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EU Court Rules Greece Can’t Lock Up Unaccompanied Migrants - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-06-18 11:46

The National: Let’s remember the vital role cultural heritage plays in our lives

Justice for Kurds - 2019-06-18 02:05
Justice for Kurds co-founder Thomas S. Kaplan on why museums and other places of wonder must not only be protected but promoted. — Unfolding in many of the ancient capitals of antiquity, an epic struggle for the soul of humanity is occurring in plain sigh ...

Trump, Erdogan Talking About Turkey Getting Russian Missile Defenses - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-06-17 15:32

Turkey won't be expelled from Nato, but it could become a member in name only - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-17 14:09

Concerts in Athens in solidarity with Rojava

ANF - 2019-06-17 11:22
Hundreds of Kurds as well as Greeks and internationalists attended the concert in solidarity with Rojava, which was held in front of the National Archaeological Museum of Greece. ...

Ayad Allawi Congratulates PM-Designate Masrour Barzani

BAS News - 2019-06-14 13:44
ERBIL — Iraqi politician and the leader of National Alliance Party, Ayad Allawi, has sent a message to Kurdistan PM-designate Masrour Barzani, wishing him success for wining the confidence of the parliament. “We also have confidence in you. We know that ...

Defeating the Islamic State of Idlib | The National Interest

Nationalinterest - 2019-06-14 01:31

The Keys to Restarting Nicaragua’s Stalled Talks

International Crisis Group - 2019-06-13 16:36
President Daniel Ortega’s government has released almost all political prisoners held since Nicaragua’s April 2018 uprising. It should stay this course, honouring its other commitments to the opposition in national dialogue. International actors should p ...

Turkey local elections: AKP to request full Istanbul vote recount - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-13 15:58

Libya’s Haftar a Dominant Player

E-Kurd - 2019-06-13 09:51
Manish Rai | General Khalifa Haftar’s ongoing offensive against the capital Tripoli based Government of National Accord (GNA) is not going very well even after couple of months of intense fighting. Haftar’s forces have however failed to breach ...

Careem delivers ride-hailing to Iraq's second-largest city Basra - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-13 06:51

The UAE and Germany, partners in more than energy and trade - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-12 23:12

What's in the New Draft National Defense Authorization Act

Justsecurity - 2019-06-12 14:25

PM-Designate Masrour Barzani’s Statement on Cabinet Formation

BAS News - 2019-06-12 14:01
ERBIL — The Prime Minister-designate of Kurdistan Region Masrour Barzani called on political parties to recognize national responsibility to help the formation of the new cabinet. Barzani’s statement came after President Nechirvan Barzani officially task ...

Family of French fighter repatriated after crossing into Turkey - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-12 09:59

Iraqi Kurdistan names Masrour Barzani as prime minister The leading official has one month to form a government for the autonomous region June 11, 2019

The National AE - 2019-06-11 17:44

Accidental Greece-Turkey War Worries Grow Over The Seas, Cyprus - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-06-10 18:32

Death in the dark: stories from the smuggling routes out of Syria - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-10 17:53

Nechirvan Barzani sworn in as president of Iraqi Kurdistan - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-10 16:11

Turkey has more to gain by talking to the PKK than by military aggression - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-10 16:11

14 children returned to the Netherlands and France

ANF - 2019-06-10 14:27
The Autonomous Administration returned 14 Dutch and French national children to the Netherlands and France. ...

Syrian Kurds hand over 12 orphans of French ISIS families, say officials - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-10 10:52

More than 100 fighters killed in rebel counterattack near Syria's Idlib - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-08 15:59

Americans are debating what it means to be conservative. That is good and it is needed: A list of articles

Seth Frantzman - 2019-06-08 14:28
A recent debate among writers at First Things, National Review, The New York Times and other American publications has pitted different conservative and center-right writers against eachother in a struggle for the soul […] ...

[VIDEO]: Kurdish Figure Lobbying in D.C. to Become Iraq’s President

BAS News - 2019-06-07 17:54
He spent 26 nights at Trump's D.C. Hotel ERBIL - In attempts to lobby the Trump administration to help him become the President of Iraq, a Kurdish figure has written letters to National Security Adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, urg ...

KNK celebrated its 20th anniversary

ANF - 2019-06-07 10:10
The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) held a party to mark its's 20th anniversary. ...

The Syrian Civil War is Changing the Turkish-Israeli Relationship | The National Interest

Nationalinterest - 2019-06-07 02:00

South Africa: Toddler killed by leopard in Kruger National Park

BBC - 2019-06-07 00:42
Two-year-old son of a park staff member dies after being taken from a fenced-off area by the leopard. ...

Washington wakes up from Syria slumber to talk with Russia - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-06 17:30

Animal abuse in Kurdistan sparks international reaction on social media - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-06 16:58

This Past Week in History: May 26th to June 1st - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-06-05 13:22

US repatriates eight women and children from ISIS camp with Kurdish help - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-05 11:59

Turkey repatriates 188 children of ISIS members in Iraq - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-05 00:01

Erdogan’s Cyprus Gambit to Boost Standing Risks War - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-06-02 17:52

WATCH: Kurdish Special Forces Rescue Indian National Taken Hostage in Erbil

BAS News - 2019-06-02 17:44
ERBIL — Erbil Directorate of Security Affairs announced on Sunday the rescue of an Indian national who was taken hostage by a group of gangs in Erbil. Nisara Ahmed Ghafour, who runs a family business in Erbil, was kidnapped last Tuesday in Ainkawa distri ...

Moscow is warily watching the shifting geopolitical landscape - The National

Thenational - 2019-06-01 19:13

A Trump National-Security Report Card - The Atlantic

Theatlantic - 2019-05-31 21:44

Donald Trump threatens Turkey with economic devastation if it attacks Syrian Kurds - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-31 17:17

Moscow’s Hand in Libya

Foreign Policy Research Institute - 2019-05-31 06:40
Khalifa Haftar, the leader of the Libyan National Army (LNA), has charged Tripoli to topple Fayez al-Sarraj, the Prime Minister […] ...

Bolton Congratulates Nechirvan Barzani on Presidency

BAS News - 2019-05-31 00:02
ERBIL - US National Security Advisor John Bolton has offered his congratulations to Nechirvan Barzani on his election as the new President of the Kurdistan Region. Barzani was elected during a parliamentary session on Tuesday where he won a total of 68 v ...

US’ Bolton says Iran behind attacks on oil tankers

Waar Media - 2019-05-30 17:41
WAAR_DUHOK US National Security Adviser John Bolton on Wednesday accused Iran of being behind attacks on oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) early this month. Speaking in Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital, Bolton said the attacks took pl ...

Are U.S. Navy Ballistic Missile Submarines In Big Trouble? | The National Interest

Nationalinterest - 2019-05-30 15:07

US-Iranian escalation tests Tehran's militias in Iraq - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-30 00:57

Tankers almost certainly damaged by Iranian naval mines, US says

BBC - 2019-05-30 00:02
National Security Adviser John Bolton blames Iran for attacks off the UAE, but provides no evidence. ...

John Bolton: Iran naval mines ‘almost certainly’ used in Fujairah tanker attacks - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-29 13:32

Abdullah Ocalan's return to public discourse could be a vote-winning strategy for Erdogan's ruling party - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-29 12:11

Iran “Almost Certainly” Behind UAE Tanker Attack: Bolton

BAS News - 2019-05-29 11:14
ERBIL — US National Security Advisor John Bolton said on Wednesday he was “almost certain” that Iran orchestrated the attacks on oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates earlier this month. “I think it is clear these (tanker attacks) were na ...

Iraqi Kurdistan elects Nechirvan Barzani in hope of restoring stability Mr Barzani is the nephew of former Kurdish president Masoud Barzani May 28, 2019

The National AE - 2019-05-29 06:08

Nechirvan Barzani elected president of Iraqi Kurdistan - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-28 16:33

Ankara has much to lose in high stakes Russian-backed offensive in Idlib - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-28 16:25

Iraq Sentences 4th French IS Member to Death

BAS News - 2019-05-27 16:04
ERBIL — Iraqi judicial authorities sentenced another French national to death on Monday for his membership in the Islamic State (IS). Citing a court source, AFP said Mustapha Merzoughi, 37, was sentenced to death by hanging. "The evidence and the confess ...

These 5 tropical plants may ‘provide anticancer benefits’

Waar Media - 2019-05-27 15:02
WAAR_DUHOK Researchers from the National University of Singapore, Department of Pharmacy (NUS Pharmacy) spent 3 years investigating the pharmacological properties of local plants. They found that three species were particularly effective at inhibiting th ...

Abdullah Ocalan: Kurdish militant leader calls for end to Turkey hunger strikes Thousands of MPs and prisoners have ended their 200-day protest following a request by the jailed militant leader and PKK founder May 26, 2019

The National AE - 2019-05-26 23:04

Beware The Sultan Backed Into A Corner - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-05-26 17:09

Iraq economy has 'opportunity' after war and recovering oil prices - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-26 08:48

Careem's strategy in Iraq is a bit of tech tutoring and a lot of map building - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-25 09:02

France resettles group of vulnerable Yazidi survivors of ISIS - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-25 09:02

Libyan crisis means still no justice for Manchester bombing victims - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-24 15:05

Barzani Receive Ayad Alawi in Erbil

BAS News - 2019-05-24 12:37
ERBIL — Masoud Barzani, prominent Kurdish leader and former president of Kurdistan Region, received Ayad Allawi, head of the Iraqi National Alliance, on Wednesday in Erbil. The pair reviewed the latest political developments in Iraq and the wider region, ...

Tensions Are Rising with Iran, Yet No One Wants War | The National Interest

Nationalinterest - 2019-05-23 19:08

What War with Iran Would Mean for the Kurds | The National Interest

Nationalinterest - 2019-05-23 06:16

Top Things To Know About Yellowstone National Park

Waar Media - 2019-05-22 16:19
WAAR_DUHOK The post Top Things To Know About Yellowstone National Park appeared first on WAARmedia. ...

US Ensures Not Using Iraq as War Launchpad

BAS News - 2019-05-21 15:33
ERBIL — The United States says it is committed to prohibit using Iraqi territories as a launchpad to attack other countries. The assurance was given by US Embassy Chargé d'Affaires Joey Hood on Tuesday while meeting with Iraqi National Security Advisor F ...

Two Turkish-Cypriot Journalists Cleared Over Cartoon Insulting Erdogan - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-05-21 06:16

Venezuela crisis: Maduro proposes early National Assembly vote

BBC - 2019-05-21 03:21
Venezuela's embattled leader proposes an early election for the opposition-controlled body. ...

Salahaddin: Three IS Jihadists Killed

BAS News - 2019-05-20 22:24
ERBIL - At least three members of the Islamic State (IS) were killed on Monday by the Iraqi forces in Salahaddin province. The pro-Iranian Hashd al-Shaabi militias backed by the national security forces launched an operation in Salahaddin in search for t ...

Iraqi Oil Minister Thamir Ghadhban says Exxon Mobil staff pull-out is 'unacceptable and unjustified' - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-20 17:07

Israeli Scholars Say Turkish Genocides Wiped Out Armenians, Greeks, Christians - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-05-20 15:55

PM Tsipras in EFSYN Interview: Progress or Regression - May 26 Elections Will End the Dilemma - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-05-19 18:45

US: Ex-NSA analyst pleads not guilty to leaking secrets

Waar Media - 2019-05-19 15:03
WAAR_DUHOK A former U.S. intelligence analyst working for the National Security Agency (NSA) pleaded not guilty to charges of leaking classified information to a reporter. Daniel Everette Hale, 31, was arrested earlier this month in Nashville under the E ...

Greek Foreign Chief Wants Turkey to Stop Making Trouble - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-05-17 17:08

Is a Geostrategic Shift in the Middle East in the Offing? | The National Interest

Nationalinterest - 2019-05-17 00:11

Iraqi Airways to Resume Direct Flights to Syria

BAS News - 2019-05-16 22:49
ERBIL - Iraqi Airways is expect to resume direct flights to neighboring Syria next week for the first time since the beginning of the civil war in the country in 2011, a spokesperson confirmed on Thursday. Spokesperson for the national airport Layth al-R ...

After Kurds Acquitted, Turkey Says Greece Protecting Terrorists - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-05-16 15:11

Member of the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party Rearrested

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-16 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), Pouria Ahmadi, the head of the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party and a member of the Central Council of Sanandaj, was arrested when presenting himself at the Sanandaj Intelligence Office following a summon ...

Raqqa National Hospital receives / 4 / kidney dialysis devices

SDF Press - 2019-05-16 01:21
Raqqa – Raqqa National Hospital received four dialysis devices, four chairs and medical supplies for dialysis. Kidney patients will receive medical treatment in the next few days. It will be the first kidney dialysis machine in Raqqa city and will be oper ...

ABD ile Rusya’yı 'uzlaştırabilecek' yöntem önerisi

BAS News - 2019-05-15 08:15
BasNews – Amerikalı siyaset bilimci Ted Galen Carpenter, Washington merkezli askeri analiz dergisi The National Interest’te (NI) için kaleme aldığı makalede, Rusya ve ABD’nin dünyayı etki alanlarına ayırıp bunlara uymaları halinde aralarındaki ilişkilerd ...

Designating the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization Harms America | The National Interest

Nationalinterest - 2019-05-15 00:34

Raqqa National Hospital opens its doors again

SDF Press - 2019-05-14 03:06
Raqqa – The Civil Council of Raqqa opened on Monday the National Hospital in Raqqa, the co-chair of the Civil Council of Raqqa and a number of members of local councils attended the opening ceremony. The hospital had been out of service for several years ...

Kurdish Environmental Activist Released on Bail

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-14 02:00
Kurdish Human Rights Network (KHRN): Hadi Kamangar, an environmental activist and member of the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party who was arrested by security forces on January 01, was released on a bail of one billion and seven hundred million ...

Kurdish Environmental Activist Released on Heavy Bail

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-14 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): Sirwan Ghorbani, an environmental activist and a member of the Central Council of National Unity Party in Kurdistan, was released on a bail of seven hundred million Tomans until his trial on May 12. This activist was ...

London-based Iranian national sentenced to 10 years in prison on spying charges

Rûdaw - 2019-05-13 21:47
Iranian judiciary spokesperson accused Amiri of being the "planner and manager of the UK’s cultural infiltration in Iran". ...

Iraq's National Alliance Considers Stripping Halbusi of Membership

BAS News - 2019-05-13 21:43
ERBIL - The Iraqi National Alliance, also known as Wataniya, has decided to strip Mohammed al-Halbusi of his membership, a move which will also mean to remove him from the position of the Parliament Speaker. Wataniya Alliance, led by Ayad Allawi, said in ...

Turkey’s New Warning to Cyprus: “Remember 1974” Invasion - The National Herald

Thenationalherald - 2019-05-13 02:37

Hashd al-Shaabi Withdraws from Western Nineveh

BAS News - 2019-05-13 01:45
ERBIL - Iraqi officials said on Sunday that the pro-Iranian Hashd al-Shaabi militias have already started to withdraw from the western parts of Nineveh province. Talking to Alarabia al-Jadid Newspaper, officials revealed that the national army and federa ...

Iraq earthquake: Magnitude 5.3 shock hits near city of Sulaimaniya - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-12 19:46

Lavrov: US attempts to resettle Kurds in Arab areas might trigger Syria’s breakup

TASS - 2019-05-08 20:21
It is necessary that those areas inhabited by the Kurds should remain their national heritage, the Russian foreign minister said ...

Will the WTO Finally Tackle the ‘Trump’ Card of National Security?

Thewire - 2019-05-08 16:44

No, a Buffer Zone in Syria is not America's job | Opinion

Newsweek - 2019-05-07 17:45
A safe zone is completely unnecessary for U.S. national security, and the Kurdish-Turkish conflict is not ours to solve. ...

Belligerent Trump Adviser Bolton Escalates Confrontation With Iran - The National Memo - Smart. Sharp. Funny. Fearless.

Nationalmemo - 2019-05-07 09:11

Iranian Intelligence Bureau Filming the Confessions of Detained Kurdish Activists in Kamyaran

Kurdistan Human Rights - 2019-05-07 02:00
Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): On Wednesday evening, Apr 24, 2019 security forces transferred a number of Kurdish environmental activists and Kurdish members of the National Unity Party from the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in Sananda ...

Turkey's commitment to the Russian S-400 missile system is ideological, not practical - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-06 20:48

US Deploying Aircraft Carrier Strike Group, Bomber Near Iran

BAS News - 2019-05-06 13:59
ERBIL — US is deploying aircraft carrier strike group to the Middle East to send an “unmistakable” message to Iran, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said. Tensions between the US and Iran are fast growing as the former tightens sanctions to cripp ...

US Deploys Navy Strike Group To Send ‘Message’ To Iran

Waar Media - 2019-05-06 13:02
WAAR_DUHOK The U.S. is deploying an aircraft carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the Central Command region in the Middle East to send “a clear and unmistakable message” to Iran, National Security Adviser John Bolton said Sunday. Bolton said ...

Dubai collector Shad Abdulkarim plans to build first Kurdish museum of art The Salam Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is due to open in Abdulkarim's native Sulaymaniyah next year May 5, 2019

The National AE - 2019-05-05 18:34

A citizen from Karamah city west of Iran (Kurdistan region) is sentenced to prison

Kurdistan Human Rights Association - 2019-05-05 14:28
KMMK: Danial Darab Khani, a resident of Kermanshah, was sentenced to a year in prison by a division of the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of the Islamic Republic of Iran on charges of acting against national security. This citizen was arrested by Islamic ...

Libya crisis: The fight for Tripoli explained from the frontline

BBC - 2019-05-05 02:41
The BBC's Feras Kilani reports on the self-styled Libyan National Army's push to seize Libya's capital. ...

Four Turkish soldiers killed by cross-border Kurdish militant attacks The soldiers died in two seperate incidents May 4, 2019

The National AE - 2019-05-04 22:57

Turkey spy claims against Palestinian man were 'farcical', his family says - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-03 00:44

US delegation to Turkey says progress has been made on Syria - The National

Thenational - 2019-05-02 22:33

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