 2020-10-17 17:17

End Sars: How Nigeria's anti-police brutality protests went global

BBC - 2020-10-17 02:32
Why did Nigerian protests against police brutality gain international attention and support? ...

Sign language teaching lessons and other small projects… deaf people support center in Kafr Nuran - Enab Baladi

Enabbaladi - 2020-10-16 22:30

Nagorno-Karabakh: Turkey's Support For Azerbaijan Challenges Russian Leverage | WGLT

WGLT - 2020-10-16 17:24

Karabakh: Will Turkey’s Fierce Support of Azerbaijan Pay Off? | Institute for War and Peace Reporting

IWPR - 2020-10-16 14:35

Turkey’s support for Azerbaijan correlated to foreign aggression, domestic oppression - Garo Paylan | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2020-10-16 00:35

Trump’s short-sighted request to withdraw troops from Somalia

AEI - 2020-10-16 00:04
Rather than bringing troops home from Somalia prematurely, President Trump should shift the US approach to one that can defeat al Shabaab by repurposing the light military footprint already present in the region to support a civilian-led strategy focused ...


Koerdisch Instituut - 2020-10-15 19:34
Dear Pen International Officials, The Kurds situation and the situation of the journalists and writers in Turkey have come to a level which is very dreadful. We, as Kurdish PEN, would like to inform you about the recent things and ask for your support to ...

Education continues despite difficult conditions in the camps

ANF - 2020-10-15 19:03
Schools started in camps in Northern and Eastern Syria where coronavirus measures are maintained. School administrations stated that they have taken the necessary measures for the health of students and called on humanitarian organizations to support them ...

KBDH vows to step up struggle against violence targeting women

ANF - 2020-10-15 11:54
The United Revolutionary Women Movement (KBDH) said they are after all individuals and institutions that encourage, implement and support violence against women and added: "Now revolution is a must." ...

Pasadena Armenian Community Plans 4 Days of Action in Support of Artsakh – Pasadena Now

Pasadenanow - 2020-10-14 23:30

President Barzani thanks Kuwait for continued support to Kurdistan Region: statement

Rûdaw - 2020-10-14 17:37

Large COVID-19 stimulus deal “will not” get GOP Senate support: AGF Investments Chief U.S. Policy Strategist

Yahoo - 2020-10-14 06:15

Syrian regime ‘may be sending mercenaries’ to support Libya’s Haftar – Middle East Monitor

Middleeastmonitor - 2020-10-13 23:32

From Kobanê to the World: #RiseUpAgainstFascism

ANF - 2020-10-13 10:49
1 November 2014 was a milestone of internationalist solidarity. Millions of people took to the streets to support the heroic resistance of Kobanê against the forces of ISIS, that were ruthlessly rampaging through vast parts of Iraq and Syria. ...

Turkey Vows Support for Azerbaijan in Escalating Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict | Voice of America - English

Voanews - 2020-10-12 18:03

System of a Down issues statement in support of Artsakh amid conflict with Azerbaijan - Music News - ABC News Radio

Abcnewsradioonline - 2020-10-12 08:08

How L.A.'s Armenian food community has banded together to support their homeland

Yahoo - 2020-10-11 17:09

Local Officials Voice Support for Artsakh Amid Conflict – Outlook Newspapers

Outlooknewspapers - 2020-10-11 11:22

How Can Americans Support Peace in Nagorno-Karabakh? | Common Dreams Views

Commondreams - 2020-10-11 11:22

Local Armenians Rally in Support of Ending Overseas Conflict

Spectrumlocalnews - 2020-10-11 10:58

Arabic - Iraqi (DG)/ Kurdish Linguist CAT I - Valiant Integrated Services - Herndon, VA

Indeed #KurdishJobs - 2020-10-11 03:10
Valiant is seeking skilled Linguists to provide interpretation, transcription, and translation services in support of ongoing and new U.S operations and mission…From Valiant Integrated Services - Wed, 29 Apr 2020 21:30:30 GMT - View all Herndon, VA jobs ...

In Support of the Lebanese Armenian Community

Armenianweekly - 2020-10-11 00:06

Northern Cyprus Reopened a Beach, With Turkey's Support. It Could Derail U.N.-Backed Peace Talks.

Foreignpolicy - 2020-10-10 16:16

Australia must support Kurdistan

Green Left Weekly - 2020-10-09 06:32

Women in NE Syria launch campaign against occupation and genocide

ANF - 2020-10-08 18:27
Women's organizations in North-East Syria call on all women's organizations and movements around the world to support the Women's Revolution. ...

08/10/2020 U.N. recommends Iraq to develop non-oil private sector to support its economic recovery

ESTA - 2020-10-08 10:06

Banned for Life from US because of support for the Kurds - Beyond the Matrix [audio] - The Jewish Press - | Israel News Talk Radio | 20 Tishri 5781 – October 8, 2020 |

Jewishpress - 2020-10-08 09:24

Fresno Leaders Voice Support as Armenian Flag Raised at City Hall - GV Wire

Gvwire - 2020-10-08 02:29

Kurds to release 15,000 detained in overcrowded ISIS containment camps All the Syrian nationals held in the camp are to be released as Kurds urge more international support October 6, 2020

The National AE - 2020-10-06 19:30

Politics This Morning: Feds pledge more support for COVID-stricken areas - The Hill Times

Hilltimes - 2020-10-06 07:37

Syria’s Assad announces support for Haftar and Sisi in Libya – Middle East Monitor

Middleeastmonitor - 2020-10-05 13:23

Internationalist Commune in Rojava supports KCK campaign

ANF - 2020-10-05 12:55
The Internationalist Commune of Rojava issued a statement to announce its support to the KCK campaign "End isolation, fascism, occupation: Time to ensure Freedom“. ...
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