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President Nechirvan Barzani condemns attack on Ain- al-Assad airbase

Presidency of Kurdistan - 2021-03-04 06:13
Erbil, Kurdistan Region, March 3, 2021 The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, issued the following statement on the rocket attack that targeted coalition forces in Ain al-Assad airbase today: I strongly condemn the rocket attack that ta ...

Video shows 2020 Iranian missile attack on US forces at Iraqi base

BBC - 2021-03-03 03:10
Iran targeted an Iraqi base hosting US troops to avenge the assassination of Gen Qasem Soleimani. ...

UN report says Kurds and Yezidis targeted by Turkish-backed groups in Syria

Kurdistan24 - 2021-03-02 17:23

Swedish MP tables question on the police crackdown on Kurds

ANF - 2021-03-02 16:35
"Turkey also seeks to silence the opposition abroad. Pro-government Turkish media targeted four Swedish MPs of Turkish origin last year. We are worried that they were attacked because they criticized the violations of rights in Turkey," says MP Österberg. ...

UN report says Kurds and Yezidi’s targeted by Turkish-backed groups in Syria

Kurdistan24 - 2021-03-02 13:59

Oxford University lab with COVID-19 research links targeted by hackers | ZDNet

Zdnet - 2021-03-01 13:16

Insultingly, Facebook continues to try to convince users that privacy-violating targeted ads are good | AppleInsider

Appleinsider - 2021-03-01 00:17

Turkey’s pro-Kurdish party MPs targeted in legal barrage | Arab News

Arabnews - 2021-02-25 15:19

Turkey's pro-Kurdish party MPs targeted in legal barrage - Metro US

Metro - 2021-02-25 14:32

UNPO: Iran: Minorities Continue to be Systematically Targeted

UNPO - 2021-02-25 13:33

Turkey's pro-Kurdish party MPs targeted in legal barrage | National Post

Nationalpost - 2021-02-25 12:42

Turkey's pro-Kurdish party MPs targeted in legal barrage | Reuters

Reuters - 2021-02-25 11:50

Targeted by Erdogan, Turkey's LGBT face 'tsunami of hate'

Yahoo - 2021-02-23 18:38

Targeted by Erdogan, Turkey's LGBT+ community face 'tsunami of hate'

Rûdaw - 2021-02-23 16:44

Under Democrats’ stimulus bill, key ‘tax credit’ becomes mostly payment to those who don’t owe taxes

AEI - 2021-02-23 00:09
The current child tax credit provides significant support for parents with children, with the bulk targeted at tax relief for working parents’ pockets. But President Biden’s plan would convert the CTC into a program that mostly provides benefit payments t ...

HDP women hold online meeting with Swedish MPs

ANF - 2021-02-22 18:51
The ever-increasing violence against women in the run-up to 8 March International Women's Day and targeted attacks on the HDP’s women politicians and the Kurds in Turkey were debated. ...

Russians pull out from Syrian town previously targeted by Turkish-backed forces

Kurdistan24 - 2021-02-22 10:29

Federal judge whose son was killed in attack says gunman targeted Sonia Sotomayor

Yahoo - 2021-02-19 21:06

Theater Ensemble Targeted in Turkey for Kurdish Performances; Accused of “Terrorism Propaganda”

Hyperallergic - 2021-02-18 22:28

Biden Continues U.S. Sanctions War Around World, These Countries Are Targeted

Newsweek - 2021-02-18 00:09

Erbil airport targeted in Kurdistan rocket attack – East Bay Times

Eastbaytimes - 2021-02-16 22:00

President Nechirvan Barzani’s statement on Erbil terrorist rocket attack

Presidency of Kurdistan - 2021-02-16 16:15
The President of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani issued a statement, strongly condemning the rocket attack that targeted Erbil on Monday. Below is the full statement: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region, February 16, 2021 We strongly condemn last night’s terro ...

Rohit Sharma targeted by Prithvi Shaw with Ball in Brisbane Test

Tv9hindi - 2021-02-16 01:17

Niagara police investigating after medical officer of health allegedly targeted online

Yahoo - 2021-02-15 07:15

New York City : Man charged with deadly subway stabbings

BBC - 2021-02-15 03:08
Two people die and another two are injured in a string of attacks said to have targeted homeless people. ...

Footage from guerrilla intervention forcing Turkish helicopters to retreat in Gare

ANF - 2021-02-13 19:27
Guerrillas targeted 7 Turkish military helicopters that attempted to airdrop soldiers in the Siyane area of the Gare region in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). ...

Iraq crisis: US ready for 'targeted' and 'precise' military action, president Barack Obama says - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

ABC - 2021-02-11 19:56

Urgent call for an international response to Turkish military invasion of South Kurdistan

Koerdisch Instituut - 2021-02-11 06:21
Earlier this morning, between 3 AM and 6 AM local time, the Turkish Armed Forces initiated a large-scale cross-border military offensive in the region of Garê in South Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). Turkish airstrikes targeted the villages of Guzê, Meyrokê ...

FEDA: We stand by Boğaziçi students and academic Ayşe Buğra

ANF - 2021-02-09 18:31
FEDA Women's Council sent a message of solidarity to Boğaziçi academic Ayşe Buğra who was targeted by Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan. ...

AKP Spokesperson Çelik attacks Boğaziçi students in his speech

ANF - 2021-02-09 18:17
Speaking about the protests that started after AKP's Melih Bulu was appointed as Boğaziçi University, AKP Spokesperson Ömer Çelik said "The right to democratic protest has been exceeded" and targeted students. ...

Latest targeted shooting in Metro Vancouver results in death of man known to police

Yahoo - 2021-02-07 06:11

Attacked by Turkish-backed gangs, farmers cannot plow their fields in Til Temir

ANF - 2021-02-06 12:39
Farmers in Til Temir district complain that they cannot go to their fields which are close to the conflict zone targeted by the invading Turkish state. ...

Grave of Kurdish poet in Afrin attacked

ANF - 2021-02-05 18:57
Cemeteries and graves in the Turkish occupied Afrin city have been targeted by repeated attacks since the invasion began in March 2018. ...

Saba Sahar: 'I survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban'

BBC - 2021-02-01 01:04
Afghan film director Saba Sahar is one of the few to survive from a recent wave of targeted killings. ...

Reese Witherspoon targeted for buying puppies from a breeder

Yahoo - 2021-01-26 18:38

Ilham Ehmed: ISIS is targeting women and the Autonomous Administration

ANF - 2021-01-26 10:18
Syrian Democratic Council Executive Board chair, Ilham Ehmed, said that ISIS targeted the freedom of women grown with the Autonomous Administration with the murder of two female politicians south of Hesekê. ...

Turkish human rights lawyers targeted with threats, detention | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2021-01-25 22:02

Manbij Revolutionary Youth: Turkish state targets young people

ANF - 2021-01-22 13:28
Evaluating the invasion attacks of the Turkish state, members of the Manbij Revolutionary Youth Movement stated that the Turkish state mostly targeted the youth by using special war methods. ...

Man who claimed he was targeted over Facebook posts loses challenge over refugee status

Irishexaminer - 2021-01-22 06:32

Will Biden’s embrace of industrial policy pay off?

AEI - 2021-01-16 00:00
Joe Biden's belief that Washington should directly help domestic manufacturing — through targeted spending plans, special tax subsidies, and trade policy — is popular among lawmakers. But the history of such efforts gives ample reason for skepticism. The ...

Gerîla TV footage from action in Şırnak countryside

ANF - 2021-01-10 13:39
The action recorded on Gerîla TV camera targeted Turkish soldiers in Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak province in July 2020. ...

PKK: Paris killings targeted free humanity

ANF - 2021-01-07 20:08
The Executive Committee of the PKK published a statement on the 8th anniversary of the triple murder of the three Kurdish women revolutionaries in Paris and vowed to expand the resistance everywhere within the campaign "Time for Freedom". ...

Turkish state targets civilian infrastructure in Til Temir

ANF - 2021-01-06 11:49
The occupying Turkish state has targeted the electricity station in Til Temir, causing heavy damages. ...

Gerîla TV footage from action of self-sacrifice in Bazid

ANF - 2021-01-03 12:27
Guerrilla fighter Sema Koçer targeted the Turkish soldiers maintaining the security of the natural gas pipeline near the Gürbulak border crossing between Iran and Turkey. ...

Civilians in Manbij targeted by invaders on daily basis

ANF - 2021-01-02 15:10
The northern and western villages of Mabbij adjacent to frontlines are being targeted by the Turkish occupation forces and allied mercenary groups with heavy weapons on daily basis, leaving destruction and damages in civilian houses. ...

Ali: Those targeted by Trump, and the bigotry he emboldened, just woke up to a new day

Yahoo - 2020-12-25 01:36

European Court of Human Rights website targeted by Turkish hackers

Teiss - 2020-12-24 19:54

Scam Warning: Larimer County Property Owners Targeted In New Mailer

Yahoo - 2020-12-23 00:49

Fighting erupts in Ain Issa amid ongoing Turkish attacks

ANF - 2020-12-22 07:36
Ain Issa has been targeted by increasingly ongoing attacks of the Turkish army and allied mercenaries. ...

Miss France runner-up April Benayoum targeted by anti-Semitic tweets

BBC - 2020-12-21 00:02
Police are investigating insults against April Benayoum after she revealed her Israeli origins. ...

Ibrahim: Turkish state targets Kurdish women

ANF - 2020-12-19 16:18
The Co-chair of the Lawyers Union in al-Jazira region indicated that the will of the Kurdish women was targeted by the Turkish state, which enacted laws according to its mentality, and said: "The relevant institutions are in that sleep of death." ...

Turkish government targets Dersim

ANF - 2020-12-13 10:58
Dersim, with its resistant Alevi-Kurdish population, is permanently targeted by the Turkish state's special war policy. The people in Dersim are to be assimilated through religious orders, associations and pro-government institutions. ...

Turkey targets civilians in South Kurdistan again

ANF - 2020-12-12 15:06
The Turkish regime’s genocidal attacks against the Kurdish people continue in various parts of Kurdistan. Three civilians targeted by a Turkish aerial attack 5 days ago, haven’t been heard from since. ...

Turkey developing targeted drone assassination capabilities – analyst | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2020-12-11 14:40

Newsom Announces Targeted Stay-At-Home Order As COVID-19 Cases Surge

Yahoo - 2020-12-11 10:26

Turkey closes Nûçe Ciwan Agency site once again, new site online

ANF - 2020-12-10 09:41
The Youth News Agency (Nûçe Ciwan Agency) once again has been targeted by the Turkish state. The answer from the agency was inmediate: Nuceciwan61 has been replaced by nucecivan62. ...

Accused Chinese Spy Targeted Bay Area Politicians

Yahoo - 2020-12-10 09:09

Police Warn Rideshare Drivers They Are Being Targeted By Carjackers

Yahoo - 2020-12-09 13:51

'A nightmare': why were an elderly black couple targeted in a shocking Texas police raid? | Texas | The Guardian

The Guardian - 2020-12-08 12:13

Commander Kobanê: We won't remain silent as Ayn Issa is targeted

ANF - 2020-12-04 10:15
Barin Kobanê is one of the commanders of the YPJ Women's Defense Units. She said: "As YPJ we will react to the attacks that are taking place." ...

Israel warns citizens they could be targeted by Iran terror in Gulf and beyond | The Times of Israel

Timesofisrael - 2020-12-04 09:16

Iraqi Kurds look on as Israel befriends old Arab foes

E-Kurd - 2020-12-02 03:08
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan region,— Decades ago, Iraq’s Kurds and Israel shared a common enemy and what felt like being targeted in parallel persecutions. Today, Iraqi Kurds — long accused of cosy ties with the Jewish state — are watching on as Israel ...

Barzani and the KDP are the spearheads of the counter-revolution

ANF - 2020-11-23 12:20
A look at the history of the KDP shows that this party has dedicated itself from the beginning to fighting other Kurdish organizations. Even today, Kurds are once again targeted by the KDP. ...

Kenyan online cartel is luring girls to orgies, police warn

BBC - 2020-11-22 01:28
Police say they have rescued teenage girls being targeted online during the coronavirus lockdown. ...

TJA activists in Hasankeyf: Defending nature and culture

ANF - 2020-11-21 10:39
As part of the ‘We Defend ourselves’ campaign, the women's movement TJA has drawn attention to the parallels between femicides and the targeted destruction of culture and nature in Hasankeyf. Both are part of the prevailing war policy. ...

HPG: Turkish army targets the people of Southern Kurdistan

ANF - 2020-11-20 15:43
HPG stated that invading Turkish army deliberately targeted civilian settlements in Southern Kurdistan. ...

Turkish jets bomb a village in Shengal

ANF - 2020-11-08 19:55
The Yazidi town of Shengal (Sinjar) has been targeted by the Turkish state since the organization of the local people who took up arms to defend themselves after the ISIS onslaught in August 2014. ...

Tigray crisis: Ethiopia carries out airstrikes - Abiy Ahmed

BBC - 2020-11-07 00:03
Abiy Ahmed says military positions have been targeted in Tigray as the conflict there intensifies. ...

The Federal Communications Commission, 5G, and the ‘spectrum wars’: Highlights from my conversation with Nathan Leamer

AEI - 2020-11-07 00:00
How has the current FCC tackled the challenges of spectrum reallocation and 5G? Nathan Leamer, Vice President of Public Affairs at Targeted Victory and former Policy Advisor to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, joined “Explain to Shane” to discuss how the FCC’s ligh ...

Kabul University: 22 dead, more wounded as gunmen storm campus

BBC - 2020-11-03 02:21
Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack, which targeted the university on the day of a book fair. ...

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Missile strike on Azeri town kills 21 civilians

BBC - 2020-10-29 01:03
Azerbaijan says Armenia's military has targeted civilians as the Nagorno-Karabakh war intensifies. ...

Hate speech, rowdy convoys: Minority Armenians in Turkey feel targeted - :

Thecatholicspirit - 2020-10-28 03:09

Tribal elders survive armed attack in Deir ez-Zor

ANF - 2020-10-26 18:04
The leader of the al-Shietat tribe and an opinion leader of the Igedat tribe were targeted by unidentified assailants in Deir ez-Zor region. ...

KDP office in Bahgdad set on fire

ANF - 2020-10-17 13:49
The group targeted the KDP office in response to Zebari's statement against Hashd al-Shaabi militia. ...

Fatma Kılıçaslan: HDP women won't stand back despite repression

ANF - 2020-10-17 09:08
HDP women are being specifically targeted by the AKP government but vowed to continue defending their rights and liberties. ...

Hate speech, rowdy convoys: Minority Armenians in Turkey feel targeted – Catholic Philly

Catholicphilly - 2020-10-16 22:52

Syria/Russia: Strategy Targeted Civilian Infrastructure | Human Rights Watch

HRW - 2020-10-16 10:04

Russia, Syria targeted civilian infrastructure in Idlib: HRW

Rûdaw - 2020-10-15 19:05

YPS-JIN claims actions in Van, Muğla and Mersin

ANF - 2020-10-13 15:40
YPS-JIN Martyr Yıldız Gabar Retaliation Teams reported that they targeted an armoured police vehicle and a workplace in the actions they carried out in Van, Muğla and Mersin. ...

Persecution Armenians Targeted in Turkey Over Azerbaijani Conflict | Persecution

Persecution - 2020-10-07 08:57

Stepanakert Targeted Again as Harutyunyan Heads for the Frontline on the Seventh Day of Fighting

Armenianweekly - 2020-10-04 07:54

Garo Paylan Targeted by Turkey’s Far Right; Being Accused on ‘Treason’ |

Asbarez - 2020-10-03 11:59

Turkey aiding Azeris, Martakert targeted on fourth day of fighting

Armenianweekly - 2020-10-02 16:13

President Nechirvan Barzani in a statement: All of us must preserve stability in Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Presidency of Kurdistan - 2020-10-01 18:32
Erbil, Kurdistan Region, October 1, 2020 Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani issued a statement on the rocket attack that targeted the bases of the coalition forces in Erbil. Below is the statement: ‪Last night, around 8:30 p.m., a group of sabot ...

Armenia among countries targeted by fake Facebook networks – Public Radio of Armenia

Armradio - 2020-10-01 13:47

Armenians most targeted by hate speech in Turkish media in 2019 – report – Panorama | Armenian American Reporter

Reporter - 2020-10-01 07:52

Hate Speech Report: Armenians Top List of Groups Targeted by Turkish Media in 2019 • MassisPost

Massispost - 2020-09-29 23:51

Armenian Catholic Priest Killed in Syria, Armenian Community Targeted

Armenianweekly - 2020-09-29 17:54

Armenians, Syrian refugees and Greeks top list of groups targeted by Turkish media in 2019: hate speech report - Stockholm Center for Freedom

Stockholmcf - 2020-09-29 09:28

Civilian settlements targeted in Azerbaijani shelling (video) – Public Radio of Armenia

Armradio - 2020-09-27 11:01

Civilians Killed by Security Forces

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2020-09-26 02:40
A Jeep vehicle was targeted by security forces near the village of Chavargah, Mahabad county, West Azerbaijan province, as a result of which all the four passengers of the car were killed, Sources told… The post Civilians Killed by Security Forces appeare ...

Mass detention warrant issued for Turkish lawyers, systematically targeted because of their work - Stockholm Center for Freedom

Stockholmcf - 2020-09-25 02:13

Greeks, Armenians And Christians Among The Most Targeted Groups For Discriminatory Turkish Media - Greek City Times

Greekcitytimes - 2020-09-23 23:42

Regime forces attack two Turkish armoured vehicles in Syria

ANF - 2020-09-18 15:17
While the targeted armoured vehicles caught fire due to the attack, no casualties have been reported. ...

Attack on Hashd al-Shaabi in Kirkuk lives 3 militias dead

ANF - 2020-09-17 12:31
At least 3 militia members were killed in the attack, which targeted a convoy affiliated to Hashd al-Shaabi. ...

15/09/2020 IED targeted British diplomatic vehicles in Baghdad: UK embassy

ESTA - 2020-09-15 14:37

SOHR: Airstrikes kill 10 Iranian-backed militiamen in Deir ez-Zor

ANF - 2020-09-14 14:30
Airstrikes by unknown jets but believed to be Israeli, targeted Iranian-backed militias’ positions in “Al-Thallathat” area on Monday, killing 10. ...

06/09/2020 Two injured when IED targeted contractor convoy in northwest of Baghdad

ESTA - 2020-09-06 10:44

Occupiers prevent water tankers from reaching villages in Hesekê

ANF - 2020-09-03 10:14
Alouk Water Station keeps being targeted by Turkey preventing people in many villages to reach water. ...

HPG: Eight Turkish soldiers killed in Ağrı countryside

ANF - 2020-08-30 19:06
In Doğubayazıt in Northern Kurdistan, eight soldiers of a Turkish military unit died in a guerrilla action. Guerrillas also targeted the Turkish army in Çukurca. ...
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