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The Turkish

Major implications for Kurdistan Region if PKK killed Turkish diplomat

Rûdaw - 2019-07-19 07:28
The PKK denies it was behind the attack ...

Turkish diplomat to Iraq among three dead in Erbil shooting - The National

Thenational - 2019-07-19 07:02

Syrian refugees in Istanbul nervous over raids, arrests by Turkish authorities - The National

Thenational - 2019-07-19 06:30

Turkish jets bomb Maxmur Camp

ANF - 2019-07-19 01:46
The invading Turkish army’s jets have bombed the vicinity of the Martyr Rustem Cudi Camp, injuring two civilians. ...

Turkish air raid injures 3 in Amadiya, South Kurdistan

ANF - 2019-07-18 22:37
The Turkish state has increased its genocidal attacks against southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq. ...

Iraq says death of Turkish diplomat will not affect relations with Ankara Both states vows to find those behind attack on restaurant in the Kurdish city of Erbil July 18, 2019

The National AE - 2019-07-18 18:01

HPG hit the Turkish army in Şırnak and Hakkari

ANF - 2019-07-18 16:31
Guerrillas continue inflicting blows on the Turkish invasion army in Kurdistan territory. ...

Human shield action against Turkish invasion continues in Kobanê

ANF - 2019-07-18 16:00
Second day of the human shield action in Kobanê against the Turkish state’s threats. ...

Turkish army attacks a village in Bradost

ANF - 2019-07-18 15:10
Yet another attack by the Turkish army against southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq. ...

Turkish human rights lawyers attended a study visit to the UK - News

COE - 2019-07-18 15:00

4 detained in Xerabe Bava village of Mardin

ANF - 2019-07-18 14:50
The Turkish regime’s political genocide operations against the Kurdish population continue. ...

Turkish state steals thousands of artifacts from Afrin

ANF - 2019-07-18 14:27
The Turkish state has been digging many historic sites in Afrin with construction equipment. Thousands of artifacts have been stolen and taken to Turkey. ...

Turkish military activity increases along Gire Spi border

ANF - 2019-07-18 13:50
The Turkish army has increased dispatches of military vehicles and personnel to the Gire Spi border. ...

Appeal from South Kurdistan: Stop Turkish aggression!

ANF - 2019-07-18 12:20
Intellectuals, artists, journalists, workers, academics from South Kurdistan released a public letter about Turkey's attacks in the region and call on international opinion to not remain silent. ...

Turkish translation of Paulo Coelho novel pulled over removal of reference to 'Kurdistan' - The National

Thenational - 2019-07-18 12:18

Gunmen ambush Turkish diplomats inside Iraqi restaurant, killing one

The New Mail - 2019-07-18 11:29
A Turkish diplomat was shot and killed in a restaurant in the Kurdish region of Iraq Wednesday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry and media said. The attackers entered the restaurant in… The post Gunmen ambush Turkish diplomats inside Iraqi restaurant, killin ...

March in Shengal against Turkish occupation

ANF - 2019-07-18 10:26
Many young people joined the march chanting slogans and condemning the attacks. ...

Turkey bombed the village of Xelifan in Bradost

ANF - 2019-07-18 10:26
The invading Turkish army bombed the village of Xelifan in the Bradost region of Southern Kurdistan. ...

Turkey bombed village of Xelifan in Bradost

ANF - 2019-07-18 09:38
The invading Turkish army bombed the village of Xelifan in the Bradost region of Southern Kurdistan. ...

Turkish diplomat shot dead in Iraqi city, officials say | World news | The Guardian

The Guardian - 2019-07-18 08:24

Turkish envoy is shot dead at lunch in Kurdish capital | World | The Times

Thetimes - 2019-07-18 08:24

Turkish diplomat shot dead in Iraqi Kurdistan

FOX News - 2019-07-17 21:29
Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – At least one Turkish diplomat was killed in a shooting that took place on Wednesday in the Iraqi Kurdish capital, Kurdish security officials and Turkish media stated. ...

Turkish diplomat, one other shot dead in Iraqi Kurdistan capital

E-Kurd - 2019-07-17 19:38
HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— At least two people including a Turkish diplomat were shot dead on Wednesday in a rare attack in the Iraqi Kurdistan capital city of Erbil, Kurdish security officials and Turkey’s foreign ministry said. A gunman op ...

Turkish diplomat killed in shooting in Iraqi Kurdistan capital

The Defense Post - 2019-07-17 18:44
A Turkish diplomat was shot and killed in a restaurant in Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq The post Turkish diplomat killed in shooting in Iraqi Kurdistan capital appeared first on The Defense Post. ...

Turkish diplomat killed in northern Iraq

Seth Frantzman - 2019-07-17 18:43
Turkish diplomat killed in Iraq By SETH J. FRANTZMAN Turkish diplomats dining at a restaurant were reportedly targeted on Wednesday at a restaurant in the northern city of Erbil, which […] ...

Gunmen Attack Turkish Diplomats in Kurdish Region of Iraq

New York Times - 2019-07-17 18:18
At least one consulate employee was killed in the shooting at a restaurant, the authorities said. It was not immediately clear who was behind the assault. ...

At least three Turkish diplomats killed in Iraq's Erbil

Al Jazeera - 2019-07-17 17:52
Turkish consulate staff were shot while having lunch in a restaurant in the capital of Iraq's Kurdish autonomous region. ...

Turkish envoy killed in Iraq by gunman in restaurant attack

Al Jazeera - 2019-07-17 17:52
Unidentified assailant entered a restaurant in Erbil, capital of the Kurdish region in Iraq, and opened fire. ...

Turkish diplomat killed by gunmen in northern Iraqi city of Irbil

Washington Post - 2019-07-17 17:41
The attack on a restaurant also killed an unidentified Iraqi citizen, according to Iraq’s Foreign Ministry. ...

People of Kobane take to the streets against Turkish invasion

ANF - 2019-07-17 17:01
Protest in Kobane against Turkish invasion attacks and the silence of the international community. ...

Iraq shooting: At least three Turkish diplomats killed in Kurdish capital of Erbil | The Independent

Independent - 2019-07-17 14:34

Autonomous Administration condemns Turkish attacks and threats

ANF - 2019-07-17 14:11
The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria said the Turkish state wants to hinder efforts for a solution to the crisis in Syria with their threats of invasion and attacks ...

Turkish translation of Paulo Coelho 'removed mention of Kurdistan' | Books | The Guardian

The Guardian - 2019-07-17 12:42

Footage from guerrilla action against Turkish forces in Xakurke

ANF - 2019-07-17 11:07
Guerrillas continue inflicting blows against the Turkish army in Kurdistan territory. ...

Turkish jets bomb Zakho area in South Kurdistan

ANF - 2019-07-17 11:07
The Turkish state continues with its genocidal attacks against the Kurdish people and their lands. ...

People of Shehba: We will resist against invaders

ANF - 2019-07-17 10:29
Turkish state has been bombing Shehba intensely in recent days, but the people say they won’t leave their villages despite Turkish state attacks and they will resist against invaders. ...

Who can and cannot say ‘Kurdistan’ in Turkey: a guide

E-Kurd - 2019-07-16 21:36
ISTANBUL,— The word “Kurdistan” was censored in the Turkish translation of Paulo Coelho’s book, “Eleven Minutes”. What is always most dangerous is that Kurds saying “Kurdistan.” So, what happens when you say the word in Turkey? A five-member Iraqi Kurdis ...

The Turkish military incursion into Kurdistan: Endless war on Kurds by NATO member

Washington Kurdish Institute - 2019-07-16 20:27

Turkish forces continue their incursion into the territory of Kurdistan

Kurdiu - 2019-07-16 17:12

Turkish army movements reported on the border of Girê Spî

ANF - 2019-07-16 15:56
The invading Turkish army, has increased its military presence on the border of Girê Spî and is digging trenches on the border line. ...

Families not allowed to retrieve guerrillas' bodies

ANF - 2019-07-16 09:20
The invading Turkish state does not allow the recovery of the bodies of four guerrillas who lost their lives during the intense bombardment in Lice. The bodies have been waiting in the area for 43 days. ...

Turkish bombing of region of Bradost continues

ANF - 2019-07-16 09:20
The Turkish occupation army bombed an area of the region of Bradost. ...

S-400 delivery: Who made a strategic error – America or Turkey?

Rûdaw - 2019-07-15 20:56
Turkish commentators ignore everything the US did and does for them ...

There is reason to fear Turkish involvement in northern Syria - The National

Thenational - 2019-07-15 17:04

Turkish Islamists say laws protecting women threaten the family | Ahval

Ahvalnews - 2019-07-15 17:04

HPG released details of Turkish air strikes

ANF - 2019-07-15 16:16
The HPG Press Centre released information on Turkish military air strikes at the weekend. ...

Book censoring ‘Kurdistan’ word to be pulled off the shelves in Turkey

E-Kurd - 2019-07-15 15:41
ISTANBUL,— After it has been revealed that the word “Kurdistan” was censored in the Turkish translation of Paulo Coelho’s book Eleven Minutes, the Can Publishing House in Turkey has announced that the book will be pulled off the shelves. Saadet Özen tran ...

Occupying Turkish army built base in historical site in Afrin

ANF - 2019-07-15 15:27
The invading Turkish army established a military base in the hill of Kas Mound in the Jindirês district of Afrin. ...

Revolutionary Youth Movement launches campaign

ANF - 2019-07-15 14:48
The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement held a mass march in Heseke and launched the campaign, “Rise up against Turkish state fascism”. ...

The US-Turkish row isn’t all about S-400 - Daily Times

Dailytimes - 2019-07-15 10:42

Three Turkish soldiers killed in PKK clashes in Kurdish southeast: report

E-Kurd - 2019-07-14 21:37
ANKARA,— Three Turkish soldiers were killed and another wounded Sunday in clashes with Kurdish militants belonging to the PKK group in Turkish Kurdistan in the southeast of the country, the private news agency DHA reported. The fighting occurred in the K ...

Mercenaries killed a civilian in Afrin

ANF - 2019-07-14 20:45
Mercenaries linked to the occupying Turkish state murdered a young boy who had been kidnapped in Afrin city center. Mercenaries kidnapped many civilians in Şiyê and Şera provinces. ...

Dangerous game played by the KDP in Bradost

ANF - 2019-07-14 12:03
The KDP, which cooperated with the Turkish state, reportedly tried to bring the people of the region to put them up against the PKK. ...

March against Turkish invasion in Paris banlieu

ANF - 2019-07-14 09:41
A rally was held in the Parisian suburb of Villeneuve Saint Georges against the Turkish state invasion attacks against Southern Kurdistan. The protesters also commemorated KCK General Presidential Council Member Diyar Xerib. ...

US concerned Turkish offensive could derail mission in Syria - report

Rûdaw - 2019-07-14 02:30
"Coordination and consultation between the US and Turkey is the only approach ...

Threatened, beaten, shot: Turkish journalists in the crosshairs | Arab News

Arabnews - 2019-07-13 22:05

Is the time ripe for Turkish-Kurdish reconciliation? - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

Jpost - 2019-07-13 21:04

MA journalist Ahmet Kanbal detained in Mardin

ANF - 2019-07-13 19:16
Turkish police detained Ahmet Kanbal, a journalist with Mesopotamia Agency (MA) in the province of Mardin. ...

Operation, house raids and ID checks in Hani

ANF - 2019-07-13 18:12
Homes were raided and 693 people were checked for IDs in tandem with the Turkish army operation in Hani. ...

“People pay the price when Turkey attacks, not the government”

ANF - 2019-07-13 15:03
Citizens from Germiyan said the people pay the price for the Turkish state presence in Bashur and added: “Kurdish administrators are not affected by the attacks, they don’t pay the price. The people do.” ...

Denmark illegally refused family reunification of Turkish nationals: EU court - The Local

Thelocal - 2019-07-13 12:59

Turkey-linked mercenaries kidnapped 10 people in Afrin

ANF - 2019-07-13 12:55
The invading Turkish army and its mercenary allies kidnapped 10 civilians in the provinces of Mabata, Şera and Cindirês in the last two days. ...

Is Erbil possible replacement for Incirlik as Turkish-US tensions flare over S-400

Rûdaw - 2019-07-12 22:08
"There is a really nice base that the US could use to do missions in the Middle East ...

We want to reach Arab markets via the Kurdistan Region: Turkish official

Rûdaw - 2019-07-12 21:18
Obadasi: We can produce better products with a higher quality ...

Memorial for German guerrilla Riemer in Hamburg

ANF - 2019-07-12 19:08
A memorial was held in Hamburg for German guerrilla Jacob Riemer (Siyar Gabar) who lost his life in the Turkish army attack against Medya Defense Zones in July 2018. ...

KCK: Martyr Murat Gündüz lost his life on 5 July

ANF - 2019-07-12 14:35
KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency announced that on 5 July, guerrilla Devran (Murat Gündüz), fell martyr as the result of Turkish air raids in which lost his life KCK General Council member Diyar Xerîb. ...

“An international committee should inspect the damage in Afrin”

ANF - 2019-07-12 13:34
Afrin Historic Artifacts Directorate Co-president Hemid Nasir said the Turkish state has severely damaged historic sites and artifacts in Afrin and added: “An international committee should be formed to inspect the damage in Afrin.” ...

Afrin people called on UNESCO to revise its links with Turkey

ANF - 2019-07-12 11:24
An exhibition in Serdem Camp in Shehba tells the story of violations carried out in Afrin by the Turkish state and its mercenary allies. ...

Leyla Güven Enters Turkish Parliament One Year After Her Election

Kurdistantribune - 2019-07-12 00:48
KT News: Leyla Güven, the renowned MP for the HDP (People’s Democracy Party), finally took her place in the Turkish Assembly yesterday, more than a year after her election. The MP for Hakkari, who is also co-chair of the DTK (Democratic Society Congress) ...

Turkish state and collaborators protested in Paris

ANF - 2019-07-11 17:01
Kurdistanis commemorated Diyar Xerib and protested the Turkish state and their collaborator KDP in the Parisian suburbs of Villiers-le-Bel. ...

“International states approve Afrin’s occupation with silence”

ANF - 2019-07-11 15:07
The people of the region say the wall Turkish state put up in Afrin aims to tear the city away from Syria and think that the silence of international states means they approve of the occupation. ...

Assyrians, Syriacs and Chaldeans call on KDP: Stop!

ANF - 2019-07-11 13:28
Mesopotamia Freedom Party (MOP) issued a statement in the name of the Assyrian, Syriac and Chaldean peoples to commemorate KCK General Presidential Council Member Diyar Xerib who lost his life in a Turkish airstrike. ...

Fires in Mount Cudi and Xurs

ANF - 2019-07-11 13:06
Residents of villages in the region of Mount Cudi and Xurs said Turkish soldiers set the forest on fire. The people worked for hours to extinguish the fire. ...

March in Kobane to protest Turkish occupation

ANF - 2019-07-11 12:38
The Revolutionary Youth Union organised a march against the Turkish state attacks carried out in South Kurdistan. ...

UK Parliament Motion to condemn Turkish aggression of Kurdistan

ANF - 2019-07-11 08:41
A motion has been tabled in the UK Parliament to express "grave concern at the Turkish state’s intensified aggression against the people and territory of northern Iraq/southern Kurdistan." ...

Turkish soldiers don’t allow repairs on water station

ANF - 2019-07-10 18:42
The water pumping station in the Mebruka district that was harmed by ISIS gangs in 2014 can’t be repaired as Turkish soldiers open fire on anybody who approaches. ...

Halabjay: KDP politics is partnering with Turkish state

ANF - 2019-07-10 14:46
Journalist, writer and lawyer Srushah Halabjay attended the ISIS forum in Amude from Southern Kurdistan and protested the KDP’s partnership with the Turkish state. ...

“Government and KDP lead the invasion”

ANF - 2019-07-10 14:14
Citizens of Derbendixan said the Kurdistan Regional Government led the invasion and added: “The Turkish state is invading Bashur as per the deal they made with the KDP.” ...

Turkish army builds new base in Afrin

ANF - 2019-07-10 13:23
The invading Turkish army has built another military base in the Jindirese district of the Afrin Canton, and is digging up the historic hills. ...

KCK's Diyar Xerib commemorated in Athens

ANF - 2019-07-10 10:08
The march ended in front of the Turkish consulate where a minute's silence to pay tribute to Xerib and the martyrs of freedom was held. ...

Turkish army bombed Lice

ANF - 2019-07-10 08:30
Local sources said that the Turkish army bombed the countryside of Lice, province of Amed. ...

Turkish army bombed village in Zaxo

ANF - 2019-07-10 08:30
The invading Turkish state bombed a village in the region of Zaxo in South Kurdistan. ...

Kurdish PKK attack on Turkish military vehicle leaves two soldiers dead: ministry

E-Kurd - 2019-07-09 18:24
DIYARBAKIR-AMED, Turkey Kurdistan,— Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants launched an attack on a Turkish military vehicle in Turkey Kurdistan in the southeast of the country on Tuesday, killing two soldiers and wounding another, the country’s defense ...

Vedat Aydın and 10 July

ANF - 2019-07-09 12:54
The Turkish campaign in 90s against Kurdish struggle for independence, was one of the most violent period of the country’s recent history. ...

Turkish state gives “ISIS training” in Afrin

ANF - 2019-07-09 12:06
The invading Turkish army and their allied gangs give trainings in Afrin to spread the ideology of ISIS and similar gangs. ...

Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan condemned in Stockholm

ANF - 2019-07-09 10:25
The Turkish state and its collaborators in the invasion of South Kurdistan were condemned by an action in Stockholm. ...

Turkish occupation protested in Lausanne

ANF - 2019-07-09 08:20
An action was organized in Lausanne to protest the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state against South Kurdistan and against those cooperating with this occupation. ...

Human shields urge KDP to release the detained activist

ANF - 2019-07-08 20:52
Human shields in Bradost demanded the release of a friend of theirs who was detained by KDP forces after joining the action against Turkish invasion. ...

Bashur intellectuals and politicians: Turkey is replacing ISIS

ANF - 2019-07-08 20:52
Intellectuals and politicians from Southern Kurdistan attending the ISIS forum organized by the NRLS said ISIS has been defeated but the Turkish state is now taking its place with the same goals in mind. ...

Turkish economic crisis is of Erdogan's making - The National

Thenational - 2019-07-08 16:53

Guerrilla action in Hakkari and Dersim: 6 soldiers killed

ANF - 2019-07-08 15:21
HPG Press Center announced that 6 soldiers were killed in actions against the Turkish army in Gever, Xakurke and Dersim’s Ovacik district. ...

Turkish attacks on Kurdistan Region must end, say Kurdish parties in Rojava

Rûdaw - 2019-07-08 15:11
Kurdish parties in Syria called on the international community to put pressure on Turkey to end attacks ...

Southern intellectuals and politicians: Turkey is replacing ISIS

ANF - 2019-07-08 13:52
Intellectuals and politicians from Southern Kurdistan attending the ISIS forum organized by the NRLS said ISIS has been defeated but the Turkish state is now taking its place with the same goals in mind. ...

Turkish airstrikes kill one civilian, wound another in northern Erbil

Rûdaw - 2019-07-08 12:36
The two brothers were travelling in a vehicle when they were caught in the airstrike ...

Peshmerga reinforcements sent to Amedi after video threatens Turkish ‘invaders’

Rûdaw - 2019-07-08 12:36
The “invaders in Southern Kurdistan will be our primary target.” ...

PKK confirms death of senior official in Turkish airstrike

E-Kurd - 2019-07-07 23:09
QANDIL MOUNTAINS,— The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), the political wing of the PKK, on Sunday confirmed the death of one of its leaders, just a few hours after Turkish media outlets reported that a senior member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) ...

PKK Confirms Its Senior Member Killed in Turkish Airstrike

BAS News - 2019-07-07 15:23
ERBIL — The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), which works as an umbrella group for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and other affiliated parties, has confirmed its senior member Diyar Gharip Muhammad was killed in a Turkish airstrike. Earlier on Sunda ...

Turkish attacks protested in Berlin

ANF - 2019-07-07 12:19
DEST-DAN Women's Assembly, PYD Berlin and Ciwanên Azad joined the rally organized by Berlin Free Kurdistan Community to protest Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan. ...

Hundreds in Frankfurt protested Turkish attacks

ANF - 2019-07-07 11:04
Activists joined the protest from the surrounding cities Giessen, Mainz, Siegen, Offenbach and Hanau. ...

Turkey-bound mercenaries set fire to lands in Afrin

ANF - 2019-07-07 09:38
Turkish regime-bound mercenary groups set fire to the lands belonging to the villagers in Mabata, province of Afrin. ...
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